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Anna Dymna

Reviews and pictures of actress Anna Dymna naked in "Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny" and "Dolina Issy".
Anna Dymna

Born: 1951   Country: Poland

Veteran of Polish film and theatre whose distinctive full-cheeked features, if they weren't quite so eager to form themselves into a smile, would make her the perfect choice to portray the innocent temptress.

Anna Dymna [ˈanna ˈdɨmna] (née Dziadyk [ˈd͡ʑadɨk]) (born July 20, 1951 in Legnica, Poland) is a Polish TV, film and theatre actress. Foundress of a charity foundation Mimo Wszystko (Against the Odds).   snippet from Wikipedia


Mistrz i Malgorzata S03E04: Malgorzata (as Malgorzata)

Diament radzy (Sylwester Checinski, Poland, 1971) (as Vandeleur's daughter aged 20)

Piec i pól bladego Józka (Henryk Kluba, Poland, 1971) (as Katarzyna aged 20)

Jak daleko stad, jak blisko (Tadeusz Konwicki, Poland, 1972) (as Unknown Girl aged 21)

Szerokiej drogi, kochanie (Andrzej Piotrowski, Poland, 1972) (as Gabrysia aged 21)

Die Schlüssel (Egon Günther, East Germany, 1972) (as Hanka aged 21)

150 na godzine (Wanda Jakubowska, Poland, 1972) (aged 21)

Janosik S01E05: Tancowali zbójnicy (1973) (as Klarysa aged 22)

Janosik S01E01: Pierwsze nauki (1973) (as Klarysa aged 22)

Janosik S01E07: Beczka okowity (1973) (as Klarysa aged 22)

Janosik S01E03: W obcej skórze (1973) (as Klarysa aged 22)

Janosik S01E04: Porwanie (1973) (as Klarysa aged 22)

Sekret (Roman Zaluski, Poland, 1973) (as Urszula - student aged 22)

Aus dem Leben eines Taugenichts (Celino Bleiweiß, East Germany, 1973) (as Die Schöne aged 22)

Droga (Poland, 1973) (aged 22)

Nie ma mocnych (Sylwester Checinski, Poland, 1974) (as Ania Pawlak aged 23)

Najwazniejszy dzien zycia S01E09: Karuzela (Ryszard Ber, 1974) (as Iwona aged 23)

Janosik (Jerzy Passendorfer, Poland, 1974) (as "Klarysa, count's daughter" aged 23)

Tredowata (Jerzy Hoffman, Poland, 1976) (as Melania Barska aged 25)

Okragly tydzien (Tadeusz Kijanski, Poland, 1977) (as Dragon aged 26)

Kochaj albo rzuc (Sylwester Checinski, Poland, 1977) (as Ania Pawlak aged 26)

Wesela nie bedzie (Waldemar Podgórski, Poland, 1978) (as Malgosia aged 27)

Pasja (Stanislaw Rózewicz, Poland, 1978) (as Magdalena Kaszycka aged 27)

Anton der Zauberer (Günter Reisch, East Germany, 1978) (as Liesel aged 27)

Do krwi ostatniej (Jerzy Hoffman, Poland, 1978) (aged 27)

Allegro barbaro (Miklós Jancsó, Hungary, 1979) (aged 28)

Magyar rapszódia (Miklós Jancsó, Hungary, 1979) (aged 28)

Królowa Bona (Poland, 1980) (aged 29)

Yvonne (Ingrid Sander, East Germany, 1980) (as Yvonne aged 29)

# Dolina Issy (Tadeusz Konwicki, Poland, 1982) (featuring Anna Dymna as Magdalena aged 31) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maria Pakulnis, Danuta Szaflarska, Ewa Wisniewska, Edward Dziewonski, Krzysztof Gosztyla, Jerzy Kamas, Jerzy Kryszak, Maciej Mazurkiewicz, Ewa Kuzyk-Florczak and Anna Juszkiewicz

Anna Dymna from Dolina Issy

An evocation of one of those pre-war pastoral idylls from a time when there were still people active who remembered them. The famously glorious Polish cinematography was starting to become just a wee bit chocolate-boxy by this time, but it's still a remarkably atmospheric and beautiful film.

The storyline is somewhat oblique (vague even) but this scene is in an international language. Anna has decided that today is the perfect day to leave the shelter of her favourite sylvan glade and bathe in the shallow and lazy waters without the encumberance of clothing. Wholesome and innocent in countenance she may be, but she wasn't born yesterday; before pulling her slip over her head she routinely checks no one is looking first. But did you spot the crucial error? Yep, she didn't look up. Every countrywoman should have this stencilled inside her frock: warning: small boys climb trees.


Anna Dymna in Dolina Issy Anna Dymna in Dolina Issy Anna Dymna in Dolina Issy Anna Dymna in Dolina Issy Anna Dymna in Dolina Issy

Znachor (Jerzy Hoffman, Poland, 1982) (as Maria Jolanta Wilczur aged 31)

# Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny (Janusz Majewski, Poland, 1983) (featuring Anna Dymna as Barbara Radziwillówna aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Bozena Adamek, Jerzy Zelnik, Aleksandra Slaska, Krzysztof Kolberger, Zdzislaw Kozien, Stanislaw Zatloka, Jerzy Trela, Boguslaw Sochnacki, Leonard Pietraszak and Franciszek Pieczka

Anna Dymna from Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny

Not many films begin with the embalming of the naked corpse of the female lead. This typically lavish Polish historical drama is one of them. Our hero King Zygmunt marries Elizabeth Habsburg (Bozena Adamek), a pretty but sickly and somewhat unsatisfactory young thing who suffers seizures on her wedding night.

Enter Anna as the eponymous noblewoman, with whom Zygmunt falls in love to all round societal scandal but eventually marries and crowns his queen, the lady dying shortly thereafter (hence the embalming scene - most of the story is told in flashback as the Queen's mummified body makes its long journey to her burial place). A confusing and morbid production, but for some people out there I'm sure that's a plus.

This clip is a compilation, beginning with the ritual embalming of Anna's naked body. Then there's a bath scene, and a bed scene with a short but very sweet bum shot. The final scene of the film is a happy ending (it's a guess mind but I reckon it's all in the hero's imagination), Anna's mummy being unwrapped on a lakeside by her younger self.


Anna Dymna in Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny Anna Dymna in Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny Anna Dymna in Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny Anna Dymna in Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny Anna Dymna in Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny

Na odsiecz Wiedniowi (Poland, 1983) (as Maria Kazimiera aged 32)

Dziady (Laco Adamik, Poland, 1983) (as Girl aged 32)

Ostrze na ostrze (Tadeusz Junak, Poland, 1983) (as Konstancja Zgurska aged 32)

Wedle wyroków twoich... (Jerzy Hoffman, Poland, 1984) (as Rachel / Martha aged 33)

Rycerze i rabusie S01E07: Milosc Piotra (1984) (as Konstancja Zgurska aged 33)

Przeznaczenie (Jacek Koprowicz, Poland, 1985) (as Hanna P. aged 34)

Osobisty pamietnik grzesznika przez niego samego spisany (Wojciech Has, Poland, 1986) (as Dominika aged 35)

Opowiesci Hollywoodu (Kazimierz Kutz, Poland, 1987) (as Helen Schwartz aged 36)

Schodami w góre, schodami w dól (Andrzej Domalik, Poland, 1988) (aged 37)

Dziewczynka z hotelu Excelsior (Antoni Krauze, Poland, 1988) (aged 37)

Pole niczyje (Poland, 1988) (as Witynska aged 37)

Tylko strach (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1993) (as Katarzyna Sosnowska aged 42)

Panna z mokra glowa (Kazimierz Tarnas, Poland, 1994) (as Zbyszek's mother aged 43)

Smierc jak kromka chleba (Kazimierz Kutz, Poland, 1994) (as Miner Józef's Wife aged 43)

Diabelska edukacja (Janusz Majewski, Germany, 1995) (as Mother aged 44)

Pestka (Krystyna Janda, Poland, 1995) (as Teresa aged 44)

Dama kameliowa (Jerzy Antczak, Poland, 1995) (as "Prudencja Duvernoy, Malgorzata's friend" aged 44)

Boza podszewka (Poland, 1997) (as Walunia aged 46)

Siedlisko (Poland, 1999) (as Marianna Kalinowska aged 48)

Duze zwierze (Jerzy Stuhr, Poland, 2000) (as Marysia Sawicka aged 49)

Wiedzmin (Marek Brodzki, Poland, 2001) (as Nenneke aged 50)

Siedem dalekich rejsów (Marcin Ziebinski, Poland, 2001) (as Madame Kraal aged 50)

Wiedzmin (Poland, 2002) (aged 51)

Bez konca (Pawel Wysoczanski, Poland, 2003) (as Mummy aged 52)

Army of Valhalla (Jerzy Hoffman, Poland, 2003) (as Jaga aged 52)

Nasza ulica (Lukasz Palkowski, Poland, 2004) (as Janek's mother aged 53)

Skazany na bluesa (Jan Kidawa-Blonski, Poland, 2005) (as Gola's Mother aged 54)

S@motnosc w sieci (Witold Adamek, Poland, 2006) (as Natalia's mom aged 55)

Wieza (Agnieszka Trzos, Poland, 2007) (as Psychotherapist aged 56)

Odwróceni S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Jacek Filipiak, 2007) (as Mariola Zuk aged 56)

Odwróceni S01E09: Episode #1.9 (2007) (as Mariola Zuk aged 56)

Odwróceni S01E05: Episode #1.5 (2007) (as Mariola Zuk aged 56)

Odwróceni S01E11: Episode #1.11 (2007) (as Mariola Zuk aged 56)

Odwróceni S01E06: Episode #1.6 (2007) (as Mariola Zuk aged 56)

Odwróceni S01E04: Episode #1.4 (2007) (as Mariola Zuk aged 56)

Odwróceni S01E10: Episode #1.10 (2007) (as Mariola Zuk aged 56)

Milosc w przejsciu podziemnym (Janusz Majewski, Poland, 2007) (as Woman with gold glasses aged 56)

Doreczyciel (Poland, 2009) (as Hanna Gorzkowska aged 58)

Blondynka S01E09: Powrot Woltyzerki (2010) (as Ozogowa aged 59)

Blondynka S01E07: Pozegnanie snów (2010) (as Ozogowa aged 59)

Blondynka S01E13: Ósmy kolor teczy (2010) (as Ozogowa aged 59)

Lek wysokosci (Bartosz Konopka, Poland, 2011) (as Dr. Druch aged 60)

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