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Barbara Schnitzler

A review and pictures of actress Barbara Schnitzler naked in "Alle meine Mädchen".
Barbara Schnitzler

Born: 1953   Country: East Germany

Charmingly homely, with sharp blue eyes, Barbara was from an era when all the best East German lasses modelled themselves on Ursula Werner.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Barbara - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Lisa (Fritz Bornemann, East Germany, 1975) (as Lisa aged 22)

Die Schneekönigin (Heiner Möbius, East Germany, 1975) (as Gerda aged 22)

Im Schlaraffenland (Kurt Jung-Alsen, East Germany, 1975) (aged 22)

Ein verdammt schöner Tag (Peter Vogel, East Germany, 1976) (as Irene aged 23)

Dame Kobold (East Germany, 1976) (as Dona Angela aged 23)

Der Staatsanwalt hat das Wort S12E04: Wenn die Karre nicht läuft (Vera Loebner, 1976) (as Inge Heidenreich aged 23)

Dantons Tod (I) (Fritz Bornemann, East Germany, 1977) (as Lucile Desmoulins aged 24)

Polizeiruf 110 S07E06: Die Abrechnung (Peter Vogel, East Germany, 1977) (as Frau Richter aged 24)

Polizeiruf 110 S08E02: Bonnys Blues (Peter Vogel, East Germany, 1978) (as Christa Schneider aged 25)

Tull (Lothar Bellag, East Germany, 1979) (as Hanna aged 26)

# Alle meine Mädchen (Iris Gusner, East Germany, 1980) (featuring Barbara Schnitzler as Anita aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Madeleine Lierck, Viola Schweizer, Andrzej Pieczynski, Lissy Tempelhof, Fritz Marquardt, Heide Kipp, Klaus Piontek, Wolfgang Dehler, Jaecki Schwarz, Monica Bielenstein, Eveline Splitt and Carmen-Maja Antoni

Barbara Schnitzler in Alle meine Mädchen

A young filmmaker is engaged to make a documentary about a small specialised glassware factory in this East German romantic comedy. When you hear that the staff are entirely young and female the premise becomes a little more enticing, but have you ever been subjected to the conversation of women of this class? All day? You've got to feel sorry for the bloke. The only thing that's keeping him going is the thought of poking his camera into the communal workplace showers at the end of the shift, but with the sort of chatter he'll have to endure in the canteen he'll be lucky to make it past lunchtime.

Alright that attitude is a little cynical and unkind, but still, mid-way through the film that shower scene is looking like it's never going to turn up, and we the viewers at home are beginning to lower our expectations. By now we'll be happy just to catch a glimpse of one of the girls on the bog. And then, out of nowhere, comes the drink-fueled six-in-a-bed sapphic see-thru romp, where even us blokes can join in!

Our man looks a little sheepish and out-of-place in his bad Eastern Bloc underpants, but luckily he has the self-deprecating sense of humour needed to see this all the way through to the morning. Barbara takes centre stage in a wonderful exercise in girlish frolicsomeness. I thought she had a fairly respectable set of bra and pants at first, but soon began to wonder just how see-through are they?

Tags: dancing, horseplay, see-thru


Alle meine Mädchen Alle meine Mädchen Alle meine Mädchen Alle meine Mädchen Alle meine Mädchen

Regine oder Die Falle (Jens-Peter Proll, East Germany, 1980) (as Regine Heller aged 27)

Mettez du sel sur la queue de l'oiseau pour l'attraper (Philippe Ducrest, France, 1982) (as Sophie aged 29)

Der lange Ritt zur Schule (Rolf Losansky, East Germany, 1982) (aged 29)

Martin Luther S01E05: Das Gewissen (Kurt Veth, 1983) (as Katharina von Bora aged 30)

Moritz in der Litfaßsäule (Rolf Losansky, East Germany, 1983) (as Clown-Frau aged 30)

Schauspielereien S07E06: Denkzettel (Hans Werner, 1984) (aged 31)

Die Rundköpfe und die Spitzköpfe (Alexander Lang, East Germany, 1985) (aged 32)

Die dritte Frau (Michael Knof, East Germany, 1985) (aged 32)

Ein idealer Gatte (Michael Knof, East Germany, 1986) (as Mrs Cheveley aged 33)

Treffpunkt Flughafen S01E07: Das Tor in den Wolken (Manfred Mosblech, 1986) (as Caroline Drechsler aged 33)

Treffpunkt Flughafen S01E06: Eine Lektion für Paul (Manfred Mosblech, 1986) (as Caroline Drechsler aged 33)

Der Schwur von Rabenhorst (Hans Kratzert, East Germany, 1987) (as Thomas Mother aged 34)

Märztage in Berlin (Michael Knof, East Germany, 1987) (aged 34)

Polizeiruf 110 S17E03: Unheil aus der Flasche (Helmut Krätzig, East Germany, 1987) (as Junge Frau Henrich aged 34)

Kikeriki (Margot Thyret, East Germany, 1989) (as Loreleen aged 36)

Die Rückkehr aus der Wüste (Bernhard Stephan, East Germany, 1990) (as Doris aged 37)

Diktatur des Gewissens (East Germany, 1990) (as Swetlana aged 37)

Polizeiruf 110 S20E07: Ball der einsamen Herzen (Helmut Krätzig, East Germany, 1990) (as Monika Bund aged 37)

Lord Hansi (Michael Knof, Germany, 1991) (as Marianne aged 38)

Jugend ohne Gott (Michael Knof, Germany, 1991) (as Theodors Mutter aged 38)

Polizeiruf 110 S21E06: Todesfall im Park (Helmut Krätzig, Germany, 1991) (as Lisa Schreck aged 38)

Tatort S01E: Tod einer alten Frau (Matti Geschonneck, Germany, 1993) (as Helga aged 40)

Schwarz Rot Gold S01E13: Der Rubel rollt (Theo Mezger, Germany, 1993) (as Frau Felgenreich aged 40)

Liebe am Abgrund (Georg Schiemann, Germany, 1993) (as Ines Blessler aged 40)

Mein Name ist Marlene Dietrich (Martin Kliemann, Germany, 1993) (aged 40)

Cornelius hilft (Germany, 1994) (aged 41)

Der Biberpelz (Thomas Langhoff, Germany, 1994) (aged 41)

Praxis Bülowbogen S04E09: Vollmond (Sigi Rothemund, 1994) (as Sybilles Mutter aged 41)

Lutz & Hardy S01E01: Zwei Schlitzohren auf Gangsterjagd (1994) (aged 41)

Kanzlei Bürger (Germany, 1995) (aged 42)

Doppelter Einsatz S03E13: Tödliche Verwechslung (Michael Knof, 1997) (as Antje Petersen aged 44)

Polizeiruf 110 S29E04: Böse Wetter (Marco Serafini, Germany, 2000) (as Anita Lorenz aged 47)

Für alle Fälle Stefanie S06E34: Einfach nur leben (2001) (as Annemarie aged 48)

Die Männer vom K3 S03E22: Freier Fall (Miko Zeuschner, Germany, 2002) (as Maggy Lauenstein aged 49)

In aller Freundschaft S06E06: Der Weg zum Herzen (Jürgen Brauer, Germany, 2003) (as Diana Schulten aged 50)

Stages (Marek Beles, Germany, 2005) (as Mutter aged 52)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

Tatort S01E: Atemnot (Thomas Jauch, Germany, 2005) (aged 52)

Im Namen des Gesetzes S10E12: Zeit zum Sterben (Carmen Kurz, 2005) (as Elke Diesen aged 52)

Under These Wings (Harrie Verbeek, Germany, 2006) (as Mother aged 53)

Haiku (Florencia Hurtado, Germany, 2006) (as Sabine aged 53)

!Mr. Skin may have clips:

SOKO Leipzig S09E07: Lügen und Geheimnisse (Oren Schmuckler, Germany, 2006) (as Vera Schrader aged 53)

KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst S01E07: Rückkehr (Filippos Tsitos, 2007) (aged 54)

Einmal Dieb, immer Dieb (Michael Kreindl, Germany, 2007) (as Museumdirektorin aged 54)

Das Duo S01E17: Sterben statt erben (Maris Pfeiffer, Germany, 2008) (as Notarin Möbius aged 55)

Tatort S01E: Verdammt (Maris Pfeiffer, 2008) (as Katharina Keller aged 55)

Post Mortem S02E04: Treibgut (Christoph Stark, 2008) (as Angelika Karlsen aged 55)

SOKO Wismar S07E08: Väter und Söhne (Bruno Grass, 2010) (as Hilde Marwick aged 57)

Fenster zum Sommer (Hendrik Handloegten, Germany, 2011) (as Dr Mesmer aged 58)

SOKO Leipzig S15E13: Gefangen (Jörg Mielich, Germany, 2011) (as Doris Berger aged 58)

SOKO Leipzig S15E14: Gefangen, Teil 2 (Jörg Mielich, 2011) (as Doris Berger aged 58)

Die Stunde des Wolfes (Matthias Glasner, Germany, 2011) (as Berta Orth aged 58)

Amour fou (Jessica Hausner, Austria, 2014) (aged 61)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Barbara - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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