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Antigoni Doudoumi

A review and pictures of actress Antigoni Doudoumi naked in "Sonia".
Antigoni Doudoumi

Country: Greece

Charmingly plain actress with only one known screen role.


# Sonia (Takis Kanellopoulos, Greece, 1997) (featuring Antigoni Doudoumi as Sonia) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Spyros Fokas, Kostas Lahas, Lina Lambraki, Kostas Mazis, Hristina Katseroni, Giasemis Apostolidis and Akis Laskaris

Antigoni Doudoumi in Sonia

If you're a bespectacled dullard who thinks he's still too young for a mid-life crisis but not too old for bike rides to the seaside, and doesn't even worry this might be a contradiction, then this film's for you. Our man has a drippy love affair with enchanting spinster-across-the-road Antigoni in this characteristically slow and elegant Greek drama. The screencaps tell the story of the carefree couple's day trip to the beach.

Tags: beach, see-thru, wet-clothes


Sonia Sonia Sonia Sonia Sonia

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