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Grazyna Lukasiewicz

A review and pictures of actress Grazyna Lukasiewicz naked in "Smak wody".
Grazyna Lukasiewicz

Country: Poland

Not beautiful in her person, and not one to bother the archivists, Grazyna had one memorable role bravely pregnant under the communal showers.


# Smak wody (Leszek Wosiewicz, Poland, 1980) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Daria Trafankowska, Jolanta Buszko, Halina Buyno-Loza, Ewa Fladro, Wiktor Grotowicz, Lech Grzmocinski, Jadwiga Hanska, Bogdan Koca, Józef Korzeniowski, Andrzej Kozak, Zdzislaw Kozien and Emilia Krakowska

Grazyna Lukasiewicz in Smak wody

In Communist Poland it was apparently traditional after a hard day's work to strip oneself naked and get under the showers together with all of one's comrades. That's why it was particularly important when job-hunting to concentrate on the female-dominated industries such as textiles. It's what the star of this self-consciously glum but somehow mellow and satisfying drama (Magda Teresa Wójcik) did anyway. Though I've got to say I'm not impressed with her commitment in this scene; she doesn't even get round to taking her dressing gown off.

In a room full of naked women we're all going to have our favourites; mine's the one with the delicate Slavic features and the baps. In the first screencap her eyes are in just the right position to be giving me an 'admiring glance', as I believe the bashful locker-room parlance has it. But the star of the show undoubtedly is Grazyna; heavily pregnant and unashamedly naked. Her workmates queue up to ask permission to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Charmingly girly stuff, and a delight to watch even if we can't join in ourselves.

So how to round off a perfect session under the hot showers for a group of hard-working and deserving ladies? By having naughty boys throw a stone through the window and peeping in that's how! I was expecting them all to run around squealing in feigned hysterics, pretending to cover themselves but flashing their bottoms as much as possible. Yet the incident is very underplayed, almost shrugged off in fact: 'That's the same cheap trick you played on the night shift', you can almost hear them saying, 'and it isn't getting any better'.

Tags: group, pregnant, shower, washing


Smak wody Smak wody Smak wody Smak wody Smak wody

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