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Nelcy Martins

Reviews and pictures of actress Nelcy Martins naked in "Vidas Nuas" and "Caçadas Eróticas".
Nelcy Martins

Country: Brazil

Brazilian babe with a relatively long but patchy career.


TV Teatro S01E42: A Muher de Branco (1958)

O Cabeleira (Milton Amaral, Brazil, 1963)

# Vidas Nuas (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1967) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Francisco Negrão, Alfredo Scarlat, Lisa Negri, Tania Reys, Almir Rogerio, Saturno Cerra, Maria Alba Esposito and Thaís Helena

Nelcy Martins in Vidas Nuas

Alone in her bedroom, Nelcy is the frustrated daughter of a prosperous household in this eccentric early piece of gothic from Ody Fraga. The adulterous mother you also see is Maria Alba.

Tags: black-and-white, cuddly-toy, mirror, undressing


Vidas Nuas Vidas Nuas Vidas Nuas Vidas Nuas

Anjo Loiro (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1973)

Maria... Sempre Maria (Eduardo Llorente, Brazil, 1973)

Travessuras de Pedro Malasartes (Brazil, 1974)

Sete Mulheres Para Um Homem Só (Mozael Silveira, Brazil, 1976)

A Casa de Irene (Raffaele Rossi, Brazil, 1981)

Perdida em Sodoma (Nilton Nascimento, Brazil, 1982)

O Círculo do Prazer (Mário Vaz Filho, Brazil, 1983)

# Caçadas Eróticas (David Cardoso, Brazil, 1984) (featuring Nelcy Martins as Roseta) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Matilde Mastrangi, Sonia Garcia, Shirley Santos, David Cardoso, Francimere Lopes, Dayse Duraes, Wilma Vitti, Elizabeth de Luiz, Fábio Vilalonga, Márcio Nogueira, José Lucas and André Loureiro

Nelcy Martins in Caçadas Eróticas

A short story about a group of Brazilian punk girls up to no good. By the year 1984 their hair and clothing has become so unfashionable they are outcasts, scraping an existence on the margins of society, seeking shelter in scrapyards and condemned buildings. Nelcy has matured since her first appearance on this page, but still has an impressive bust which she is not slow to show off.

This heavily condensed version of the story can be taken as a warning not to get mixed up with girls like this. Think you're old enough to know that already? Well look at the two men here, mature adults who look like they hold down responsible jobs. But they still don't realise they might be walking into some kind of trap! The scene is more about the other babes than Nelcy, who comes over a little shy all of a sudden. At first she can be seen squatting down looking on and smiling cheerily, but then she retreats into a corner and doesn't even pull her pants down. I've ended the clip on a high note, but don't get complacent and think it's representative of the real ending.

Tags: group, masturbation, undressing


Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas Caçadas Eróticas

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