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Igrida Andrina

A review and pictures of actress Igrida Andrina naked in "Viimne reliikvia".
Igrida Andrina

Born: 1944   Country: Latvia

Nordic goddess.


Noch pered rassvetom (Anatoli Slesarenko, Soviet Union)

Den angela (Stanislav Govorukhin, Soviet Union, 1968) (aged 24)

Chelovek v zelyonoy perchatke (Nikolai Ekk, Soviet Union, 1968) (as Lina s Mother aged 24)

# Viimne reliikvia (Grigori Kromanov, Soviet Union, 1970) (featuring Igrida Andrina as Agnes aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Aleksandr Goloborodko, Elza Radzina, Rolan Bykov, Eve Kivi, Uldis Vazdiks, Raivo Trass, Peeter Jakobi, Karl Kalkun, Guli Khamrayeva, Kalju Komissarov, Ants Lauter and Valdeko Ratassepp

Igrida Andrina in Viimne reliikvia

Spectacular Soviet-era Estonian historical romp starring Ingrida as a runaway bride at the heart of power struggles and intrigues. Naturally she has a clean-limbed young hero to carry her away from all the rampant villainy.

It suits Ingrida's purposes for the time being to pose as a boy. Fans of Bob from Blackadder will know the score, but our man is not deceived as to her true sex so doesn't suffer the same crippling cognitive dissonance as Lord Edmund. Not quite the same urge to 'slap each others thighs like jolly good chums'. There is some embarrassment when it comes to sharing a room at the inn, but the 'young lad' shrugs and gets on with it. Though not without some salaciously suggestive meat-eating scenes beforehand.

In this genre we expect some awkward business to turn up about crossing rivers and the resultant soaking wet clothing, and we are not disappointed. Ingrida may be a dazzling blonde beauty, but that doesn't mean she can't be as level-headed as any stout young chap. She simply takes everything off and sits behind a rock in the sun while it all dries off. Our man is a perfect gent about it, not so much the cameraman. Remarkably we see both nipples, albeit only one at a time.

Tags: drying-clothes, mediaeval, outdoor


Viimne reliikvia Viimne reliikvia Viimne reliikvia Viimne reliikvia Viimne reliikvia

Vella kalpi (Aleksandrs Leimanis, Soviet Union, 1970) (as Cecilija aged 26)

Doroga na Ryubetsal (Adolf Bergunker, Soviet Union, 1971) (aged 27)

Osvobozhdenie: Napravlenie glavnogo udara (Yuriy Ozerov, Soviet Union, 1971) (as German woman begging for peace aged 27)

Gorod pod lipami (Epizody geroicheskoy oborony) (Aloizs Brencs, Soviet Union, 1971) (aged 27)

Boy posle pobedy (Villen Azarov, Soviet Union, 1972) (aged 28)

Vella kalpi vella dzirnavas (Aleksandrs Leimanis, Soviet Union, 1972) (as Cecilija aged 28)

Me, gamomdziebeli (Giorgi Kalatozishvili, Soviet Union, 1973) (as Elga aged 29)

Bakida külaklar asir (Mukhtar Dadashev, Soviet Union, 1974) (as Erika aged 30)

Pravo na lyubov (Anatoli Slesarenko, Soviet Union, 1977) (aged 33)

Nezakonchennyy uzhin (Janis Streics, Soviet Union, 1981) (aged 37)

Trest, kotoryy lopnul: S01E02 Koridory vlasti (Aleksandr Pavlovskiy, 1983) (as Wife Ezra Planket aged 39)

Rudolfa mantojums (Janis Streics, Latvia, 2010) (as Baronese aged 66)

Dzimlai Rudi Rallalla! (Maris Putnins, Latvia, 2014) (as Self aged 70)

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