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Brigitte Lahaie

A review and pictures of actress Brigitte Lahaie naked in "Fascination".
Brigitte Lahaie

Born: 1955   Country: France

Tacky French blonde with delicate features who can't understand why people won't let her put her past as a porn star behind her.

Mr. Skin has a page for Brigitte - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Cornets in Time (France,)

Jungle Erotic (France, 1970) (aged 15)

Le bijou d'amour (Patrice Rhomm, France, 1978) (as Gordonna aged 23)

Viol, la grande peur (Pierre Chevalier, France, 1978) (as L'étudiante vétérinaire aged 23)

Les raisins de la mort (Jean Rollin, France, 1978) (as La grande femme blonde aged 23)

Le chouchou de l'asile (Georges Cachoux, France, 1979) (as L'infirmière chef aged 24)

# Fascination (Jean Rollin, France, 1979) (featuring Brigitte Lahaie as Eva aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Franca Maï, Muriel Montossé, Jean-Marie Lemaire, Fanny Magier, Sophie Noël, Evelyne Thomas, Agnès Bert, Cyril Val, Myriam Watteau and Joe de Palmer

Brigitte Lahaie from Fascination

One of the best of Jean Rollin's strangely compelling amateur hour vampire productions. Basically what seems to be happening in this classic girlfight scene is that the pure young virgin seeking sanctuary in the château (Myriam Watteau I think she is) has to fight off Brigitte in the traditional guise of Death (there's been a clothes swap and it's all a bit confusing) while herself armed with only a knife. Oh dear, one-nil to the lady with the scythe I think.

Brigitte's lack of underclothing would have been more stimulating if she hadn't cavorted naked several times in the film already, and her scythe more menacing if she hadn't wielded it with all the condfidence and swagger of an understudy on the first night of a school play. But still there's a little piece of magic here.

Tags: outdoor, violator, weapon


Brigitte Lahaie in Fascination Brigitte Lahaie in Fascination Brigitte Lahaie in Fascination Brigitte Lahaie in Fascination Brigitte Lahaie in Fascination

Tremblements de chair (Michel Caputo, France, 1979) (aged 24)

I... comme Icare (Henri Verneuil, France, 1979) (aged 24)

New Generation (Jean-Pierre Lowf Legoff, France, 1979) (aged 24)

Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat (Erwin C. Dietrich, Switzerland, 1979) (as Greta aged 24)

Photos scandale (Jean-Claude Roy, France, 1979) (as Juliette aged 24)

Come Play with Me 2 (Erwin C. Dietrich, Switzerland, 1980) (as Julia aged 25)

La nuit des traquées (Jean Rollin, France, 1980) (as Elysabeth aged 25)

Ta gueule, je t'aime! (Serge Korber, France, 1980) (as Ingrid aged 25)

The Umbrella Coup (Gérard Oury, France, 1980) (aged 25)

Gefangene Frauen (Erwin C. Dietrich, Switzerland, 1980) (as Rita aged 25)

Les petites garces (Gérard Loubeau, France, 1980) (as Une partouzeuse aged 25)

Sechs Schwedinnen von der Tankstelle (Erwin C. Dietrich, Switzerland, 1980) (as Greta aged 25)

Deux gamines (Claude Pierson, France, 1981) (aged 26)

Les paumées du petit matin (Jean Rollin, France, 1981) (as Femme couple bourgeois aged 26)

Antoine et Julie (Gabriel Axel, France, 1981) (aged 26)

Si ma gueule vous plaît... (Michel Caputo, France, 1981) (aged 26)

Diva (Jean-Jacques Beineix, France, 1981) (aged 26)

Pour la peau d'un flic (Alain Delon, France, 1981) (aged 26)

Paul Raymond's Erotica (Brian Smedley-Aston, UK, 1982) (as Brigitte aged 27)

Te marre pas... c'est pour rire! (Jacques Besnard, France, 1982) (aged 27)

Les brigades vertes (Gilles Grangier, France, 1982) (aged 27)

N'oublie pas ton père au vestiaire... (Richard Balducci, France, 1982) (aged 27)

Julchen und Jettchen, die verliebten Apothekerstöchter (Erwin C. Dietrich, Switzerland, 1982) (as Jenny aged 27)

Nestor Burma, Shock Detective (Jean-Luc Miesch, France, 1982) (aged 27)

Éducation anglaise (Jean-Claude Roy, France, 1983) (as Henriette aged 28)

Au théâtre ce soir S00E00: Je leur laisserai un mot (Pierre Sabbagh, 1983) (as L'opératrice aged 28)

Le lavabo (Canada, 1983) (aged 28)

Cinématon (Gérard Courant, France, 1984) (aged 29)

La France interdite (France, 1984) (aged 29)

Brigade des moeurs (Max Pécas, France, 1985) (aged 30)

L'exécutrice (Michel Caputo, France, 1986) (as Martine aged 31)

Suivez mon regard (Jean Curtelin, France, 1986) (aged 31)

Le couteau sous la gorge (Claude Mulot, France, 1986) (as Valérie Landis aged 31)

Apostrophes S00E00: Les fêtes du corps (Jean-Louis Cap, 1987) (as Herself aged 32)

Le diable rose (Pierre B. Reinhard, France, 1987) (as Naska / Lolita aged 32)

On se calme et on boit frais à Saint-Tropez (Max Pécas, France, 1987) (as Alexandra aged 32)

Faceless (Jesús Franco, Spain, 1987) (as Nathalie aged 32)

Thérèse II la mission (Guillaume Perrotte, France, 1987) (as Thérèse aged 32)

Cinéma 16 S00E00: Johnny Monroe (Renaud Saint-Pierre, France, 1987) (as La prostituée aged 32)

Dark Mission: Flowers of Evil (Jesús Franco, France, 1988) (as Mauria aged 33)

Bains de minuit S00E00: Episode dated 22 April 1988 (1988) (as Herself aged 33)

Le triplé gagnant S00E00: Le dernier rendez-vous du président (Claude Grinberg, 1989) (aged 34)

Henry & June (Philip Kaufman, USA, 1990) (aged 35)

Les deux orphelines vampires (Jean Rollin, France, 1997) (aged 42)

French Love (France, 1998) (as Herself aged 43)

Les fourches caudines (Michaël Donio, France, 1999) (aged 44)

Eurotika! S01E01: Vampires and Virgins (1999) (as Herself aged 44)

Eurotika! S01E02: The Diabolical Mr. Franco (1999) (as Herself aged 44)

Eurotika! S01E06: José Bénazéraf: A Life in Four Chapters (1999) (as Herself aged 44)

Eurotika! S01E07: So Sweet, So Perverse (1999) (as Herself aged 44)

Eurotika! S01E05: French Blue (1999) (as Herself aged 44)

La dame pipi (Jacques Richard, France, 2000) (aged 45)

On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde S00E00: Episode dated 26 October 2001 (2001) (as Herself aged 46)

Sexe, censure et télévision (France, 2001) (aged 46)

La fiancée de Dracula (Jean Rollin, France, 2002) (aged 47)

La petite morte (Emmanuelle Schick, Canada, 2003) (as Herself aged 48)

Calvaire (Fabrice Du Welz, Belgium, 2004) (as Mademoiselle Vicky aged 49)

Le grand journal de Canal+ S00E00: Episode dated 13 September 2004 (2004) (as Herself aged 49)

Nous ne sommes pas des anges S00E00: Episode dated 24 September 2004 (2004) (as Herself aged 49)

20h10 pétantes S00E00: Episode dated 29 October 2004 (2004) (as Herself aged 49)

Questions pour un champion S00E00: La bande de Patrick Sébastien contre la bande de Laurent Baffie (2004) (as Herself aged 49)

Tout le monde en parle S00E00: Episode dated 18 September 2004 (2004) (as Herself aged 49)

Michel Rocas, roi du nanar? (France, 2005) (as Herself aged 50)

On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde S00E00: Episode dated 24 April 2005 (2005) (as Herself aged 50)

L'age d'or du X (France, 2006) (as Herself aged 51)

Le plus grand cabaret du monde S00E00: Episode dated 17 March 2007 (Bernard Gonner, 2007) (as Herself aged 52)

Le plus grand cabaret du monde S00E00: Le plus grand cabaret du monde sur son 31 (2008) (as Herself aged 53)

Quelque chose à te dire (Cécile Telerman, France, 2009) (aged 54)

On n'est pas couché S00E00: Episode dated 28 May 2011 (2011) (as Herself aged 56)

Jean Rollin, le rêveur égaré (France, 2011) (as Herself aged 56)

L'enfance du hard (France, 2013) (as Herself aged 58)

Le dernier film de Jess Franco (Pedro Temboury, France, 2013) (as Herself aged 58)

Le bonheur (Fabrice Grange, France, 2013) (as Médecin Alice aged 58)

Tuyauteries inavouables (Enguerran Prieu, France, 2014) (as Femme de ménage aged 59)

60 ans de télé S00E00: L'érotisme à la télévision: du carré blanc aux écrans noirs (Sabrina Harfouche, 2014) (as Herself aged 59)

Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Brigitte - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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