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Anna Marie Gutierrez

A review and pictures of actress Anna Marie Gutierrez naked in "Unfaithful Wife".
Anna Marie Gutierrez

Country: Philippines

Fragile Filipina who gave up her vocation as a nurse to be a sex kitten in the movies, playing her roles with more than the usual emotion and subtlety.

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Tembong (J. Erastheo Navoa, Philippines, 1980)

John \u0026 Marsha '80 (Ading Fernando, Philippines, 1980)

Dolphy's Angels (Luis San Juan, Philippines, 1980) (as Rowena)

The Quick Brown Fox (Jett C. Espiritu, Philippines, 1980)

Mr. One-Two-Three Part 2 (Mike Relon Makiling, Philippines, 1981)

Stariray (Romy Villaflor, Philippines, 1981)

Cuatro y medya (J. Erastheo Navoa, Philippines, 1981)

Hinahamon kita (Leonardo L. Garcia, Philippines, 1982)

Mr. Wong Meets Jesse \u0026 James (Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao, Philippines, 1982)

Kumander Kris (Nilo Saez, Philippines, 1982)

Batang ilocos sur (Teody P. Recio, Philippines, 1982)

Bin mei (Pak Tong Cheuk, Hong Kong, 1982)

Dancing Master 2: Macao Connection (Frank Gray Jr., Philippines, 1982)

Tokwa't Baboy (Jose 'Pepe' Wenceslao, Philippines, 1982)

The Fighting Mayor (Arturo San Agustin, Philippines, 1983)

Pedro Tunasan (Celso Ad. Castillo, Philippines, 1983)

Kickouts (Deo Fajardo Jr., Philippines, 1983)

Kilabot sa bilis at tapang (Leo Valdez, Philippines, 1983)

W (Willy Milan, Philippines, 1983) (as W2 s Wife)

Atsay Killer (Angel Labra, Philippines, 1983) (as Maya)

Dragon's Quest (Celso Ad. Castillo, Philippines, 1983)

Over My Dead Body (Arsenio Bautista, Philippines, 1983) (as Lisa)

Pepeng karbin (Philip San Jose, Philippines, 1984)

Harot (Anthony Taylor, Philippines, 1984)

Sendong Sungkit (Arturo San Agustin, Philippines, 1984)

Take Home Girls (Boots Plata, Philippines, 1984)

Dagta (Joey Del Rosario, Philippines, 1984)

Bedtime Story (Anthony Taylor, Philippines, 1984)

Manoy, hindi ka na makakaisa (Philippines, 1985)

Scorpio Nights (Peque Gallaga, Philippines, 1985) (as Security Guard s Wife)

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Climax (Anthony Taylor, Philippines, 1985)

Mga babaeng rehas (Ron Gallardo Pablo, Philippines, 1985)

Bawal: Malaswa (Anthony Taylor, Philippines, 1986)

# Unfaithful Wife (Peque Gallaga, Philippines, 1986) (featuring Anna Marie Gutierrez as Irene) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Michael De Mesa, Joel Torre, Romy Romulo, Arbie Antonio, Pen Medina, Eugene Enriquez, Mario Taguiwalo, Abbo De La Cruz, Betty Mae Piccio, Lala Montelibano, Reggie Molina and Jethro Liwanag

Anna Marie Gutierrez in Unfaithful Wife

Anna plays the title role in this uneven but sometimes impressive Philippine melodrama. Her husband is a blameless-enough bar owner, except for when he's wearing his glasses which make him look like a Bangkok sex offender. Probably her motive then; imagine being seen in public with someone like that.

We find Anna in the shower - always the first place to look for a Filipina girl. It's not a happy occasion as she appears to be suffering a miscarriage, which would fit in with the preceding pillow-talk indicating a blissfully happy immediate future for the childless young couple. So who's the girl dancing to the pop music then? It's teen starlet Lala Montelibano, a trouble-magnet waitress. She makes a habit of interrupting even the most solemn occasions in an incredibly loud and jarring way. Her best scenes (involving shampoo bottles, giant hotdogs etc.) are too impossibly scandalous to include here. She'd have been edited out of this scene too but it would leave the musical accompaniment to events in the shower not just incongruous but positively surreal.

Later we have the big seduction scene, not very revealing but so nicely done it's worth seeing at length. The shabby hungover looking chap has not long ago lost his wife, so kind-hearted Anna is feeling more sorry for him than she really ought. He is however 'hard work' as they say, and she has to set about him as if she were coaxing a reluctant Labrador on its bath night.

After the first kiss the sparks start flying - literally, because a thunderstorm rolls up. The atmosphere has turned from melodrama to noir, and almost to gothic; in fact it would have been gothic if that drawing at the foot of the stairs had been a bit better. The scene was originally intercut with the grisly bottle-rape murder of the dratted Lala, and it's in her tackily-adorned bedroom that the seduction has its climax. Which will lead to complications for everyone later of course...

Tags: seductress, sex, shower, sleeping, tearful, washing

Clip 1

Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife

Clip 2

Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife Unfaithful Wife

Huwag pamarisan: Kulasisi (Nilo Saez, Philippines, 1986)

Takaw tukso (William Pascual, Philippines, 1986)

Gabi na, kumander (Pepe Marcos, Philippines, 1986) (as Kumander Magdalena)

Di maghilom ang sugat (William Pascual, Philippines, 1986) (as Minda)

Magkayakap sa magdamag (Nilo Saez, Philippines, 1986)

Getting Better (Robin Jacob, Philippines, 1987) (as Self)

Pakawala (Anthony Taylor, Philippines, 1987)

Hubad na pangarap (Abbo De La Cruz, Philippines, 1987) (as Nelia)

Pakwela (Philippines, 1987)

APO Plus (Robin Jacob, Philippines, 1988) (as Self)

For Y'ur Height Only (Eddie Nicart, Philippines, 2009) (as Anna)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Anna - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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