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Katarzyna Walter

Reviews and pictures of actress Katarzyna Walter naked in "Jedenaste przykazanie", "Lubie nietoperze" and "Na wolnosc".
Katarzyna Walter

Born: 1960   Country: Poland

Moderately successful blonde Polish starlet who was most at home in the theatre.

Katarzyna Walter (born 23 February 1960 in Krakow ) - Polish actress, film and theater. In 1983 she graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Wroclaw . In the years 1983 - 1984 occurred in the Contemporary Theatre in Wroclaw. In the years 1984 - one thousand nine hundred ninety performed in the Studio Theatre in Warsaw. The film was also reported under the names: Catherine Zadrożny, Catherine Walter-Sakowitch Eve Zadrożna and Katarzyna Walter.  snippet from Wikipedia


07 zglos sie S03E02: Wagon pocztowy (1981) (aged 21)

07 zglos sie S03E01: Grobowiec rodziny von Rausch (1981) (aged 21)

Idol (Feliks Falk, Poland, 1985) (as Soltan s Girl aged 25)

# Na wolnosc (Andrzej Konic, Poland, 1985) (featuring Katarzyna Walter as Ula aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Eugeniusz Kaminski, Irena Kownas, Hanna Lachman and Jan Peczek

Katarzyna Walter in Na wolnosc

Unhappy Polish TV tale of a little trollop of a greengrocer's daughter. In this compilation we see her enjoying a shower then returning home with her beau a little the worse for wear (well good for nothing actually), her stepfather getting in the obligatory ogle in the meantime. There's something unexpectedly appealing about Katarzyna in this role; she's so reassuringly common. Around this time there was a lot of unrest in Communist Poland; with treats like this on the box masquerading as social realism I can't think why.

Tags: domestic, full-frontal, interrupted, petting, shower, smoking


Na wolnosc Na wolnosc Na wolnosc Na wolnosc Na wolnosc

Sezon na bazanty (Wieslaw Saniewski, Poland, 1986) (aged 26)

# Lubie nietoperze (Grzegorz Warchol, Poland, 1986) (featuring Katarzyna Walter as Izabela aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elzbieta Panas, Marek Barbasiewicz, Malgorzata Lorentowicz, Jonasz Kofta, Edwin Petrykat, Jan Prochyra, Andrzej Grabarczyk, Wiktor Grotowicz, Slawomir Kozlowski, Tadeusz Skorulski, Andrzej Mrozek and Eliasz Kuziemski

Katarzyna Walter in Lubie nietoperze

In this amusing compendium of post-modern gothicisms Katarzyna stars as a lady who, as the English title I Like Bats suggests, is a vampire. A fatal handicap to one's love life in this day and age, especially to a woman of such a passionate nature.

This is the climactic scene whereby our heroine, after many misadventures including treatment in a private asylum (cf. Nurse Elzbieta Panas), is cured of her lifelong affliction by the simple expedient of submitting to that perennial 'one size fits all' treatment for female neuroses: lovemaking from a normal adult male. A mature, distinguished-looking one clearly with some education behind him too, not like that yokel of a gardener she was toying with earlier. Suddenly she is showing up in mirrors again. Hurrah. As a relief from the monotony of coyly photographed grinding copulation the scene is intercut with the couple immersed in water. I'm pretty sure that really is Katarzyna amongst all the bubbles and tangle of limbs.

Tags: barn, full-frontal, mirror, sex, underwater


Lubie nietoperze Lubie nietoperze Lubie nietoperze Lubie nietoperze Lubie nietoperze

# Jedenaste przykazanie (Janusz Kondratiuk, Poland, 1988) (featuring Katarzyna Walter as Maria aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ryszard Barycz, Adrianna Biedrzynska, Stanislaw Brudny, Zbigniew Buczkowski, Witold Dederko, Miroslawa Dubrawska, Halina Dunajska, Zygmunt Fok, Renata Glasek, Wanda Luczycka, Bohdana Majda and Zofia Merle

Katarzyna Walter in Jedenaste przykazanie

Typical Polish comic drama set in a small town during the pre-war years. Katarzyna plays out the cliché of the stray waif taken in by the kindly mature lady and given a nice hot bath. In front of the fire. Where everyone can see. Not least the kindly mature lady herself, who wastes no time in getting some sort of 'mistress and servant' S&M kinkfest going on between them. A superb example of the genre.

Tags: full-frontal, tin-tub


Jedenaste przykazanie Jedenaste przykazanie Jedenaste przykazanie Jedenaste przykazanie Jedenaste przykazanie

Blad w rachunku (Andrzej Chrzanowski, Poland, 1989) (as Dorota Milewicz aged 29)

Eminent Domain (John Irvin, France, 1990) (aged 30)

Femina (Piotr Szulkin, Poland, 1991) (as Prostiute aged 31)

Rozmowy o milosci (Miroslaw Gronowski, Poland, 1991) (as Ewa aged 31)

Niech zyje milosc (Ryszard Ber, Poland, 1991) (as Natalia Bronska aged 31)

Republik der Träume (Jens Carl Ehlers, Germany, 1993) (as Dorota aged 33)

Halál sekély vízben (Hungary, 1994) (aged 34)

Le retour d'Arsène Lupin S02E01: La tabatière de l'empereur (Alain Nahum, France, 1995) (as Natacha aged 35)

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord S01E12: Girl for Sale (Noel Price, 1997) (aged 37)

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord S01E13: To Live Forever (Noel Price, 1997) (as Guin aged 37)

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord S01E14: Barbarians at the Gate (Noel Price, 1997) (as Guin aged 37)

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord S01E15: The Best-Laid Plans... (Noel Price, 1997) (aged 37)

Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord S01E11: The Only Child in the World (Noel Price, 1997) (aged 37)

Out of Reach (Po-Chih Leong, USA, 2004) (aged 44)

Pensjonat Pod Róza (Poland, 2004) (aged 44)

Na dobre i na zle S06E37: Bialo-czarni (2005) (aged 45)

Aniol stróz S01E03: Skad sie biora dzieci (2005) (as Dominika - Eryk s boss aged 45)

Bedziesz moja (Poland, 2006) (aged 46)

Magda M. S02E03: Episode #2.3 (Maciej Dejczer, 2006) (aged 46)

Magda M. S02E02: Episode #2.2 (Maciej Dejczer, 2006) (aged 46)

Hela w opalach S01E03: Dobry, zly i aptekarz (Andrzej Kostenko, 2006) (as Bozena aged 46)

Hela w opalach S02E08: Byle do emerytury (2007) (as Bozena aged 47)

Taniec z gwiazdami VIII (Poland, 2008) (aged 48)

Komisarz Alex S06E11: Przekret (2014) (aged 54)

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