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Tina Aumont

A review and pictures of actress Tina Aumont naked in "Lifespan".
Tina Aumont

Born: 1946   Country: United States

An unusually sultry and busty starlet who crossed the Atlantic to spend most of her career in Europe. She worked with the giants such as Fellini and Brass. She did a lot of dross too, but then that goes with the territory.

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Scusi, lei è favorevole o contrario? (Alberto Sordi, Italy, 1966) (as Romina aged 20)

Texas Across the River (Michael Gordon, USA, 1966) (as Lonetta aged 20)

Modesty Blaise (Joseph Losey, UK, 1966) (as Nicole aged 20)

The Game Is Over (Roger Vadim, France, 1966) (as Anne Sernet aged 20)

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L'uomo, l'orgoglio, la vendetta (Luigi Bazzoni, Italy, 1967) (as Carmen aged 21)

Visa de censure n° X (Pierre Clémenti, France, 1967) (aged 21)

Troppo per vivere... poco per morire (Michele Lupo, Italy, 1967) (as Dolly aged 21)

L'urlo (Tinto Brass, Italy, 1968) (as Anita aged 22)

Partner. (Bernardo Bertolucci, Italy, 1968) (as Salesgirl aged 22)

La révolution n'est qu'un début. Continuons. (Pierre Clémenti, France, 1968) (aged 22)

Home Movie, autour du 'Lit de la vierge' (Frédéric Pardo, France, 1968) (aged 22)

Positano (Pierre Clémenti, France, 1969) (as Herself aged 23)

Le lit de la vierge (Philippe Garrel, France, 1969) (as Prisoner aged 23)

Come ti chiami, amore mio? (Umberto Silva, Italy, 1969) (aged 23)

Satyricon (Gian Luigi Polidoro, Italy, 1969) (as Circe aged 23)

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L'alibi (Italy, 1969) (as Filli aged 23)

Infanzia, vocazione e prime esperienze di Giacomo Casanova, veneziano (Luigi Comencini, Italy, 1969) (as Marcella aged 23)

Necropolis (Franco Brocani, Italy, 1970) (aged 24)

Metello (Mauro Bolognini, Italy, 1970) (as Idina aged 24)

Corbari (Valentino Orsini, Italy, 1970) (as Ines aged 24)

Il sergente Klems (Sergio Grieco, Italy, 1971) (aged 25)

Arcana (Giulio Questi, Italy, 1972) (as Brenda aged 26)

Bianco, rosso e... (Alberto Lattuada, Italy, 1972) (as Señora Ricci aged 26)

La révolte des désespoirs (Pierre-Richard Bré, France, 1972) (aged 26)

Master of Love (Brunello Rondi, Italy, 1972) (as Dirce aged 26)

Malizia (Salvatore Samperi, Italy, 1973) (as Luciana aged 27)

I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale (Sergio Martino, Italy, 1973) (as Daniela aged 27)

Blu Gang e vissero per sempre felici e ammazzati (Luigi Bazzoni, Italy, 1973) (as Polly aged 27)

Storia de fratelli e de cortelli (Mario Amendola, Italy, 1974) (as Mara aged 28)

Il trafficone (Bruno Corbucci, Italy, 1974) (as Laura aged 28)

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Fatti di gente perbene (Mauro Bolognini, Italy, 1974) (as Rosa Bonetti aged 28)

Les hautes solitudes (Philippe Garrel, France, 1974) (aged 28)

Il messia (Roberto Rossellini, Italy, 1975) (as Adulteress aged 29)

Divina creatura (Giuseppe Patroni Griffi, Italy, 1975) (aged 29)

# Lifespan (Sandy Whitelaw, Netherlands, 1976) (featuring Tina Aumont as Anna aged 30) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Hiram Keller, Klaus Kinski, Fons Rademakers, Eric Schneider, Frans Mulder, Lyda Polak, Joan Remmelts, André van den Heuvel, Onno Molenkamp, Dick Scheffer, Albert Van Doorn and Adrian Brine

Tina Aumont in Lifespan

Tina is silently rifling through her lover's papers naked in the middle of the night in this daft gerontologically-themed Euro-thriller. So what's the best thing about a girl prowling around a bedroom in the nude? She has to walk on tippy-toes that's what. It turns out there's an innocent explanation: she was just trying to get her Japanese rope bondage photos back. 'He used to call it his double helix knot. Isn't that something to do with the secret of life?' You wouldn't catch Watson and Crick carrying on like that, the man's a cad.

Later in this compilation of three scenes the young couple discuss trying out some bondage for themselves. The excuses about not having a rope sound very fishy to me. The third part is a tasteful love scene with some amusing wibble about fingers and heartbeats.

The second clip stars Klaus Kinski and is highly peculiar. And I do mean peculiar even by the standards of notorious wildman eccentrics like Kinski.

Tags: bondage, fireside, full-frontal, padding, sex

Clip 1

Lifespan Lifespan Lifespan Lifespan Lifespan Lifespan

Clip 2

Lifespan Lifespan Lifespan Lifespan

Il Casanova di Federico Fellini (Federico Fellini, Italy, 1976) (as Henriette aged 30)

Salon Kitty (Tinto Brass, Italy, 1976) (as Herta Wallenberg aged 30)

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Cadaveri eccellenti (Francesco Rosi, Italy, 1976) (as The prostitute aged 30)

A Matter of Time (Vincente Minnelli, Italy, 1976) (as Valentina aged 30)

Giovannino (Paolo Nuzzi, Italy, 1976) (as Nelly aged 30)

The Nude Princess (Cesare Canevari, Italy, 1976) (as Gladys aged 30)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Il Passatore S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Piero Nelli, 1977) (aged 31)

Un cuore semplice (Giorgio Ferrara, Italy, 1977) (as Virginia aged 31)

Emmenez-moi au Ritz (Pierre Grimblat, France, 1977) (as Carla aged 31)

Il Passatore S01E03: Episode #1.3 (Piero Nelli, 1978) (aged 32)

La deuxième femme (Pierre Clémenti, France, 1978) (as Herself aged 32)

I problemi di Don Isidro Parodi (Italy, 1978) (aged 32)

La via del silenzio (Franco Brocani, Italy, 1980) (aged 34)

La bande du Rex (Jean-Henri Meunier, France, 1980) (as Angélina aged 34)

Holocaust parte seconda: i ricordi, i deliri, la vendetta (Angelo Pannacciò, Italy, 1980) (as Dorothea s Mother aged 34)

Les enquêtes du commissaire Maigret S01E53: Le voleur de Maigret (Jean-Paul Sassy, 1982) (as Laurence aged 36)

Credo (Jacques Deray, France, 1983) (aged 37)

Cinématon (Gérard Courant, France, 1984) (aged 38)

Rebelote (Jacques Richard, France, 1984) (as La bouchère aged 38)

Les frères Pétard (Hervé Palud, France, 1986) (aged 40)

ZEN - Zona Espansione Nord (Gian Vittorio Baldi, Italy, 1988) (aged 42)

Sale comme un ange (Catherine Breillat, France, 1991) (aged 45)

Dinosaur from the Deep (N.G. Mount, France, 1993) (as Nora aged 47)

Nico Icon (Susanne Ofteringer, Germany, 1995) (as Herself aged 49)

Les deux orphelines vampires (Jean Rollin, France, 1997) (as Ghoul aged 51)

Marquis de Slime (Quelou Parente, France, 1997) (as La Fée aged 51)

Jean-Pierre Aumont, charme et fou-rires (Patty Villiers, France, 1999) (as Herself aged 53)

Giulia (II) (Roy Stuart, France, 1999) (as La Mere aged 53)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories: Part 1 - Julia (Italy, 1999) (as i (Julia) aged 53)

La mécanique des femmes (Jérôme de Missolz, France, 2000) (aged 54)

Victoire, ou la douleur des femmes (France, 2000) (as Estelle aged 54)

Alain Pacadis, un héros in (France, 2003) (as Herself aged 57)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Tina - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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