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Krista Nell

A review and pictures of actress Krista Nell naked in "Prostituzione".
Krista Nell

Born: 1946   Country: Austria

Vivacious, shameless and very busy starlet of the lesser kind of early 'seventies Italian genre film, Krista's life was cut tragically short by illness.

Krista Nell (1946–1975) was an Austrian film actress. Born Doris Kristanel, Krista Nell debuted in French cinema, then moved to Rome where became a minor starlet in Italian genre films, especially spaghetti westerns and commedie sexy all'italiana. Her last film was The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance in which she was supposed to be the main actress, but, because of her physical conditions, she turned in a secondary role. Nell died by leukemia at 28 on June 19, 1975. She was the companion of actor Ettore Manni.   snippet from Wikipedia

Mr. Skin has a page for Krista - click here for more of her pics & clips!


The Madman (Jean-Luc Godard, France, 1965) (aged 19)

Riviera Police S01E01: Who Can Catch a Falling Star? (Ian Fordyce, 1965) (as Anna Corelli aged 19)

Ready, Steady, Go! S02E49: Episode #2.49 (1965) (as Herself aged 19)

L'affare Beckett (Osvaldo Civirani, France, 1966) (as Paulette aged 20)

La bourse et la vie (Jean-Pierre Mocky, Italy, 1966) (as Geneviève aged 20)

Massacre of Pleasure (Jean-Pierre Bastid, Luxembourg, 1966) (as Marion aged 20)

Frontera al sur (José Luis Merino, Italy, 1967) (as Eva aged 21)

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru (Lindsay Shonteff, UK, 1967) (as Zoe aged 21)

Spara, Gringo, spara (Bruno Corbucci, Italy, 1968) (aged 22)

Uno di più all'inferno (Giovanni Fago, Italy, 1968) (aged 22)

Le guerillero ou celui qui n'y croyait pas (Antoine d'Ormesson, Italy, 1969) (as Juanita - la femme d'un guerillero aged 23)

Un corpo caldo per l'inferno (Franco Montemurro, Italy, 1969) (as Greta Nielsen aged 23)

Eros e Thanatos (Marino Girolami, Italy, 1969) (aged 23)

Tarzán en la gruta del oro (Manuel Caño, Spain, 1969) (as Mary aged 23)

La banda de los tres crisantemos (Ignacio F. Iquino, Spain, 1970) (as Marilyn aged 24)

Versatile Lovers (Pierre Chenal, France, 1970) (as Christine aged 24)

Arrivano Django e Sartana... è la fine (Italy, 1970) (as Cleo aged 24)

Ombre roventi (Mario Caiano, Italy, 1970) (aged 24)

Las amantes del diablo (José María Elorrieta, Spain, 1971) (as Hilda Salas aged 25)

La spada normanna (Roberto Mauri, Italy, 1971) (as Brenda aged 25)

Blindman (Ferdinando Baldi, Italy, 1971) (aged 25)

Quelle sporche anime dannate (Luigi Batzella, Italy, 1971) (as Cora aged 25)

Uccidi Django... uccidi per primo!!! (Sergio Garrone, Italy, 1971) (as Julia -Amante di Burton- aged 25)

Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile (Roberto Bianchi Montero, Italy, 1972) (as Renata aged 26)

Sexy Sinners (Marino Girolami, Italy, 1972) (aged 26)

La rossa dalla pelle che scotta (Renzo Russo, Italy, 1972) (as The Subservient Doll aged 26)

L'amico del padrino (Frank Agrama, Italy, 1972) (as Layla aged 26)

Le calde notti del Decameron (Gian Paolo Callegari, Italy, 1972) (aged 26)

Decameroticus (Giuliano Biagetti, Italy, 1972) (as Isabella aged 26)

Decameron II (Mino Guerrini, Italy, 1972) (aged 26)

Roman Scandals '73 (Mario Sequi, Italy, 1972) (as Laura aged 26)

Sei iellato, amico hai incontrato Sacramento (Giorgio Cristallini, Italy, 1972) (as Evelyn aged 26)

La colt era il suo Dio (Italy, 1972) (aged 26)

La prima notte di quiete (Valerio Zurlini, Italy, 1972) (aged 26)

Mamma... li turchi! (Renato Savino, Italy, 1973) (as Baroness aged 27)

Le amorose notti di Ali Baba (Luigi Latini de Marchi, Italy, 1973) (as Yashira aged 27)

Delitto d'autore (Mario Sabatini, Italy, 1974) (as Sonia aged 28)

# Prostituzione (Rino Di Silvestro, Italy, 1974) (featuring Krista Nell as Immacolata Mussomecci aged 28) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Orchidea de Santis, Gabriella Lepori, Maria Fiore, Elio Zamuto, Magda Konopka, Andrea Scotti, Liana Trouche, Paolo Giusti, Cristina Gaioni and Gianrico Tondinelli

Krista Nell from Prostituzione

The first question you'll want to ask about this clip is 'Where can I buy the official soundtrack?'; it really is a funky and distinctive little number (or at least this bit is), like Emanuelle in Bangkok all over again. Krista plays a street prostitute of the higher grade; she's wearing some sort of mourning gear as pick-up bait. Apparently she targets the sort of sat-upon middle-aged man whose mother isn't actually dead, but ought to be.

Safely ensconced in the punter's dreary flat Krista performs a little striptease - not all the way though the little tease. At first confined to his armchair, our callow hero is eventually allowed to help a little with the stockings before the tart disappears into the bathroom for final preparations leaving him red in the face already.

So what does she do as soon as the door's safely locked behind her? Start plotting to rip the guy off that's what! She's not even subtle about it, talking aloud and even adding a little flourish with her forearm (almost a fist pump!) to rub it in. That's the trouble with street prostitutes - no morals. No wonder there's such a demand for 'thrillers' where they get themselves bumped off.

Tags: mirror, prostitute, striptease, voyeur


Krista Nell in Prostituzione Krista Nell in Prostituzione Krista Nell in Prostituzione Krista Nell in Prostituzione Krista Nell in Prostituzione

La sanguisuga conduce la danza (Alfredo Rizzo, Italy, 1975) (as Cora aged 29)

Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Krista - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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