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Marly Palauro

Reviews and pictures of actress Marly Palauro naked in "O Inseto do Amor" and "Reformatório das Depravadas".
Marly Palauro

Country: Brazil

No spaghetti-armed waif, Marly was born to play the role of a prison wardress. Later in her career she was actually reduced to playing at least one hardcore part.


# Reformatório das Depravadas (Ody Fraga, Brazil, 1978) (featuring Marly Palauro as Wardress) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Márcia Fraga, Nicole Puzzi, Novani Novakoski, Teca Klauss, Lucy Mafra, Mii Saki, Patrícia Scalvi, Neide Ribeiro, Lola Brah, Jussara Menezes, Roque Rodrigues and Tânia di Franco

Marly Palauro in Reformatório das Depravadas

Marly's greatest role was as the intimidating wardress in Ody Fraga's comic WiP classic, accompanied here by music from Carl Orff. She isn't actually nude in this film, though this compilation features brief nudity from Nicole Puzzi and Lucy Mafra.

Tags: catfight, masturbation, petting, violator, violence, wet-clothes


Reformatório das Depravadas Reformatório das Depravadas Reformatório das Depravadas Reformatório das Depravadas

Fugitivas Insaciáveis (Oswaldo de Oliveira, Brazil, 1978)

Diário de Uma Prostituta (Edward Freund, Brazil, 1979)

Mundo-mercado do Sexo (José Mojica Marins, Brazil, 1979)

A Filha de Emmanuelle (Oswaldo de Oliveira, Brazil, 1980)

A Prisão (Oswaldo de Oliveira, Brazil, 1980) (as Atores Coadjuvantes)

# O Inseto do Amor (Fauzi Mansur, Brazil, 1980) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Angelina Muniz, Rossana Ghessa, Nadia Destro, Zélia Diniz, Claudete Joubert, Fátima Fonseca, Alvamar Taddei, Mii Saki, Helena Ramos, Serafim Gonzalez, Joffre Soares and Carlos Kurt

Marly Palauro in O Inseto do Amor

An embarrassing experience for a hotel chambermaid when one of the guests turns out to suffer from intermittent x-ray eyes.

Tags: chambermaid, clothes-magicked-off, full-frontal


O Inseto do Amor O Inseto do Amor O Inseto do Amor

As Prostitutas do Dr. Alberto (Alfredo Sternheim, Brazil, 1981)

Cassino das Bacanais (Ary Fernandes, Brazil, 1981)

As Taras das Sete Aventureiras (Custódio Gomes, Brazil, 1983)

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