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Isa Kopelman

A review and pictures of actress Isa Kopelman naked in "As Safadas".
Isa Kopelman

Born: 1946   Country: Brazil

A fairly plain actress with a few film roles behind her.


Maldita Coincidência (Sergio Bianchi, Brazil, 1979) (aged 33)

Das Tripas Coração (Ana Carolina, Brazil, 1982) (aged 36)

O Homem do Pau-Brasil (Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Brazil, 1982) (aged 36)

# As Safadas (Inácio Araújo, Brazil, 1982) (featuring Isa Kopelman as Cristina aged 36) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Marliane Gomes, Sandra Graffi, Vanessa Alves, Zilda Mayo, Wilson Sampson, Jonia Freund, Carlos Koppa, Armando Tirabosqui, Cláudio Mamberti, Cássia Godoy, Carlos Milani and Sérgio Hingst

Isa Kopelman in As Safadas

The middle segment in this compilation is a flatshare comedy, albeit a very black one. Two girls make their way in the big city; much like The Liver Birds really. Isa plays the Nerys Hughes character, plain, level-headed, always having to sort out the scrapes her scatty flatmate has got the pair into.

In this clip she can relax because the neighbour has fixed the shower (in the days before miniaturised video cameras, so yes she really can relax). In fact she's so relaxed she's dropped the soap! Handy tip for ladies in shared accomodation: always keep hold of the soap when you're frigging yourself in the bathroom, that way if someone walks in you can say it was simply the most convenient place to work up a lather.

Tags: full-frontal, masturbation, shower, washing


As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas As Safadas

Noites Paraguaias (Aloysio Raulino, Brazil, 1982) (aged 36)

Amor, Palavra Prostituta (Carlos Reichenbach, Brazil, 1982) (aged 36)

Romance (Sergio Bianchi, Brazil, 1988) (as Fernanda aged 42)

Real desejo (Augusto Sevá, Brazil, 1990) (aged 44)

A Causa Secreta (Sergio Bianchi, Brazil, 1994) (aged 48)

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