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Geneviève Bujold

A review and pictures of actress Geneviève Bujold naked in "Isabel".
Geneviève Bujold

Born: 1942   Country: Canada

A French-Canadian actress with a distinguished and varied career. Perhaps she is best known to modern audiences via dark thrillers such as Coma and Dead Ringers.

Geneviève Bujold (French pronunciation: ​[ʒən.vjɛv by.ʒɔld];[1] born July 1, 1942) is a Canadian actress best known for her portrayal of Anne Boleyn in the 1969 film Anne of the Thousand Days, for which she won a Golden Globe Award for best actress and was nominated for an Academy Award.  snippet from Wikipedia

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French Cancan (Jean Renoir, France, 1954) (aged 12)

Les belles histoires des pays d'en haut (Canada, 1956) (aged 14)

Courtship (Canada, 1961) (aged 19)

Ti-Jean caribou (Canada, 1963) (aged 21)

Amanita Pestilens (René Bonnière, Canada, 1963) (as Sophie Martin aged 21)

La terre à boire (Jean-Paul Bernier, Canada, 1964) (as Barbara aged 22)

La fleur de l'âge, ou Les adolescentes (France, 1964) (as Genevieve aged 22)

Geneviève (Michel Brault, Canada, 1964) (as Geneviève aged 22)

La fin des étés (Anne Claire Poirier, Canada, 1964) (aged 22)

Dim Dam Dom S00E00: Episode dated 24 September 1965 (1965) (as Herself aged 23)

La guerre est finie (Alain Resnais, France, 1966) (as Nadine Sallanches aged 24)

Le roi de coeur (Philippe de Broca, France, 1966) (as Coquelicot aged 24)

Saint Joan (George Schaefer, USA, 1967) (as Saint Joan of Arc aged 25)

The Thief (Louis Malle, France, 1967) (as Charlotte aged 25)

Entre la mer et l'eau douce (Michel Brault, Canada, 1967) (as Geneviève aged 25)

Paris aktuell S02E01: Episode #2.1 (Edgar von Heeringen, 1967) (as Herself aged 25)

# Isabel (Paul Almond, Canada, 1968) (featuring Geneviève Bujold as Isabel aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lynden Bechervaise, Therese Cadorette, Eric Clavering, J. Donald Dow, Elton Hayes, Rob Hayes, Edie Kerr, Gerard Parkes, Marc Strange, Ratch Wallace and Al Waxman

Geneviève Bujold in Isabel

An early role for a tomboyish Geneviève in this excellent atmospheric chiller. We join her in her bedroom undressing and coyly luxuriating in the pleasing sensations the sight and touch of her young body can give her.

Tags: undressing, window


Isabel Isabel Isabel Isabel

Anne Boleyn's England (USA, 1969) (as Herself aged 27)

Anne of the Thousand Days (Charles Jarrott, UK, 1969) (as Anne Boleyn aged 27)

The 42nd Annual Academy Awards (USA, 1970) (as Herself - Nominee Best Actress in a Leading Role aged 28)

Marie-Christine (Claude Jutra, Canada, 1970) (aged 28)

Act of the Heart (Paul Almond, Canada, 1970) (as Martha Hayes aged 28)

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The 43rd Annual Academy Awards (Richard Dunlap, USA, 1971) (as Herself - Co-Presenter Best Cinematography Best Film Editing aged 29)

The Trojan Women (Mihalis Kakogiannis, UK, 1971) (as Cassandra aged 29)

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Journey (I) (Paul Almond, Canada, 1972) (as Saguenay aged 30)

Kamouraska (Claude Jutra, Canada, 1973) (as Élisabeth aged 31)

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Earthquake (Mark Robson, USA, 1974) (as Denise aged 32)

Great Performances S00E00: Antigone (Gerald Freedman, USA, 1974) (as Antigone aged 32)

L'incorrigible (Philippe de Broca, France, 1975) (as Marie-Charlotte Pontalec aged 33)

Eliza's Horoscope (Gordon Sheppard, Canada, 1975) (aged 33)

A Pirate Ship Sails Again! The Making of Swashbuckler (Robert Faber, USA, 1976) (as Herself aged 34)

Scarlet Buccaneer (James Goldstone, USA, 1976) (as Jane Barnet aged 34)

Obsession (Brian De Palma, USA, 1976) (as Elizabeth Courtland aged 34)

Alex & the Gypsy (John Korty, USA, 1976) (as Maritza aged 34)

Caesar and Cleopatra (James Cellan Jones, UK, 1976) (as Cleopatra aged 34)

Another Man, Another Woman (Claude Lelouch, France, 1977) (as Jeanne Leroy née Perriere aged 35)

Coma (Michael Crichton, USA, 1978) (as Dr Susan Wheeler aged 36)

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Dinah! S00E00: Episode dated 24 March 1978 (1978) (as Herself aged 36)

Good Morning America S00E00: Episode dated 14 April 1978 (1978) (as Herself aged 36)

Murder by Decree (Bob Clark, UK, 1979) (as Annie Crook aged 37)

Final Assignment (Paul Almond, Canada, 1980) (as Nicole Thomson aged 38)

The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (Charles Jarrott, USA, 1980) (as Bernadette Lafleur aged 38)

News 4 New York S00E00: Live at Five (1981) (as Herself aged 39)

Mistress of Paradise (Peter Medak, USA, 1981) (as Elizabeth Beaufort aged 39)

Monsignor (Frank Perry, USA, 1982) (as Clara aged 40)

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Today S00E00: Episode dated 19 October 1982 (1982) (as Herself aged 40)

Choose Me (Alan Rudolph, USA, 1984) (as Nancy aged 42)

Tightrope (Richard Tuggle, USA, 1984) (as Beryl Thibodeaux aged 42)

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Good Morning America S00E00: Episode dated 1 November 1984 (1984) (as Herself aged 42)

The 57th Annual Academy Awards (USA, 1985) (aged 43)

Trouble in Mind (Alan Rudolph, USA, 1985) (as Wanda aged 43)

The Moderns (Alan Rudolph, USA, 1988) (as Libby Valentin aged 46)

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Dead Ringers (David Cronenberg, Canada, 1988) (as Claire Niveau aged 46)

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21st NAACP Image Awards (Ellen Brown, USA, 1989) (as Herself aged 47)

Red Earth, White Earth (David Greene, Canada, 1989) (as Madeline aged 47)

False Identity (James Keach, USA, 1990) (as Rachel Roux aged 48)

Les noces de papier (Michel Brault, Canada, 1990) (as Claire Rocheleau aged 48)

Rue du Bac (Gabriel Aghion, France, 1991) (as Marie Aubriac aged 49)

The Dance Goes On (Paul Almond, Canada, 1992) (as Rick s Mother aged 50)

Oh, What a Night (Eric Till, Canada, 1992) (as Eva aged 50)

An Ambush of Ghosts (Everett Lewis, USA, 1993) (as Irene Betts aged 51)

Biography S00E00: Clint Eastwood: The Man from Malpaso (Gene Feldman, USA, 1994) (as Herself aged 52)

Mon amie Max (Michel Brault, Canada, 1994) (as Marie-Alexandrine Brabant aged 52)

The Adventures of Pinocchio (Steve Barron, UK, 1996) (as Leona aged 54)

Dead Innocent (Sara Botsford, Canada, 1997) (as Suzanne St Laurent aged 55)

The House of Yes (Mark Waters, USA, 1997) (as Mrs Pascal aged 55)

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Last Night (I) (Don McKellar, Canada, 1998) (as Mrs Carlton aged 56)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

You Can Thank Me Later (Shimon Dotan, Canada, 1999) (as Joelle aged 57)

Eye of the Beholder (Stephan Elliott, Canada, 1999) (as Dr Jeanne Brault aged 57)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Children of My Heart (Keith Ross Leckie, Canada, 2000) (as Gabrielle Roy aged 58)

The Bookfair Murders (Wolfgang Panzer, Germany, 2000) (as Margaret Dourie Cantor aged 58)

Alex in Wonder (Drew Ann Rosenberg, USA, 2001) (as Natalie aged 59)

Matisse & Picasso: A Gentle Rivalry (USA, 2001) (as Francoise Gilot (voice) aged 59)

'Obsession' Revisited (Laurent Bouzereau, USA, 2001) (as Herself aged 59)

La turbulence des fluides (Manon Briand, Canada, 2002) (as Colette Lasalle aged 60)

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Finding Home (Lawrence David Foldes, USA, 2003) (as Katie aged 61)

Jericho Mansions (Alberto Sciamma, Canada, 2003) (as Lily Melnick aged 61)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Downtown: A Street Tale (Rafal Zielinski, USA, 2004) (as Aimee Levesque aged 62)

Mon petit doigt m'a dit... (Pascal Thomas, France, 2005) (as Rose Evangelista aged 63)

Délivrez-moi (Denis Chouinard, Canada, 2006) (as Irène aged 64)

Disappearances (Jay Craven, USA, 2006) (as Cordelia aged 64)

The Trotsky (Jacob Tierney, Canada, 2009) (as Denise Archambault aged 67)

AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to Michael Douglas (Louis J. Horvitz, USA, 2009) (as Herself aged 67)

Halves of a Dream: Making Trouble in Mind (Greg Carson, USA, 2010) (as Herself aged 68)

Pour l'amour de Dieu (Micheline Lanctôt, Canada, 2011) (as Soeur Cécile 72 ans aged 69)

Still Mine (Michael McGowan, Canada, 2012) (as Irene Morrison aged 70)

Northern Borders (Jay Craven, USA, 2013) (as Abiah Kittredge aged 71)

The Legend of Sarila (Nancy Florence Savard, Canada, 2013) (as Saya (voice) aged 71)

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