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Stella Strada

A review and pictures of actress Stella Strada naked in "Kirot".
Stella Strada

Born: 1964   Country: Philippines

A Philippine starlet who could display both wholesome prettiness and a more sultry glamour. Her career was tragically short.


Hanguin mo ako sa putik (Manuel 'Fyke' Cinco, Philippines, 1983) (aged 19)

# Kirot (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1983) (featuring Stella Strada as Rosa aged 19) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Dennis Roldan, Edgar Mande, Raul Aragon, Perla Bautista, Joonee Gamboa, Dexter Doria, Chona Castillo, Carlos De Leon, Rusty Santos, Ruben Rustia and Amay Bisaya

Stella Strada in Kirot

Typical Philippine melodrama about families trying to scratch a living in a rural backwater. Stella's day, like any normal teenager's, begins with a good old stretch and a visit to the lavatory, preceded of course by the ritual bollocking from her mother.

All that will change soon as she's due to be married (to the usual much older man) and will be moving to live in a marginally less ramshackle dwelling. Meanwhile there are still rows on the river to be enjoyed in the company of her favourite altar boy. It's on one of those trips Stella first senses a pleasure till then missing from her life. She's spotted her brother-in-law snogging some bint in a neighbouring boat. Suddenly quiet outings on the river seem like something she should by now have outgrown. Responding to a deep feminine instinct she casts herself into the water in the sure and certain hope of rescue. The boy and girl change their clothes afterwards as if they were brother and sister, though a tentative naked hug hints at deeper passions.

Once Stella has discovered the infallible way to attract male attention (for better or worse) there's no stopping her as she Annies her husband into an early grave (cf. Bakat). No one is safe as she centres herself in a maelstrom of sexual exhibitionism. Fights break out all around her. The in-laws even have to be trained in combat by the Batley townswomen's guild. Either this girl leaves town or someone's going to have to shoot her...

Tags: domestic, flashing, outdoor, peeing, petting, public, shower, undressing, voyeur, wet-clothes


Kirot Kirot Kirot Kirot Kirot

Angkinin mo ako (Mauro Gia Samonte, Philippines, 1983) (aged 19)

Inside Job (Bebong Osorio, Philippines, 1983) (aged 19)

Puri (Elwood Perez, Philippines, 1984) (as Puri aged 20)

Sex Education (Mike Relon Makiling, Philippines, 1984) (aged 20)

Malisya (Manuel 'Fyke' Cinco, Philippines, 1984) (aged 20)

Kriminal (Efren C. Piñon, Philippines, 1984) (aged 20)

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