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Ann Smyrner

A review and pictures of actress Ann Smyrner naked in "Warum hab ich bloß 2 x ja gesagt?".
Ann Smyrner

Born: 1934   Country: Denmark

A well-formed blonde Danish import popular in German B-movies of the 'sixties.

Ann Smyrner (born 3 November 1934) is a Danish actress who was active in the 1960s in Italy, the USA, Austria and West Germany. She played in adventure, comedy, science fiction, crime, and horror movies, among which are the Sidney Pink science fiction movies Reptilicus and Journey to the Seventh Planet (both 1962). Ann Smyrner spent most of her screen career in Germany. After she retired from acting in 1971, she moved to Spain because, as she stated in a 2001 interview, "Both the country and its people are too cold and boring." Smyrner is the daughter of Danish stage actor Poul Smyrner.  snippet from Wikipedia


Von allen geliebt (Paul Verhoeven, West Germany, 1957) (as Cora Fürst aged 23)

Lilli - ein Mädchen aus der Großstadt (Hermann Leitner, West Germany, 1958) (aged 24)

Das große Messer (Franz Josef Wild, West Germany, 1959) (as Dixie Evans aged 25)

Hier bin ich - hier bleib' ich (Werner Jacobs, West Germany, 1959) (as Karin aged 25)

Drillinge an Bord (Hans Müller, West Germany, 1959) (as Rita aged 25)

Mit 17 weint man nicht (Alfred Vohrer, West Germany, 1960) (as Susa Petersen aged 26)

Himmel, Amor und Zwirn (Ulrich Erfurth, West Germany, 1960) (as Gerti aged 26)

Il peccato degli anni verdi (Leopoldo Trieste, Italy, 1960) (as Martina aged 26)

Die Insel der Amazonen (Otto Meyer, West Germany, 1960) (as Liz aged 26)

Der Traum des Mr. Borton (Anton Schelkopf, West Germany, 1960) (as Amy Glover aged 26)

Pension Schöller (Georg Jacoby, West Germany, 1960) (as Erika aged 26)

Frau Cheneys Ende (Franz Josef Wild, Switzerland, 1961) (as Boubou aged 27)

Reptilicus (Sidney W. Pink, Denmark, 1961) (as Lise Martens aged 27)

Unerwartet verschied... (Kurt Horwitz, West Germany, 1961) (as Jane aged 27)

Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett (Franz Antel, Austria, 1962) (as Marion Keyser aged 28)

Das haben die Mädchen gern (Kurt Nachmann, Austria, 1962) (as Helga aged 28)

Drei Liebesbriefe aus Tirol (Werner Jacobs, Austria, 1962) (as Linda Borg aged 28)

Journey to the Seventh Planet (Sidney W. Pink, USA, 1962) (as Ingrid aged 28)

Romanze in Venedig (Eduard von Borsody, Austria, 1962) (as Andrea von Bruggern aged 28)

Das Mädchen und der Staatsanwalt (Jürgen Goslar, West Germany, 1962) (as Monika Pinkus aged 28)

Storm Over Ceylon (Italy, 1963) (as Helga Ferlach aged 29)

Piccadilly null Uhr zwölf (Rudolf Zehetgruber, West Germany, 1963) (as Ruth Morgan aged 29)

Wochentags immer (Michael Burk, West Germany, 1963) (as Gwendolyn aged 29)

Die schwarze Kobra (Rudolf Zehetgruber, Austria, 1963) (as Alexa Bergmann aged 29)

Frühstück im Doppelbett (Axel von Ambesser, West Germany, 1963) (as Claudia Westorp aged 29)

Holiday in St. Tropez (Ernst Hofbauer, West Germany, 1964) (as Heidi Kirschmann aged 30)

Das Haus der Schlangen S01E01: Erster Teil (Géza von Cziffra, 1964) (as Elinor Rathburn aged 30)

Das Haus der Schlangen S01E05: Fünfter Teil (Géza von Cziffra, 1964) (as Elinor Rathburn aged 30)

Das Haus der Schlangen S01E02: Zweiter Teil (Géza von Cziffra, 1964) (as Elinor Rathburn aged 30)

Das Haus der Schlangen S01E04: Vierter Teil (Géza von Cziffra, 1964) (as Elinor Rathburn aged 30)

Das Haus der Schlangen S01E03: Dritter Teil (Géza von Cziffra, 1964) (as Elinor Rathburn aged 30)

Das Haus der Schlangen S01E06: Sechster Teil (Géza von Cziffra, 1964) (as Elinor Rathburn aged 30)

Das siebente Opfer (Franz Josef Gottlieb, West Germany, 1964) (as Avril Mant aged 30)

Code 7 Victim 5! (Robert Lynn, UK, 1964) (as Helga aged 30)

Heirate mich, Cherie (Axel von Ambesser, West Germany, 1964) (as Marianne aged 30)

Diamond Walkers (Paul Martin, South Africa, 1965) (as Karen Truter aged 31)

L'uomo di Toledo (Eugenio Martín, Italy, 1965) (as Doña Rosita aged 31)

Kommissar X - Drei gelbe Katzen (Austria, 1966) (as Babs Lincoln aged 32)

Sex in the Grass (Ernst Hofbauer, Austria, 1966) (as Stina aged 32)

Spielplatz (Wilm ten Haaf, West Germany, 1966) (as Judy aged 32)

Angélique et le roy (Bernard Borderie, France, 1966) (as Thérèse aged 32)

Heubodengeflüster (Rolf Olsen, West Germany, 1967) (as Dodo aged 33)

...4 ...3 ...2 ...1 ...morte (Primo Zeglio, Italy, 1967) (as Dr Sheridan aged 33)

House of a Thousand Dolls (Jeremy Summers, Spain, 1967) (as Marie Armstrong aged 33)

Kiedy milosc byla zbrodnia (Jan Rybkowski, Poland, 1968) (aged 34)

Un killer per sua maestà (Italy, 1968) (aged 34)

Paradies der flotten Sünder (West Germany, 1968) (as Laura aged 34)

Al di là della legge (Giorgio Stegani, Italy, 1968) (as Lola aged 34)

Weh' dem, der erbt (Georg Tressler, West Germany, 1969) (as Ehefrau aged 35)

Das Go-Go-Girl vom Blow Up (Rolf Olsen, West Germany, 1969) (as Wilma aged 35)

It Takes a Thief S03E03: The Beautiful People (Jeannot Szwarc, 1969) (as Lonnie Trevor aged 35)

Der Kommissar S01E02: Das Messer im Geldschrank (Wolfgang Becker, 1969) (as Marion aged 35)

Gut gefragt ist halb gewonnen S00E00: Bullen gegen Ganoven (1969) (as Herself aged 35)

# Warum hab ich bloß 2 x ja gesagt? (Franz Antel, West Germany, 1969) (featuring Ann Smyrner as Püppi aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Teri Tordai, Andrea Rau, Lando Buzzanca, Raffaella Carrà, Peter Weck, Jacques Herlin, Edith Hancke, Fritz Muliar, Rainer Basedow, Judith Dornys, Franco Giacobini and Barbara Zimmermann

Ann Smyrner in Warum hab ich bloß 2 x ja gesagt?

Something short and sweet from Ann in this old-fashioned German marital comedy. She is telling her best pal her recipe for day-long domestic bliss, beginning with breakfast time. The lesson evidently being, if you include a newspaper be sure to leave out the sports supplement.

Tags: housework


Warum hab ich bloß 2 x ja gesagt? Warum hab ich bloß 2 x ja gesagt? Warum hab ich bloß 2 x ja gesagt?

Das gelbe Haus am Pinnasberg (Alfred Vohrer, West Germany, 1970) (as Baronin aged 36)

11 Uhr 20 S01E02: Flucht in die Sahara (Wolfgang Becker, 1970) (aged 36)

11 Uhr 20 S01E01: Mord am Bosporus (Wolfgang Becker, 1970) (as Helga aged 36)

FBI - Francesco Bertolazzi investigatore S01E05: Labbra serate (Ugo Tognazzi, 1970) (as Chantal aged 36)

Zu dumm zum... (Henry van Lyck, West Germany, 1971) (as Clarissa aged 37)

Ore di terrore (Guido Leoni, Italy, 1971) (as Maria Daniels aged 37)

Tante Trude aus Buxtehude (Franz Josef Gottlieb, West Germany, 1971) (as Loni Martell aged 37)

Die Fälle des Herrn Konstantin S01E07: Palace-Hotel (Wilm ten Haaf, 1974) (as Karin Gravilo aged 40)

Die Fälle des Herrn Konstantin S01E08: Monsieur Dubois (Wilm ten Haaf, 1974) (as Karin Gravilo aged 40)

Kreuzfahrt des Grauens (Christos Kefalas, Greece, 1978) (as Mary aged 44)

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