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Imara Reis

A review and pictures of actress Imara Reis naked in "Filme Demência".
Imara Reis

Born: 1948   Country: Brazil

A typical sophisticated older Brazilian babe, she often played supporting roles as swinging or frustrated housewife types.

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Salário Mínimo (Brazil, 1978) (aged 30)

Inquietações de Uma Mulher Casada (Alberto Salvá, Brazil, 1979) (aged 31)

Dinheiro Vivo S01E67: Episode #1.67 (1979) (as Marilu aged 31)

Dinheiro Vivo S01E01: Episode #1.1 (1979) (as Marilu aged 31)

P.S.: Post Scriptum (Romain Lesage, Brazil, 1981) (aged 33)

Os Adolescentes (Brazil, 1981) (aged 33)

Ninho da Serpente (Brazil, 1982) (aged 34)

Retrato Falado de uma Mulher Sem Pudor (Brazil, 1982) (aged 34)

Flor do Desejo (Guilherme de Almeida Prado, Brazil, 1983) (as Sabrina aged 35)

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Doce Delírio (Manoel Paiva, Brazil, 1983) (aged 35)

Sonho Sem Fim (Lauro Escorel, Brazil, 1985) (as Flora aged 37)

Obscenidades (Roberto Henkin, Brazil, 1986) (as Helena aged 38)

# Filme Demência (Carlos Reichenbach, Brazil, 1986) (featuring Imara Reis as Doris aged 38) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Vanessa Alves, Alvamar Taddei, Kátia Lopes, Ênio Gonçalves, Emílio Di Biasi, Fernando Benini, Rosa Maria Pestana, Orlando Parolini, Benjamin Cattan, Renato Master, Roberto Miranda and Cláudio Willer

Imara Reis in Filme Demência

This is a film about a depressed married man who falls asleep in front of the television set one night. It's a modern updating of the Faust legend with a character we can all relate to.

After toying with the idea of swallowing razor blades in the bathroom our hero has a better plan: he will use the blade to cut away his sleeping wife's expensive black négligée instead. Once he has set his mind on a task he is not a man to go about it by halves, thus he spends an exquisitely long time exposing Imara's dark full-breasted and naturally hairy figure, accompanied incidentally by the sound of heavenly choirs.

Alas breast fondling is one thing, but he goes too far when he kisses the lady greedily and uncompromisingly on the bottom. This transgresses an unwritten rule of marital assault apparently (not sure if it wasn't an actual bite on second thoughts, so perhaps you can see her point), so that's as far as his romantic games will be going tonight. And yes she is angry about the négligée as well.

Tags: full-frontal, hairy, molested, stripped


Filme Demência Filme Demência Filme Demência Filme Demência Filme Demência

Vera (II) (Sergio Toledo, Brazil, 1986) (aged 38)

Mandala (Brazil, 1987) (aged 39)

A Dama do Cine Shanghai (Guilherme de Almeida Prado, Brazil, 1987) (as Carmem aged 39)

Três Moedas na Fonte (Cecílio Neto, Brazil, 1988) (aged 40)

Romance (Sergio Bianchi, Brazil, 1988) (as Regina aged 40)

Jardim de Alah (David Neves, Brazil, 1988) (aged 40)

Jorge, um Brasileiro (Paulo Thiago, Brazil, 1988) (as Helena aged 40)

Faca de Dois Gumes (Murilo Salles, Brazil, 1989) (aged 41)

O Grande Mentecapto (Oswaldo Caldeira, Brazil, 1989) (aged 41)

Les cavaliers aux yeux verts (Michel Wyn, France, 1990) (aged 42)

Salomé S00E00: Episode dated 3 June 1991 (1991) (as Santa aged 43)

Manobra Radical (Elisa Tolomelli, Brazil, 1991) (aged 43)

Meu Marido (Brazil, 1991) (aged 43)

A Voz do Morto (Brazil, 1993) (aged 45)

Contos de Verão (Brazil, 1993) (aged 45)

A Idade da Loba (Brazil, 1995) (as Eleonora aged 47)

Você Decide S05E24: A Invasão dos Bárbaros (1996) (aged 48)

Você Decide S05E22: Vidas Partidas (1996) (aged 48)

Os Ossos do Barão (Brazil, 1997) (aged 49)

Chiquititas Brasil (Brazil, 1997) (aged 49)

O Guarani (Norma Bengell, Brazil, 1997) (as Laureana aged 49)

Você Decide S07E08: Laura (1998) (aged 50)

Você Decide S07E06: A Mulher Ideal (1998) (aged 50)

Você Decide S07E18: O Flagrante (1998) (aged 50)

A Hora Mágica (Guilherme de Almeida Prado, Brazil, 1999) (as Angelita Alves aged 51)

Minha Vida em Suas Mãos (José Antonio Garcia, Brazil, 2001) (as Flor aged 53)

O Direito de Nascer (Brazil, 2001) (aged 53)

Joana e Marcelo, Amor (Quase) Perfeito (Marco Altberg, Brazil, 2002) (aged 54)

Onde Andará Dulce Veiga? (Guilherme de Almeida Prado, Brazil, 2008) (as Teresinha aged 60)

Bodas de Papel (André Sturm, Brazil, 2008) (as Dedé aged 60)

The Strongest (Ricky Mastro, Brazil, 2009) (as Mariana aged 61)

Amanhã Nunca Mais (Tadeu Jungle, Brazil, 2011) (as Confectioner aged 63)

Força-Tarefa S03E03: Episode #3.3 (José Alvarenga Jr., 2011) (as Maria Eduarda aged 63)

Família Vende Tudo (Alain Fresnot, Brazil, 2011) (as Eunice aged 63)

Luna (III) (Fiona Murguia, USA, 2013) (as Anna Maria aged 65)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Imara - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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