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Ena Begovic

A review and pictures of actress Ena Begovic naked in "Pad Italije".
Ena Begovic

Born: 1960   Country: Croatia

A notable beauty of Yugoslav cinema and TV of the 'eighties.

Ena Begović (June 16, 1960 in Split – August 15, 2000 in Brač) was a Croatian actress. Begović began acting early, making her first screen appearance at the age of 16 through a small part in Okupacija u 26 slika, a controversial 1976 film directed by Lordan Zafranović. The director noticed her talent and cast her in the main female role in his next film, Pad Italije where she played Veronika, the daughter of a wealthy Slavic local from the Dalmatian coast who sided with Italian occupiers. This debut established Ena Begović as one of the sex symbols of 1980s Yugoslav cinema, a status that she later successfully maintained despite appearing in relatively few films as her acting career shifted towards theater. In the 1990s she was kept in the public eye more due to her personal life than her acting. In early 1990s, while driving in Zagreb, she was involved in a traffic accident resulting in the death of a man. On August 15, 2000, on the island of Brač, a few months after marrying the Croatian businessman Josip Radeljak and a month and a half after giving birth to their daughter, Lana, she was involved (as a passenger) in another traffic accident, a rollover, which claimed her life. Her sister Mia Begović is also a renowned actress.  snippet from Wikipedia


Okupacija u 26 slika (Lordan Zafranovic, Yugoslavia, 1978) (aged 18)

Ivan Goran Kovacic (Ljubisa Ristic, Yugoslavia, 1979) (aged 19)

Luda kuca (Ljubisa Ristic, Yugoslavia, 1980) (as Maja Benic aged 20)

Piknik u topoli (Zoran Amar, Yugoslavia, 1981) (as Jelena aged 21)

# Pad Italije (Lordan Zafranovic, Yugoslavia, 1981) (featuring Ena Begovic as Veronika aged 21) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Daniel Olbrychski, Gorica Popovic, Mirjana Karanovic, Dragan Maksimovic, Miodrag Krivokapic, Dusan Janicijevic, Ljiljana Krstic, Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic, Frano Lasic, Snezana Savic, Igor Hajdarhodzic and Martin Crvelin

Ena Begovic in Pad Italije

A young lady walking with a parasol on a summer's Sunday cools off with a swim in just her gossamer-thin white dress, only to be interrupted by a nosey partisan. A memorable take on the traditional nude bathing scene.

Tags: outdoor, see-thru, wet-clothes


Pad Italije Pad Italije Pad Italije Pad Italije Pad Italije

Bobi (Dragutin Krencer, Yugoslavia, 1982) (aged 22)

Hocu zivjeti (Miroslav Mikuljan, Yugoslavia, 1982) (as Tereza Peric aged 22)

Nepokoreni grad S01E01: Burevjesnik (Eduard Galic, 1982) (as Ana aged 22)

Nepokoreni grad S01E02: Smrt fasizmu - sloboda narodu (Eduard Galic, 1982) (as Ana aged 22)

Idemo dalje (Zdravko Sotra, Yugoslavia, 1982) (as Milica aged 22)

Jedan cijeli ljudski vijek (Ljiljana Jojic, Yugoslavia, 1984) (aged 24)

Hrvatski narodni preporod (Croatia, 1985) (as Glumica (unknown episodes) aged 25)

Vestica (Miroslav Zivanovic, Yugoslavia, 1986) (as Raisa Gikin aged 26)

Kraljeva zavrsnica (Zivorad Tomic, Yugoslavia, 1987) (as Visnja Kralj aged 27)

TV Teatar Ujakov San (Georgij Paro, Croatia, 1987) (as Zinaida Afanasjevna Moskaljova aged 27)

Glembajevi (Antun Vrdoljak, Yugoslavia, 1988) (as Barunica Castelli aged 28)

Balkan ekspres 2 (Yugoslavia, 1988) (as Danka aged 28)

Zagrljaj S01E03: Andjeo (1988) (aged 28)

Zagrljaj S01E02: Kostane zvijezde (1988) (aged 28)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E06: Episode #1.6 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E04: Episode #1.4 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E07: Episode #1.7 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E03: Episode #1.3 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E05: Episode #1.5 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E09: Episode #1.9 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E08: Episode #1.8 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Balkan ekspres 2 S01E10: Episode #1.10 (1989) (as Danka aged 29)

Fatal Sky (Frank Shields, USA, 1990) (as Mrs Sumner aged 30)

Trazim srodnu dusu S01E05: Episode #1.5 (1990) (aged 30)

Trazim srodnu dusu S01E04: Episode #1.4 (1990) (aged 30)

Trazim srodnu dusu S01E03: Episode #1.3 (1990) (aged 30)

Trazim srodnu dusu S01E06: Episode #1.6 (1990) (aged 30)

Trazim srodnu dusu S01E01: Episode #1.1 (1990) (aged 30)

Trazim srodnu dusu S01E02: Episode #1.2 (1990) (aged 30)

Karneval, andjeo i prah (Antun Vrdoljak, Yugoslavia, 1990) (as Frida aged 30)

Sarajevske price S01E03: Opasna igra (Faruk Sokolovic, 1991) (as Doktorka aged 31)

Djevojcice sa sibicama (Stanko Crnobrnja, Yugoslavia, 1991) (as Sestra aged 31)

Caruga (Rajko Grlic, Yugoslavia, 1991) (as Svilena aged 31)

I dok je srca, bit ce i Kroacije! (Mladen Juran, Croatia, 1993) (as Lady Shram aged 33)

Chamchatka (Mitja Novljan, Slovenia, 1996) (as Ana aged 36)

Ne zaboravi me (Jakov Sedlar, Croatia, 1996) (aged 36)

The Third Woman (Zoran Tadic, Croatia, 1997) (as Hela Martinic aged 37)

Tri muskarca Melite Zganjer (Snjezana Tribuson, Croatia, 1998) (as Maria aged 38)

Agonija (Jakov Sedlar, Croatia, 1998) (as Laura Lenbach aged 38)

Cetverored (Jakov Sedlar, Croatia, 1999) (as Mirta Mesog aged 39)

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