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Anny Papa

Reviews and pictures of actress Anny Papa naked in "Pane, burro e marmellata" and "Sottozero".
Anny Papa

Born: 1955   Country: Italy

Fiery raven-haired starlet in the classic Italian style, slimmer and less busty than most, she had a patchy career in minor roles.


# Pane, burro e marmellata (Giorgio Capitani, Italy, 1977) (featuring Anny Papa as Bruno's Groupie aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Enrico Montesano, Rossana Podestà, Claudine Auger, Rita Tushingham, Bente Szacinski, Laura Trotter, Franco Giacobini, Jacques Herlin, Adolfo Celi, Stefano Amato, Paola Arduini and Dino Emanuelli

Anny Papa in Pane, burro e marmellata

Comedy about a manic Italian TV host who after being slung out by his wife is taken in by the trio of young female misfits across the hall and spoilt rotten as a kind of scarcely-housetrained pet. One of them is incongruously enough English ugly duckling hippie chick Rita Tushingham, but none of the three teases is in the mood to get her top off, delegating the job to Anny.

Our hero does a double take when he finds luscious and willing Anny in his flat, before deciding on the third take he's not going to stand for it. Cue the girl leaving with all possible haste, too angry and crestfallen to care who's looking. A short scene, not very revealing, but with a very attractive slim starlet with pert little breasts, so it would be churlish to fault it.

Tags: dressing, flashing


Pane, burro e marmellata Pane, burro e marmellata Pane, burro e marmellata Pane, burro e marmellata Pane, burro e marmellata

La fine del mondo nel nostro solito letto in una notte piena di pioggia (Lina Wertmüller, Italy, 1978) (as Friend aged 23)

Das Lustschloß im Spessart (Walter Krüttner, West Germany, 1978) (as Clarissa aged 23)

Come perdere una moglie e trovare un'amante (Pasquale Festa Campanile, Italy, 1978) (as Helen - Alberto s wife aged 23)

Un'ombra nell'ombra (Pier Carpi, Italy, 1979) (aged 24)

Il fiume del grande caimano (Sergio Martino, Italy, 1979) (as Laura aged 24)

Monsignor (Frank Perry, USA, 1982) (aged 27)

La casa con la scala nel buio (Lamberto Bava, Italy, 1983) (as Sandra aged 28)

Uccelli d'Italia (Ciro Ippolito, Italy, 1984) (as Moglie dello scrittore aged 29)

Un complicato intrigo di donne, vicoli e delitti (Lina Wertmüller, Italy, 1985) (aged 30)

# Sottozero (Gian Luigi Polidoro, Italy, 1987) (featuring Anny Papa as Athena aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Jerry Calà, Angelo Infanti and Antonella Interlenghi

Anny Papa in Sottozero

Unusual Italian comedy about a typical ineffectual husband and his misadventures in the Norwegian offshore oil industry. One night the vivacious, seductive, high-living Anny escorts our hero back to her arctic lair, or daintily appointed cottage bedroom if you prefer.

As usual I can't follow the motivation for the unlikely pairing here, but he might just have won her at cards, because that's what they were doing in the previous scene. On the other hand she might have won him at cards - I mentioned she was vivacious, seductive etc. And she does go through the Black Widow act of showing her new lover photographs of her previous conquests, making no secret of how many are now actually dead. From then on until morning it's all a blur, almost literally, but then we get one of those blink-and-you'll miss it moments that used to be so frustrating before the advent of home multimedia setups. Anny is definitely on her back, spreadeagled and naked, no matter how briefly her business parts are in shot.

Tags: full-frontal, seductress, socks


Sottozero Sottozero Sottozero Sottozero Sottozero

Caramelle da uno sconosciuto (Franco Ferrini, Italy, 1987) (as Monica aged 32)

Una tenera storia (Joe D'Amato, Italy, 1992) (as Karen aged 37)

Piazza di Spagna (Italy, 1993) (as Ismene aged 38)

Capri S03E03: Episode #3.3 (Dario Acocella, 2010) (aged 55)

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