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Yekaterina Maksimova

A review and pictures of actress Yekaterina Maksimova naked in "Fuete".
Yekaterina Maksimova

Born: 1939   Country: Soviet Union

A renowned ballerina with the Bolshoi and others, she was especially noted for her roles in ballets staged for film and television.


The Bolshoi Ballet (Charles S. Dubin, USA)

Khrustalnyy bashmachok Zolushki (Aleksandr Rou, Soviet Union, 1961) (as Vesna aged 22)

Sekret uspekha (Leonid Lavrovsky, Soviet Union, 1965) (aged 26)

Le grand échiquier: S01E04 (Jacques Brialy, 1972) (as Herself aged 33)

Le grand échiquier Yves Montand (André Flédérick, 1973) (as Herself aged 34)

Ma-ma (Elisabeta Bostan, Romania, 1976) (as Ballet dancer aged 37)

Galateya (Aleksandr Belinsky, Soviet Union, 1977) (as Eliza Doolittle aged 38)

The Nutcracker (Yelena Macheret, Soviet Union, 1977) (as Masha aged 38)

Staroye tango (Aleksandr Belinsky, Soviet Union, 1979) (aged 40)

Zhigolo i Zhigoletta (Aleksandr Belinsky, Soviet Union, 1980) (aged 41)

Anyuta (Aleksandr Belinsky, Soviet Union, 1982) (aged 43)

La traviata (Franco Zeffirelli, Netherlands, 1983) (as Dancer aged 44)

Champs-Elysées Episode dated 25 June 1983 (Françoise Boulain, 1983) (as Herself aged 44)

Chapliniana (Aleksandr Belinsky, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 48)

The Nutcracker (Yelena Macheret, Soviet Union, 1987) (as Maria aged 48)

# Fuete (Vladimir Vasilev, Soviet Union, 1987) (featuring Yekaterina Maksimova aged 48) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Vladimir Vasilev, Natalya Bolshakova, Angelina Kabarova, Valentin Gaft, Yelena Dmitriyeva, Konstantin Zaklinsky, Alla Osipenko, Olga Samoshina, Aristarkh Livanov, Svyatoslav Kuznetsov, Mariya Bergolts and Yevgeni Kolobov

Yekaterina Maksimova in Fuete

A fascinating look at the pressures behind the scenes of the Russian ballet as celebrated dancer Yekaterina, her body wearing out, and beset by backbiting and meddling bureaucrats, realises her time at the top is up.

We find out that no matter how dainty the ballerina, she still shuffles to the bathroom in her pyjamas in the morning just like an ordinary mortal. Yekaterina spends a lot of time under the shower, to the point where her splendidly big and hairy dog has learnt to sit ready and waiting outside the door with a pair of her ballet shoes in his mouth.

The lifestyle seems to involve a fair bit of undressing amongst its participants as a whole, though seen somewhat coyly here (it pays to double check the mirrors). When Yekaterina walks into the sauna the girls squeal delightedly as if it's that dratted troop of Boy Scouts again! All in all a rare cultural treat, especially if the last time you saw a ballerina naked was in a Joe D'Amato film stroking (ahem) a Shetland pony.

Tags: massage, see-thru, shower, spa


Fuete Fuete Fuete Fuete Fuete

Katia et Volodia (Dominique Delouche, France, 1989) (as Herself aged 50)

Klassnaya dama (Aleksandr Belinsky, Russia, 1995) (as Natalya Davydovna aged 56)

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