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Rebeca Silva

Reviews and pictures of actress Rebeca Silva naked in "Muñecas de medianoche" and "La pulquería".
Rebeca Silva

Born: 1955   Country: Mexico

Popular Mexican showgirl turned actress whose career continued long after the roles in sex comedies dried up.

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They Call Him Marcado (Alberto Mariscal, Mexico, 1971) (aged 16)

El hombre y la bestia (Julián Soler, Mexico, 1973) (as Prostituta aged 18)

Llanto, risas y nocaut (Julio Aldama, Mexico, 1974) (aged 19)

La disputa (René Cardona Jr., Mexico, 1974) (aged 19)

Presagio (Luis Alcoriza, Mexico, 1974) (aged 19)

El tigre de Santa Julia (Arturo Martínez, Mexico, 1974) (as Concha Negrete aged 19)

Cabalgando a la luna (Raúl de Anda, Mexico, 1974) (as Novia de Carlos aged 19)

El hijo del pueblo (René Cardona, Mexico, 1974) (as Maria aged 19)

Los valientes de Guerrero (Arturo Martínez, Mexico, 1974) (aged 19)

La tierra (Mexico, 1974) (aged 19)

La amargura de mi raza (Rubén Galindo, Mexico, 1974) (aged 19)

La madrecita (Fernando Cortés, Mexico, 1974) (as Sor Esperanza aged 19)

Las fuerzas vivas (Luis Alcoriza, Mexico, 1975) (aged 20)

Yo y mi mariachi (Rubén Galindo, Mexico, 1976) (aged 21)

El hombre (Raúl de Anda Jr., Mexico, 1976) (as María aged 21)

Zacazonapan (Julián Soler, Mexico, 1976) (aged 21)

Tiempo y destiempo (Rafael Baledón, Mexico, 1976) (as Cleo aged 21)

Alas doradas (Fernando Durán Rojas, Mexico, 1976) (aged 21)

The Children of Sanchez (Hall Bartlett, Mexico, 1978) (aged 23)

Carroña (Raúl de Anda Jr., Mexico, 1978) (as Maria aged 23)

Raza de viboras (René Cardona, Mexico, 1978) (aged 23)

Guerra de sexos (Raúl de Anda, Mexico, 1978) (aged 23)

Las golfas del talón (Jaime Fernández, Mexico, 1979) (aged 24)

El año de la peste (Felipe Cazals, Mexico, 1979) (as Eva Aponte aged 24)

Gente violenta (Fernando Osés, Mexico, 1979) (aged 24)

Perros callejeros II (José Antonio de la Loma, Mexico, 1979) (aged 24)

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Amor a la mexicana (Raúl de Anda Jr., Mexico, 1979) (aged 24)

# Muñecas de medianoche (Rafael Portillo, Mexico, 1979) (featuring Rebeca Silva aged 24) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Isela Vega, Sasha Montenegro, Princesa Lea, Angélica Chain, Jorge Rivero, Carmen Salinas, Rafael Inclán, Andrés García, Manuel 'Loco' Valdés, Alfredo Wally Barrón, Víctor Manuel Castro and Pompín Iglesias

Rebeca Silva in Muñecas de medianoche

Another sweet but poorly motivated undressing scene from the Mexican showgirl comedy. Secretary Rebeca's heart is melted by her womanising buffoon of a boss when he presents her with a box of chocolates. And there was me thinking a Mexican macho had to serenade his girl from the street before she'd even speak to him, even if she lived on the fourteenth floor. Oh well. They make a fun evening of it though, and it wouldn't have been the same without the chocolates.

Tags: full-frontal, undressing


Muñecas de medianoche Muñecas de medianoche Muñecas de medianoche Muñecas de medianoche Muñecas de medianoche

La muerte tambien cabalga (Otto Coronado, Mexico, 1979) (aged 24)

Erótica (Emilio Fernández, Mexico, 1979) (as Erótica aged 24)

Las tentadoras (Rafael Portillo, Mexico, 1980) (aged 25)

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A paso de cojo (Luis Alcoriza, Mexico, 1980) (aged 25)

Buscando un campeon (Rodolfo de Anda, Mexico, 1980) (aged 25)

# La pulquería (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1981) (featuring Rebeca Silva aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Isela Vega, Sasha Montenegro, Jorge Rivero, Rafael Inclán, Alfonso Zayas, Norma Alvarado, Sonia Camacho, America Cisneros, Arturo Cobo, Mari Carmen Conde, Enrique Cuenca and Luis de Alba

Rebeca Silva in La pulquería

Rebeca plays a rare example of an honest and hardworking non-sexual-exhibitionist in this Mexican comedy. This fine upstanding young woman devotes her life to caring for her bedridden grandfather. Today is not her lucky day however and all her dedication to selflessness and propriety is about to come to nothing.

A somewhat greasy male specimen knocks on the door of her humble dwelling just moments after Rebeca's finished the housework and at last found some time to put her feet up. Letting him in proves a mistake as he immediately sets to work ripping her blouse open and pulling her pants down in some unedifying and frankly not even very stimulating scenes. The commotion is enough to bring Grandpa staggering from his bed to see his angel granddaughter a weeping and naked wreck. She uses her free hand not to cover her body but her eyes - a sure sign of ultimate shame and humiliation. Either this or the general violence and excitement causes the old man to 'peg out ', unleashing a further wave of tears from Rebeca.

Tags: domestic, full-frontal, molested, stripped, tearful


La pulquería La pulquería La pulquería La pulquería La pulquería

Profesor eróticus (Luis María Delgado, Spain, 1981) (aged 26)

Abierto día y noche (Fernando Ayala, Argentina, 1981) (aged 26)

La casa prohibida (Icaro Cisneros, Mexico, 1981) (aged 26)

Que viva Tepito! (Mario Hernández, Mexico, 1981) (as Martha aged 26)

La virgen robada (Sergio Arau, Mexico, 1981) (aged 26)

Vividores de mujeres (Icaro Cisneros, Mexico, 1982) (as Orazibeña aged 27)

Las computadoras (René Cardona, Mexico, 1982) (aged 27)

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La pulquería 2 (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1982) (aged 27)

Un macho en la casa de citas (Alberto Rojas, Mexico, 1982) (aged 27)

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Viva el chubasco (Mario Hernández, Mexico, 1983) (aged 28)

Silencio asesino (José Luis Urquieta, Mexico, 1983) (as Betty aged 28)

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El día del compadre (Carlos Vasallo, Mexico, 1983) (as Meche aged 28)

El sexo de los pobres (Alejandro Galindo, Mexico, 1983) (aged 28)

Los dos matones (Alfredo Gurrola, Mexico, 1983) (aged 28)

Emanuelo (Sergio Véjar, Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

Nos reimos de la migra (destrampados y mojados) (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

Noche de carnaval (Mario Hernández, Mexico, 1984) (as Rebeca aged 29)

Mañosas pero sabrosas (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

Macho que ladra no muerde (Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

El judicial (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

Perico el de los palotes (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

Las glorias del gran Púas (Roberto G. Rivera, Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

El mil usos II (Roberto G. Rivera, Mexico, 1984) (aged 29)

El secuestro de Camarena (Alfredo B. Crevenna, Mexico, 1985) (aged 30)

Los rockeros del barrio (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1985) (aged 30)

Ah que viejas canciones tan calientes (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1985) (aged 30)

Tierra de rencores (Jaime Casillas, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

Perseguido por la ley (Fernando Durán Rojas, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

Esta noche cena Pancho (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

Toda la vida (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1986) (as Lola aged 31)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Cartucho cortado (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

Ese loco, loco hospital (Julio Ruiz Llaneza, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

La venganza de la Coyota (Luis Quintanilla Rico, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

El cafre (Gilberto Gazcón, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

Un macho en la cárcel de mujeres (Víctor Manuel Castro, Mexico, 1986) (aged 31)

Relampago (Julio Ruiz Llaneza, Mexico, 1987) (as Benita aged 32)

Niños sobre pedido (Raúl Ramírez, Mexico, 1987) (as Macaria Pérez aged 32)

Yo soy el asesino (José Loza, Mexico, 1987) (aged 32)

La leyenda del Manco (Jaime Casillas, Mexico, 1987) (aged 32)

Las limpias (Alfredo B. Crevenna, Mexico, 1987) (aged 32)

Ases del contrabando (Fernando Durán Rojas, Mexico, 1987) (as Elizabeth Calvo aged 32)

La mujer policía (Jesús Fragoso Montoya, Mexico, 1987) (as Siempreviva aged 32)

Sexo, sexo, ra ra ra (Rafael Lanuza, Mexico, 1987) (aged 32)

Los maistros (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1988) (aged 33)

Ladrón (Gilberto de Anda, Mexico, 1988) (aged 33)

El semental de Palo Alto (Rafael Villaseñor Kuri, Mexico, 1988) (aged 33)

Lola la taquera (Xorge Noble, Mexico, 1988) (aged 33)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Rebeca - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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