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Pemi Zouni

A review and pictures of actress Pemi Zouni naked in "Apousies".
Pemi Zouni

Born: 1956   Country: Greece

Theatre and film actress with an elegant and mature Mediterranean beauty.


Akrivi mou Sofia (as Kyveli)

Megaloi Ellines (as Herself)

Epifaneia (as Eva)

Giannis kai Maria (as Maria)

Kleise ta matia (as Maria)

Gynaikes (as Sofia)

Oi filenades

Vammenos ilios

I gynaika sti monoprakti komodia

I prova tou nyfikou (as Matina)

Oi dikigoroi tis Athinas

O gamos (Lefteris Xanthopoulos, 1984) (aged 28)

Rantevou (Georgia Panoutsopoulou, 1984) (aged 28)

Axehastes vradies (Kiriakos Agelakos, 1984) (as Zoi aged 28)

Mia toso makryni apousia (Stavros Tsiolis, 1985) (as Alexandra aged 29)

Oi palioi mas filoi : Thodoros Papadopoulos - Apostolos Hatzihristos: Vioi paralliloi  (Kostas Avgeris, 1985) (aged 29)

Itan enas isyhos thanatos (Frieda Liappa, 1986) (as Anna aged 30)

# Apousies (Giorgos Katakouzinos, 1987) (featuring Pemi Zouni as Maria aged 31) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Themis Bazaka, Katerina Sarri, Nikitas Tsakiroglou, Maria Konstadarou, Nikos Tzogias, Elena Nathanail, Amalia Giza, Noni Mihailidou, Alexandros Papayannis and Konstantinos Paliatsaras

Pemi Zouni from Apousies

Elegantly staged Greek drama set in the early 20th century starring Pemi as the middle of three orphaned and unmarried bourgeois sisters forced to make their own way in the world.

A typical motif of this type of melodrama is one of the women having the sort of repressed sexuality that makes her stand naked in front of her bedroom mirror half the evening staring at her breasts. In bad cases she will feel compelled to walk to the window starkers too. The final stages of such obsessions will have the lady following the housemaid down to the stables at midnight, and clutching herself between her legs while watching the girl shagged by the groom. And yes Pemi is one of these terminal cases.

Another typical motif of this type of melodrama is the old maid so desperate to get away from the household she is willing to marry a much older, richer, and if she's honest with herself thoroughly unsuitable man. And yes Pemi lands herself with a very unsuitable cove indeed. This middle-aged fellow of stiffly military bearing takes her on a date to a brothel, where they watch a live show through a magic mirror, whereafter Pemi is undressed by a chambermaid and led to the bed. The twist in the tail must have left her with a sinking feeling to say the very least...

Clip 1

Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies

Clip 2

Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies Pemi Zouni in Apousies

Kleisto kykloma (Nikos Giannopoulos, 1989) (as Stefi aged 33)

I zoi kai to ergo tis Melpos Axioti (Gay Aggeli, 1989) (as Narrator aged 33)

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Kokkinos kyklos S01E02: Kathodos  (Christos Dimas, 2000) (as Christina Parisi aged 44)

Oi tourtes tou misous (Dimitris Kitsikoudis, 2000) (aged 44)

Mia yperohi mera (Dinos Mavroeidis, 2003) (aged 47)

Foni Aigaiou (Lydia Carras, 2004) (as Narrator (voice) aged 48)

To kokkino domatio S01E13: Mia nyhta stin Athina  (2005) (aged 49)

Telos hronou (Ian Kementsetsidis, 2010) (aged 54)

Dinos Katsouridis: Mia zoi san cinema (Isavella Mavraki, 2012) (aged 56)

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