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Marita Böhme

A review and pictures of actress Marita Böhme naked in "Weil ich dich liebe".
Marita Böhme

Born: 1939   Country: East Germany

Handsome, solidly built stage actress and singer who became the cinematic embodiment of the East German feminine 'tractor driver with PhD' ideal.


Auf der Sonnenseite (Ralf Kirsten, East Germany, 1962) (as Ottilie Zinn aged 23)

Der Kinnhaken (Heinz Thiel, East Germany, 1962) (as Rose aged 23)

Das Stacheltier - Man lernt nie aus (Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany, 1962) (as Barbara aged 23)

Minna von Barnhelm (Martin Hellberg, East Germany, 1962) (as Minna von Barnhelm aged 23)

...und deine Liebe auch (Frank Vogel, East Germany, 1962) (as Fürsorgerin aged 23)

Was halten Sie von Musik? (Wernfried Hübel, East Germany, 1962) (as Eva aged 23)

Karbid und Sauerampfer (Frank Beyer, East Germany, 1963) (as Karla aged 24)

Ein Mann und sein Schatten (Gerhard Respondek, East Germany, 1963) (aged 24)

Das Stacheltier - Pfui Teufelchen! (Bodo Schmidt, East Germany, 1963) (as HO-Verkäuferin aged 24)

Beschreibung eines Sommers (Ralf Kirsten, East Germany, 1963) (as Regine aged 24)

Lots Weib (Egon Günther, East Germany, 1965) (as Katrin Lot aged 26)

Der Reserveheld (Wolfgang Luderer, East Germany, 1965) (as Susanne aged 26)

Poker zu dritt (Dimitri Dimitroff, East Germany, 1965) (as Miss Kettler aged 26)

Flucht ins Schweigen (Siegfried Hartmann, East Germany, 1966) (as Helga Klink aged 27)

Kinder der Sonne (Fritz Göhler, East Germany, 1967) (as Lisa aged 28)

Laurencia (Martin Eckermann, East Germany, 1967) (as Laurencia aged 28)

Leben zu zweit (Herrmann Zschoche, East Germany, 1968) (as Karin Werner aged 29)

Kriminalfälle ohne Beispiel S01E03: Die Dominas-Bande (1968) (as Lucy Balk aged 29)

Ihr letztes Rendezvous (Norbert Büchner, East Germany, 1969) (as Leutnant Eva Vogel aged 30)

Gospodin Nikoy (Ivan Terziev, Bulgaria, 1969) (as Vivian aged 30)

Androklus und der Löwe (Kurt Jung-Alsen, East Germany, 1969) (as Lavinia aged 30)

# Weil ich dich liebe (Helmut Brandis, East Germany, 1970) (featuring Marita Böhme as Dr. Ladenbach aged 31) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ursula Werner, Roman Wilhelmi, Günther Grabbert, Günther Simon, Marianne Wünscher, Helga Göring, Monika Däbritz, Kurt Goldstein, Hannelore Wüst, Heinz Gerlach, Hans Maikowski and Berndt Stübner

Marita Böhme in Weil ich dich liebe

The traditional pastoral idyll is updated to the age of the collective farm in this East German romantic comedy. A rugged young vet moves with his pretty young wife Ursula Werner to a large dairy farm and immediately starts a dalliance with fellow vet Marita. She's a confident outgoing woman to put it mildly, the sort who can walk into a communal shower full of naked young gentleman without batting an eyelid. It's easy to see why our hero is attracted, but still, married to the delectable Ursula and all you'd think he'd count his blessings...

This compilation begins in the cowsheds where the couple have just shared an intimate moment, taking it in turns with their arms up a cow's backside. The reward is a new-born calf, but if the price is for a man to leave his devoted wife wandering sadly alone in the dark and cold is it really worth it? Come summertime the two vets are at work out in the pastures, or are supposed to be at work out in the pastures, actually they're frolicking stark naked in the lake. Good clean fun, and I almost wish it was me (that woman splashes too much for my liking). If you're wondering why Marita hasn't spared her blushes by putting on her bathing costume, the answer is in a later scene where we watch her cutting a fine figure caught in a rainstorm. She simply doesn't like it very much: the colour clashes with her wellybobs.

Tags: skinny-dip


Weil ich dich liebe Weil ich dich liebe Weil ich dich liebe Weil ich dich liebe Weil ich dich liebe

Angebot aus Schenectady (Richard Groschopp, East Germany, 1971) (as Vera Lange aged 32)

Der Mann, der nach der Oma kam (Roland Oehme, East Germany, 1972) (as Gudrun Piesold aged 33)

Der kleine Kommandeur (Siegfried Hartmann, East Germany, 1973) (as Frau Krause aged 34)

Polizeiruf 110 S03E04: Freitag gegen Mitternacht (Werner Röwekamp, East Germany, 1973) (as Ilse Lorenz aged 34)

Visa für Ocantros (Kurt Jung-Alsen, East Germany, 1974) (as Paloma aged 35)

Beethoven - Tage aus einem Leben (Horst Seemann, East Germany, 1976) (as Konzertsängerin S aged 37)

Gefährliche Fahndung S01E06: Z-Zwei (Rainer Hausdorf, 1978) (as Christine aged 39)

Das Versteck (Frank Beyer, East Germany, 1978) (as Gertrud aged 39)

Polizeiruf 110 S08E01: Holzwege (Manfred Mosblech, East Germany, 1978) (as Claudia Freudenberg aged 39)

Ein Mann und seine Frau (Georg Schiemann, East Germany, 1979) (as Edith Wegner aged 40)

Asta, mein Engelchen (Roland Oehme, East Germany, 1981) (as Frau Gschwinder aged 42)

Polizeiruf 110 S11E04: Auftrag per Post (Hans-Joachim Hildebrandt, East Germany, 1981) (as Renate Siebert aged 42)

Rächer, Retter und Rapiere (East Germany, 1982) (aged 43)

Der Bastard S01E02: Zweiter Teil (Klaus Gendries, 1983) (as Sieglinde Engelhardt aged 44)

Der Bastard S01E01: Erster Teil (Klaus Gendries, 1983) (as Sieglinde Engelhardt aged 44)

Zeitzünder (Jens-Peter Proll, East Germany, 1984) (aged 45)

Ab heute erwachsen (Gunther Scholz, East Germany, 1985) (as Toilet woman aged 46)

Sachsens Glanz und Preußens Gloria: Brühl (Hans-Joachim Kasprzik, East Germany, 1985) (aged 46)

Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort S23E04: Ich werde dich nie verraten (Dagmar Wittmers, East Germany, 1987) (as Kaderleiterin aged 48)

Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort S23E03: Um jeden Preis (Bernd Böhlich, 1987) (as Frau Schwarz aged 48)

Der Eisenhans (Karl-Heinz Lotz, East Germany, 1988) (as 3 Hofdame aged 49)

Wenn du groß bist, lieber Adam (Egon Günther, East Germany, 1990) (as Konstantins Freundin aged 51)

Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort S26E05: Blonder Tiger, schwarzer Tango (Manfred Mosblech, Germany, 1990) (as Anna aged 51)

Polizeiruf 110 S25E01: Der Pferdemörder (Matti Geschonneck, Germany, 1996) (as Edith Reger aged 57)

Polizeiruf 110 S25E05: Der schlanke Tod (Thomas Jacob, Germany, 1996) (as Edith aged 57)

Polizeiruf 110 S25E02: Lauf oder stirb (Matti Geschonneck, Germany, 1996) (as Olga aged 57)

Une femme sur mesure (Detlef Rönfeldt, France, 1997) (as Irma aged 58)

Polizeiruf 110 S26E07: Heißkalte Liebe (Rolf Liccini, Germany, 1997) (as Edith aged 58)

Polizeiruf 110 S26E05: Die falsche Sonja (Thomas Jacob, Germany, 1997) (aged 58)

Polizeiruf 110 S27E08: Rot ist eine schöne Farbe (Peter Patzak, Germany, 1998) (as Edith Reger aged 59)

Polizeiruf 110 S27E03: Todsicher (Thomas Jacob, Germany, 1998) (as Edith Reger aged 59)

Polizeiruf 110 S27E09: Discokiller (Marco Serafini, Germany, 1998) (as Edith Reger aged 59)

Wolffs Revier S08E08: Der Totschläger (Christine Wiegand, Germany, 1999) (as Dr Schirmer aged 60)

Polizeiruf 110 S28E01: Sumpf (Marijan David Vajda, Germany, 1999) (as Edith Reger aged 60)

Polizeiruf 110 S28E05: Mordsfreunde (Rainer Bär, Germany, 1999) (as Edith Reger aged 60)

Polizeiruf 110 S29E01: Blutiges Eis (Dietmar Klein, Germany, 2000) (as Edith Reger aged 61)

Polizeiruf 110 S29E10: Tote erben nicht (Jan Ruzicka, Germany, 2000) (as Edith Reger aged 61)

Polizeiruf 110 S29E07: Bis zur letzten Sekunde (Bodo Fürneisen, Germany, 2000) (as Edith Reger aged 61)

Polizeiruf 110 S30E08: Kurschatten (Marco Serafini, Germany, 2001) (aged 62)

Polizeiruf 110 S30E05: Zerstörte Träume (Bodo Fürneisen, Germany, 2001) (as Edith Reger aged 62)

Polizeiruf 110 S30E02: Jugendwahn (Bodo Fürneisen, Germany, 2001) (as Edith Reger aged 62)

Langer Samstag S00E00: Der grosse Rolf-Herricht-Abend (2002) (as Herself aged 63)

Polizeiruf 110 S31E10: Angst um Tessa Bülow (Hans Werner, Germany, 2002) (as Edith Reger aged 63)

Polizeiruf 110 S31E03: Henkersmahlzeit (Hartmut Griesmayr, Germany, 2002) (as Edith Reger aged 63)

Polizeiruf 110 S31E04: Der Spieler (Jürgen Brauer, Germany, 2002) (aged 63)

Polizeiruf 110 S32E04: Kopf in der Schlinge (Hartmut Griesmayr, Germany, 2003) (as Edith Reger aged 64)

Polizeiruf 110 S32E06: Doktorspiele (Marco Serafini, Germany, 2003) (as Edith Reger aged 64)

In aller Freundschaft S07E42: ...Vater sein dagegen sehr (Mathias Luther, Germany, 2005) (aged 66)

Polizeiruf 110 S34E03: Heimkehr in den Tod (Karola Hattop, Germany, 2005) (as Edith Reger aged 66)

Polizeiruf 110 S34E07: Vollgas (Hartmut Griesmayr, Germany, 2005) (as Edith Reger aged 66)

Zibb S00E00: Episode dated 9 May 2006 (2006) (as Herself aged 67)

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