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Tatyana Ignatova

A review and pictures of actress Tatyana Ignatova naked in "Poj pesnyu, poet".
Tatyana Ignatova

Born: 1947   Country: Soviet Union

A blonde vision of wholesome Slavic beauty, mostly only seen as a background player.


Zhenya, Zhenechka i 'Katyusha' (Vladimir Motyl, Soviet Union, 1967) (aged 20)

Troynaya proverka (Aloizs Brencs, Soviet Union, 1970) (as Sutrudina shkoli abvera aged 23)

# Poj pesnyu, poet (Sergey Urusevskiy, Soviet Union, 1973) (featuring Tatyana Ignatova aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Sergey Nikonenko, Natalya Uzhviy, Natalya Belokhvostikova, Evgeniy Kindinov, Boris Khmelnitskiy, Aleksandr Khanov, Svetlana Sukhovey, Andrei Kostrichkin and Elena Koreneva

Tatyana Ignatova in Poj pesnyu, poet

A luscious imagining of the brief life of the Russian poet Sergei Yesenin, in the classic style of vigorous post-revolutionary cinema mixed with the more effete forms of the ballet. And maybe, we in the decadent West might say, with the affectations of the television commercial for chocolates.

We meet peasant girl Tatyana on a hot and sweaty day getting the harvest in. Mopping her brow she sits down in the shade of a wheat sheaf to drink from her jug of milk. Alas poet chappy is lying in wait! Disgusted with the lad's antics she heads for the safety of the women's bathing spot where she can rely on the rules against voyeurism being strictly enforced (apparently). Shedding her blouse she plunges into the water. Scenes like this were common in Soviet cinema, but in terms of nudity they were about the best you were likely to get. No doubt the comrades spent hours afterwards arguing over whether they actually saw a nipple.

Tags: group, outdoor, skinny-dip


Poj pesnyu, poet Poj pesnyu, poet Poj pesnyu, poet Poj pesnyu, poet Poj pesnyu, poet

Na kray sveta (Rodion Nahapetov, Soviet Union, 1975) (aged 28)

Vse uliki protiv nego (Vasile Brescanu, Soviet Union, 1975) (as doch Chekana aged 28)

Vy mne pisali... (Aida Manasarova, Soviet Union, 1977) (as TV Assistant aged 30)

Sluzhebnyy roman (Eldar Ryazanov, Soviet Union, 1977) (as Sotrudnitsa statisticheskogo uchrezhdeniya aged 30)

Mimino (Georgiy Daneliya, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Woman Watching Lezginka aged 31)

Pravo pervoy podpisi (Vladimir Chebotaryov, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Bit-Part aged 31)

Golubka (Vladimir Nazarov, Soviet Union, 1978) (as Conductor aged 31)

The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed: S01E02 Vtoraya seriya (Stanislav Govorukhin, Soviet Union, 1979) (as Woman in the Restaurant aged 32)

Obyknovennoe chudo (Mark Zakharov, Soviet Union, 1979) (as Servant aged 32)

Ekipazh (Aleksandr Mitta, Soviet Union, 1980) (as Woman with Child aged 33)

Nezvanyy drug (Leonid Maryagin, Soviet Union, 1981) (as Gostya Grekovykh aged 34)

Otpusk za svoy schyot (Viktor Titov, Soviet Union, 1982) (as Woman in the Airport aged 35)

Sportloto-82 (Leonid Gaidai, Soviet Union, 1982) (as prodavets biletov Sportloto aged 35)

Kto stuchitsya v dver ko mne... (Nikolai Skujbin, Soviet Union, 1983) (as Tatyana Petrovna aged 36)

Vokzal dlya dvoikh (Eldar Ryazanov, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 36)

Nebesa obetovannye (Eldar Ryazanov, Soviet Union, 2005) (as Homeless aged 58)

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