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Alejandra Aquino

A review and pictures of actress Alejandra Aquino naked in "La clínica del Dr. Cureta".
Alejandra Aquino

Country: Argentina

Lively Argentine showgirl and occasional actress famous for her large, firm and shapely rump; she went on to become a covergirl for Weight-Watchers magazine.


Pelito S01E01: Episode #1.1

La playa del amor (Adolfo Aristarain, Argentina, 1980)

A los cirujanos se les va la mano (Hugo Sofovich, Argentina, 1980)

Los viernes de la eternidad (Héctor Olivera, Argentina, 1981)

Las mujeres son cosa de guapos (Hugo Sofovich, Argentina, 1981)

Amante para dos (Hugo Sofovich, Argentina, 1981) (as María Rosa)

Luz - Cama - Accion (Hugo Sofovich, Argentina, 1982) (as Luz la maquilladora )

Los fierecillos se divierten (Enrique Carreras, Argentina, 1983) (as Julia)

Camarero nocturno en Mar del Plata (Gerardo Sofovich, Argentina, 1986) (as Pochita)

Me sobra un marido (Gerardo Sofovich, Argentina, 1987)

# La clínica del Dr. Cureta (Alberto Fischerman, Argentina, 1987) (featuring Alejandra Aquino as Paciente sexy) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Soledad Silveyra, Gianni Lunadei, Camila Perissé, Tina Serrano, Carlos Moreno, Arturo Maly, Juan Manuel Tenuta, Maurice Jouvet, Ricardo Bauleo, Edda Bustamante, Victoria Shocrón and Mario Alarcón

Alejandra Aquino in La clínica del Dr. Cureta

Uninspired hospital-set comedy from Argentina in which Alejandra is seen visiting the doctor. I must say she's a model patient; when the doctor asks you where it hurts ladies, don't tell him, save everybody's time and point. Actually I diagnosed Alejandra from here in my armchair as soon as she let her dress fall down: incipient steatopygia. But this quack spins things out with the usual routine of getting her on the couch for 'what we doctors call an invasive procedure', but nothing more startling happens so we'll cut it short there.

This clip is really just an excuse to tag on a studio photoshoot of nubile girls playing roller hockey then stripping off and jumping on some portly chap who has done nothing to earn it. Probably it's a fundraiser for a kidney machine or something. But where do filmmakers get the inspiration to jam in this stuff? In this case I can tell you because they put that in the film as well: from leching at college girls playing roller hockey in the park.

Tags: group, posing, seductress, sport, undressing


La clínica del Dr. Cureta La clínica del Dr. Cureta La clínica del Dr. Cureta La clínica del Dr. Cureta La clínica del Dr. Cureta

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