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Leonie Mellinger

A review and pictures of actress Leonie Mellinger naked in "Memoirs of a Survivor".
Leonie Mellinger

Born: 1959   Country: United Kingdom

A cheerily attractive British actress working mainly in TV.

Leonie Mellinger (born in Berlin, Germany) is a British actress. In the television mini-series Small World she played a central double role portraying the twins Angelica and Lily. Mellinger trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Her acting debut was as 'Miriam' in the BBCTV serialisation of DH Lawrence's 'Sons and Lovers'. Her stage appearances with the Royal Shakespeare Company include 'Lavinia'inTitus Andronicus and 'Perdita' inThe Winter's Tale. Currently, she teaches communication and personal impact skills at her own training company as well as acting.   snippet from Wikipedia


# Memoirs of a Survivor (David Gladwell, UK, 1984) (featuring Leonie Mellinger as Emily Mary Cartwright aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Pat Keen, Julie Christie, Christopher Guard, Debbie Hutchings, Nigel Hawthorne, Georgina Griffiths, Christopher Tsangarides, Mark Dignam, Alison Dowling, John Franklyn-Robbins, Rowena Cooper and Barbara Hicks

Leonie Mellinger in Memoirs of a Survivor

Leonie is the orphan girl unexpectedly billeted on Julie Christie in this drearily pretentious post-apocalyptic drama. She spends too long in the bathroom, but what else is new. Oh, and she flashes her boobs on bomb sites. She is growing up rather quickly and is soon a supervisor of an orphanage, where we watch her flagrantly neglecting her duties naked on the bare floorboards.

Tags: anger, bath, flashing, outdoor, sex


Memoirs of a Survivor Memoirs of a Survivor Memoirs of a Survivor Memoirs of a Survivor Memoirs of a Survivor

Sons and Lovers (UK, 1981) (aged 22)

Women S00E00: Whale Music (1983) (as Caroline aged 24)

BBC Play of the Month S16E03: Infidelities (Michael Darlow, UK, 1983) (as Silvia aged 24)

Ghost Dance (Ken McMullen, West Germany, 1983) (as Marianne aged 24)

Memed My Hawk (Peter Ustinov, Yugoslavia, 1984) (as Hatche aged 25)

Summer Lightning (Paul Joyce, UK, 1984) (as Louise St Leger aged 25)

Mr. Palfrey of Westminster S01E02: The Honeypot and the Bees (Peter Cregeen, UK, 1984) (as Melissa Conyers aged 25)

Zina (Ken McMullen, UK, 1985) (as German Stenographer aged 26)

Bergerac S04E02: Off Shore Trades (Robert Tronson, UK, 1985) (as Terry aged 26)

Dead Head S01E04: The Patriot (Rob Walker, 1986) (as Angela aged 27)

Paradise Postponed S01E01: Death of a Saint (Alvin Rakoff, 1986) (as Francesca Simcox aged 27)

Partition (Ken McMullen, UK, 1987) (aged 28)

Small World S01E06: Hurry Up, Please, It's Time (Robert Chetwyn, 1988) (aged 29)

Small World S01E01: April Is the Cruellest Month (Robert Chetwyn, 1988) (as Angelica aged 29)

Small World S01E02: The Lady of Situations (Robert Chetwyn, 1988) (as Angelica Pabst aged 29)

Small World S01E05: Throbbing and Waiting (Robert Chetwyn, 1988) (aged 29)

Small World S01E04: What Shall We Do Tomorrow? (Robert Chetwyn, 1988) (as Angelica Pabst aged 29)

Il giovane Toscanini (Franco Zeffirelli, Italy, 1988) (as Suelinha aged 29)

Hannay S01E06: The Hazard of the Die (Jeremy Summers, 1988) (as Lady Veronica Strickland aged 29)

The New Statesman S02E06: May the Best Man Win (Geoffrey Sax, UK, 1989) (as Clarissa aged 30)

Screen Two S06E11: Children Crossing (Angela Pope, UK, 1990) (as Claire aged 31)

Pride and Extreme Prejudice (Ian Sharp, UK, 1990) (as Renate aged 31)

Stay Lucky S02E07: Bigamy Blues (John Glenister, UK, 1990) (as Louisa aged 31)

Maigret S01E06: Maigret Sets a Trap (John Glenister, UK, 1992) (as Yvonne Moncin aged 33)

Lovejoy S03E14: The Prague Sun (Geoffrey Sax, UK, 1992) (as Marina aged 33)

Hostage (Robert Young, UK, 1992) (as Mrs Mason aged 33)

'R': Rembrandt (Ken McMullen, UK, 1992) (aged 33)

Wycliffe S01E04: The Tangled Web (Ferdinand Fairfax, UK, 1994) (aged 35)

The Bill S14E47: Sale or Return: Part 2 (Chris Lovett, UK, 1998) (as Elena aged 39)

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