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Jenny Runacre

Reviews and pictures of actress Jenny Runacre naked in "Jubilee" and "The Final Programme".
Jenny Runacre

Born: 1943   Country: United Kingdom

Not exactly a beautiful actress, but strikingly handsome and with a weighty screen presence, she is the type of performer who combines feminist activism with an eagerness to strip naked in artsy semi-pornographic trash.

Jenny Runacre (born 18 August 1946) is a South African-born English actress. Runacre was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She moved to London as a child, attended the Actors' Workshop there, and trained in the Stanislavski System. While attending the Actors' Workshop, Runacre was approached by fellow student (and future agent) Tom Busby, who was working as a runner for an American film production that was seeking fledgling English actresses to play opposite John Cassavetes in Husbands, a film to be shot the following year in London. The young actress auditioned with Cassavetes, Ben Gazzara and Peter Falk, and was told six weeks later that she was being offered the part of Mary Tynan in the film. Runacre accepted the offer and Husbands became her first important film role. Runacre then joined the original London cast of Oh! Calcutta!. Runacre left the cast after a year and starred in such films as Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Canterbury Tales, John Huston's The Mackintosh Man, Robert Fuest's The Final Programme, Michelangelo Antonioni's The Passenger, and Derek Jarman's Jubilee (in which she starred as Elizabeth I and "Bod"). She was active in the theatre as well as on British television, including a part in the noted series Brideshead Revisited, playing Brenda Champion. Runacre focused on higher education in the 1990s. She has a Master's in Fine Art Practice from Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. She is currently a lecturer in residence in art, and has worked in installation art and experimental filmmaking. In 2007 Runacre directed Gareth Parker and Andrew Swann's Frozen, which was nominated for Best Direction, Best Writing and Best Overall Production in the LOST Theatre Festival. The production, starring Jack Bowman (Crossroads) and Josephine Hart came second overall. Runacre also directed the Wireless Theatre Company's audio adaption of Frozen after its successful stage run, featuring the original cast. Most recently Jenny appeared in John Maybury's The Edge of Love released summer 2008.   snippet from Wikipedia

Mr. Skin has a page for Jenny - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Goodbye, Mr. Chips (Herbert Ross, USA, 1969) (aged 26)

Husbands (John Cassavetes, USA, 1970) (as Mary Tynan aged 27)

I racconti di Canterbury (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Italy, 1972) (aged 29)

The Creeping Flesh (Freddie Francis, UK, 1973) (aged 30)

# The Final Programme (Robert Fuest, UK, 1973) (featuring Jenny Runacre as Miss Brunner aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Sandy Ratcliff, Jon Finch, Sterling Hayden, Harry Andrews, Hugh Griffith, Julie Ege, Patrick Magee, Graham Crowden, George Coulouris and Basil Henson

Jenny Runacre from The Final Programme

The climax to a dystopian sci-fi fantasy with a mixed though cultish reputation, this is a classic example of the non-gratuitous sex scene; it is absolutely vital to the plot that Jenny and protagonist Jon Finch have it away like this. I won't actually go into the plot by the way, there's plenty of exposition in the dialogue if you need it (it's really remarkably helpful). But wait - what if everything goes horribly wrong?!

Jenny's impressive body vies for top billing with her spectacular outfit - the sort of frilly nightwear for girls that was left behind in the early 'seventies, last seen being worn in a concert at the Hammersmith Odeon by Freddie Mercury I believe.

Tags: seductress, see-thru, sex


Jenny Runacre in The Final Programme Jenny Runacre in The Final Programme Jenny Runacre in The Final Programme Jenny Runacre in The Final Programme Jenny Runacre in The Final Programme

Once Upon a Time S01E02: Buttons (Gordon Flemyng, 1973) (as Dandini aged 30)

Dyn Amo (Stephen Dwoskin, UK, 1973) (as 1st Girl aged 30)

The MacKintosh Man (John Huston, UK, 1973) (as Gerda aged 30)

Son of Dracula (Freddie Francis, UK, 1974) (as Woman in Black aged 31)

All Creatures Great and Small (Claude Whatham, USA, 1975) (aged 32)

The Passenger (Michelangelo Antonioni, Italy, 1975) (as Rachel Locke aged 32)

L'évasion de Hassan Terro (Mustapha Badie, Algeria, 1976) (aged 33)

The New Avengers S01E08: The Tale of the Big Why (Robert Fuest, UK, 1976) (as Irene Brandon aged 33)

Romance S01E03: The Black Knight (Peter Hammond, UK, 1977) (as Nemesis aged 34)

Joseph Andrews (Tony Richardson, UK, 1977) (aged 34)

Three Dangerous Ladies (UK, 1977) (as Mrs. Santander (The Island) aged 34)

The Duellists (Ridley Scott, UK, 1977) (as Mme. de Lionne aged 34)

Spectre (Clive Donner, UK, 1977) (as Sydna aged 34)

The Sweeney S04E08: The Bigger They Are (Mike Vardy, 1978) (as Sharon aged 35)

# Jubilee (Derek Jarman, UK, 1978) (featuring Jenny Runacre as Queen Elizabeth I / Bod aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Toyah Willcox, Linda Spurrier, Nell Campbell, Jordan, Hermine Demoriane, Ian Charleson, Karl Johnson, Neil Kennedy, Jack Birkett and Jayne County

Jenny Runacre from Jubilee

This violent punk fantasy from camp old sourpuss Derek Jarman was something of a low point for Jenny's career. Here she is naked except for a crown while her gang (a really tough gang with Toyah Willcox in it) strangles a hapless young fornicator in plastic sheeting. But what really pushes this scene into decadence is Jenny's gorging herself on sugarpuffs.

Tags: eating, full-frontal, violator


Jenny Runacre in Jubilee Jenny Runacre in Jubilee Jenny Runacre in Jubilee Jenny Runacre in Jubilee Jenny Runacre in Jubilee

The Lady Vanishes (Anthony Page, UK, 1979) (as Mrs. Todhunter aged 36)

The Alternative Miss World (Richard Gayor, USA, 1980) (aged 37)

Hussy (Matthew Chapman, UK, 1980) (as Vere aged 37)

Brideshead Revisited S01E03: The Bleak Light of Day (1981) (as Brenda Champion aged 38)

Brideshead Revisited S01E06: Julia (Charles Sturridge, 1981) (as Brenda Champion aged 38)

Play for Today S14E15: Only Children (Michael Rolfe, 1984) (as Peach aged 41)

The Optimist S02E04: The Double (Robert Fuest, 1985) (aged 42)

Shadey (Philip Saville, UK, 1985) (as Shop assistant aged 42)

Lovejoy S01E07: The Real Thing (Roger Tucker, UK, 1986) (as Sandra aged 43)

Call Me Mister S01E07: Running Time (Peter Ellis, 1986) (aged 43)

That Englishwoman: An Account of the Life of Emily Hobhouse (Dirk de Villiers, South Africa, 1990) (as Lady Mary Hobhouse aged 47)

Taggart S05E02: Love Knot (Peter Barber-Fleming, 1990) (as Countess von Aschenberg aged 47)

The Witches (Nicolas Roeg, UK, 1990) (as Elsie aged 47)

Restoration (Michael Hoffman, USA, 1995) (aged 52)

Arena S00E00: Dear Antonioni (Gianni Massironi, UK, 1997) (as Herself aged 54)

Jubilee: A Time Less Golden (Spencer Leigh, USA, 2003) (as Herself aged 60)

The Edge of Love (John Maybury, UK, 2008) (aged 65)

Boogie Woogie (Duncan Ward, UK, 2009) (aged 66)

Stray (II) (UK, 2013) (as Ms Fluff aged 70)

Victrix (UK, 2015) (as Augusta aged 72)

Meet Pursuit Delange: The Movie (Howard Webster, UK, 2015) (as Miss Haversham aged 72)

Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Jenny - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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