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Indra Brike

A review and pictures of actress Indra Brike naked in "Dzivite".
Indra Brike

Born: 1957   Country: Latvia

A stage actress whose solid blonde beauty served her well when she moved to screen roles.

Indra's stills gallery

Indra in Destiny
Destiny (1989)
Indra in Destiny
Destiny (1989)


Zobena ena (Imants Krenbergs, Soviet Union, 1976) (as Maija aged 19)

# Dzivite (Aivars Freimanis, Soviet Union, 1990) (featuring Indra Brike as Darta aged 33) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Valdemars Zandbergs, Leonîds Grabovskis, Velta Line, Gundars Abolins, Maija Apine, Haralds Ulmanis, Juris Bartkevics, Ivars Brakovskis, Dace Eversa, Ingmars Freimanis, Alvis Hermanis and Peteris Korsaks

Indra Brike in Dzivite

Biopic about 19th century Latvian folklorist Krishjanis Baron who dedicated his life to the collection and preservation of folk songs. A worthy subject for some attractive photography in the chocolate-boxy style.

Perhaps for no better reason than to show he wasn't just an industrious scholar but an all-round good egg who still found time to attend to his domestic responsibilities we have this short scene depicting his young wife's bath night. 'So that's you finished', says our man with grim satisfaction, 'now where's that sister of yours hiding?'.

I'm not certain she has a sister actually, let alone one who looks so much alike, but there were two such scenes for no clear reason, and when I can't follow the storyline I feel free to make the best of things.

The story continues in its prettified but unimaginative way with a wedding night defloration scene. One which carries on I was pleased to see all the way through to the lovely Indra laying the breakfast table. There's a delightful moment spotlighting the happy young couple's shyness: 'I promise to stop peeping', says the distinguished curator of the folk poetry of a nation, 'if you promise to come away from the window'.

Tags: bath, bride, first-time, soap-suds, tin-tub, window

Clip 1

Dzivite Dzivite Dzivite Dzivite Dzivite

Clip 2

Dzivite Dzivite Dzivite Dzivite Dzivite

Walsis muza garuma (Dzidra Ritenberga, Soviet Union, 1990) (aged 33)

Cilpa (Imants Krenbergs, Soviet Union, 1991) (as Karina Alpa aged 34)

Sauja lozu (Una Celma, Latvia, 2002) (aged 45)

Negribu, negribu, negribu!... (Lauris Gundars, Latvia, 2003) (aged 46)

Rigas sargi (Aigars Grauba, Latvia, 2007) (as Countess aged 50)

Try On (Aleksandrs Rusevics, Latvia, 2010) (aged 53)

Mammu, es Tevi milu (Janis Nords, Latvia, 2014) (as Petera mamma aged 57)

Es esmu seit (Renars Vimba, Latvia, 2016) (aged 59)

Thanks, Man! (Peteris Rozitis, Latvia, 2016) (as Ginta aged 59)

Kholodnoe tango (Pavel Chukhray, Russia, 2017) (as Peasant s Wife aged 60)

Ar Putam uz Lupam (Janis Nords, Latvia, 2017) (as Mother aged 60)

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