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Olga Yegorova

A review and pictures of actress Olga Yegorova naked in "Balagan".
Olga Yegorova

Born: 1967   Country: Russia

Big-hearted and curvy Russian blonde with an eclectic career, not enough of it spent in the cinema.


Blagorodnyy razboynik Vladimir Dubrovskiy (Vyacheslav Nikiforov, Soviet Union, 1989) (aged 22)

Lyubit po-russki (Evgeniy Matveev, Russia, 1989) (aged 22)

# Balagan (Andrey Benkendorf, Soviet Union, 1990) (featuring Olga Yegorova aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Valeriy Ivchenko, Vladimir Eryomin, Lyudmila Yefimenko, Anatoliy Khostikoev, Boris Romanov and Sergei Podgornyj

Olga Yegorova in Balagan

A typical Russian comedy about a poor-spirited bookish young fellow unlucky in love and constantly in the company of drunks. You know those dreams you have about appearing in public in only your pyjamas? Well our man dreams about appearing in only his pyjamas in a cage at the zoo being pelted with stones by wicked girls in purple anoraks. Take it that he's at a low ebb. In his search for romance he has lowered his standards and plumped (pun intended) for Olga, the homely secretary type. In reality of course Olga's a luscious young professional actress and all this 'plump' and 'homely' stuff totally unwarranted, but she does bring across the type beautifully well.

The first liaison was at her place but was interrupted immediately pre-coitus by some excuse about a 'crying infant'. Second time around is at our hero's place. I bet Olga struggled to be polite when she first saw his typical bachelor pad. 'Nice place you've got here', she might have said, 'well-appointed [noticing the piles of books] and er, unpretentiously laid out [wondering why everything is placed directly on the floor]'. Anyway, what follows is lyrical, tender and romantic. And this time interrupted not just once but twice. The second time, just when he was finally at least getting her tights down, is sadly terminal.

It's a long clip, but stick around for the coda. A totally unexpected piece of fantasy with a pair of naughty nurses (I think the second is Lyudmila Efimenko). It occurs to me that directors could plonk something like this in the middle of just about any film. So why don't they??

Tags: downblouse, interrupted, petting, undressing


Balagan Balagan Balagan Balagan Balagan

Voydi v kazhdyy dom (Soviet Union, 1990) (aged 23)

Lyubit po-russki 2 (Evgeniy Matveev, Russia, 1996) (aged 29)

Lyubit po-russki 3: Gubernator (Evgeniy Matveev, Belarus, 1999) (aged 32)

Naslednik (Vladimir Lyubomudrov, Russia, 2002) (aged 35)

Partisan Songspiel. Belgrade Story (Olga Yegorova, France, 2010) (aged 43)

Bashnya. Zongshpil (Olga Yegorova, Russia, 2013) (aged 46)

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