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Françoise Perrot

A review and pictures of actress Françoise Perrot naked in "Depravación".
Françoise Perrot

A handsome and solidly built actress perhaps best suited to hardcore sex films.


La voglia (Claudio Bernabei, Italy, 1981) (as Norma)

Voglia di sesso (Joe D'Amato, Italy, 1981)

Erotic Flash (Roberto Bianchi Montero, Italy, 1981) (as Angiolina)

Le porno investigatrici (Claudio Bernabei, Italy, 1981) (as Sandy)

Bocca golosa (Claudio Bernabei, Italy, 1981) (as Françoise - the psychotherapist s wife)

Bello di mamma (Rino Di Silvestro, Italy, 1981)

Pornovideo (Giuliana Gamba, Italy, 1981)

Labbra vogliose (Claudio Bernabei, Italy, 1981) (as Julie)

Labbra bagnate (Claudio Bernabei, Italy, 1981) (as Helen)

# Depravación (Isabel Mulá, Spain, 1982) (featuring Françoise Perrot as Miriam) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Concha Valero, Patricia Cauzard, José Gras, Jaime Bascu, Jordi Batalla and Jean Paul Perrier

Françoise Perrot in Depravación

Françoise cuts an impressive figure as the mistress of the would-be country squire at the centre of this Spanish sleaze piece. I've got to say she's not quite my type; perhaps a little too overwhelming. Though she still strikes me as a handy person to have about the house. If you needed all the guttering replaced for instance.

Or maybe she'd do as an 'older sister' type. It's a nice little fantasy: imagine sharing a bath night, then curling up on the sofa to enjoy some private jokes while playfully burning her exposed frontage with your cigarette. Chummy breaks the first rule of sibling etiquette though: always get out of her bedroom when sis wants to put her black stockings on (she shouldn't even have to ask).

Later our hero (whom you'll have entirely gone off by this point) and his head groom are discussing what a fine figure Françoise cuts on the back of a horse. Plainly she needs to be brought down a peg, taught a lesson etc., and what better way than to follow her back to the stables and rape her on top of the hay bales? Controversial maybe, but it's two against one, and she's going to find it awkward to explain the circumstances in any subsequent police investigation.

Tags: animal, disrobing, dressing, full-frontal, horseback, lingerie, outdoor, petting, rape, stables

Clip 1

Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación

Clip 2

Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación

Ricchi, ricchissimi... praticamente in mutande (Sergio Martino, Italy, 1982) (as Nudist)

Pè sempe (Gianni Crea, Italy, 1982) (as Maria)

Violenza in un carcere femminile (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1982) (as Hertha)

Le notti segrete di Lucrezia Borgia (Roberto Bianchi Montero, Italy, 1982) (as Celine)

Blade Violent - I violenti (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1983) (as Molly)

I sette magnifici gladiatori (Bruno Mattei, Italy, 1984) (as Cornelia)

Der Name der Rose (Jean-Jacques Annaud, West Germany, 1986)

Gioco di seduzione (Andrea Bianchi, Italy, 1991) (as Angiolina)

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