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Anna Romantowska

A review and pictures of actress Anna Romantowska naked in "Ceremonia pogrzebowa".
Anna Romantowska

Born: 1950   Country: Poland

Earnest redhead with a solid record in drama roles on stage and in film and TV.

Anna Romantowska (born 16 May 1950) is a Polish film and theatre actress. She has been married to the Polish actor and director Krzysztof Kolberger as well as the Polish radio presenter, disc jockey, director, screenwriter and producer Jacek Bromski. With Kolberger, she is the mother of the Polish actress Julia Kolberger. In 1974, she graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw (also known as the Pa?stwowa Wy?sza Szko?a Teatralna, PWST or in English, the State Drama School). She appeared in the Silesian Theatre. Wyspianski in Katowice (1974–1975), the National Theatre (1975–1984) and Teatrze Studio in Warsaw (Warsaw Studio Theatre, 1984–1993). Romantowska is also known in Poland as "the unforgettable voice" of Anne Shirley in a TV series adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. Since 1977 she has been in Polish television films and theatrical productions. Her first film role was in a Polish film entitled Trzy po trzy (Three By Three). She also played the part of an accountant named Maria in a film called Staty?ci (The Extras). In 1997 during the "II Festiwalu Gwiazd" (Second Festival of Stars) in Mi?dzyzdroje she left a hand mark in a slab of concrete at the "Promenada Gwiazd w Mi?dzyzdrojach" (Promenade of Stars). She has also won awards at the Polish Film Festival for Best Supporting Actress in the film Interrogation in 1990 and again in 2006 for her role in Staty?ci (The Extras).  snippet from Wikipedia


Duch w dom (Poland) (as Ghost Helena)

Kuchnia polska (Poland)

Dom S04E04: Przed miloscia nie uciekniesz (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Dom S05E02: Milosc to tylko obietnica (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Dom S05E03: Kolejka do zycia (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Kobieta i kobieta (Poland, 1980) (aged 30)

Dom S04E08: Powrót z dalekiej podrózy (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Dom S04E02: Ta mala wiolonczelistka (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Dom S04E06: Trzecie klamstwo (1980) (aged 30)

Dom S04E07: Jestem dla ciebie niedziela (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Dom S05E05: Dzis kazdy ma dwadziescia lat (1980) (aged 30)

Dom S04E05: Komu gra ta orkiestra (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Dom S05E04: Droga na skróty (1980) (aged 30)

Dom S04E03: Dluga ksiezycowa noc (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Dom S05E01: Naiwne pytania (1980) (as Martyna Stroynowska-Borowska aged 30)

Ciosy (Gerard Zalewski, Poland, 1981) (aged 31)

Przesluchanie (Ryszard Bugajski, Poland, 1982) (as Miroslawa Mira Szejnert aged 32)

Krzyk (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1983) (as Mother Superior aged 33)

Jesli sie odnajdziemy (Roman Zaluski, Poland, 1983) (as Barbara Debinska aged 33)

# Ceremonia pogrzebowa (Jacek Bromski, Poland, 1985) (featuring Anna Romantowska as Teresa aged 35) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Malgorzata Pieczynska, Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, Boguslaw Linda, Piotr Machalica, Barbara Ludwizanka, Emilian Kaminski, Juliusz Lubicz-Lisowski, Józef Pieracki, Olga Bielska, Julia Kolberger, Pawel Gruza and Witold Skaruch

Anna Romantowska in Ceremonia pogrzebowa

Polish drama set after a family funeral in which Anna has an intimate love scene complete with tasteful glimspe of pubic hair and guilt-induced weepiness. It's preceded here by some brief whisky-fuelled bedroom giggles alongside Jadwiga Jankowska-Cieslak, one of the lesbians from Another Way. Just as a hint (you don't have to take it if you don't want to) that it could just as well have been that handsome young lady behind the toe kissing and implied tongue action.

Tags: full-frontal, petting


Ceremonia pogrzebowa Ceremonia pogrzebowa Ceremonia pogrzebowa Ceremonia pogrzebowa Ceremonia pogrzebowa

Nadzór (Wieslaw Saniewski, Poland, 1985) (aged 35)

Rajska jablon (Barbara Sass, Poland, 1986) (as Magdalena Piedzicka aged 36)

Zabij mnie, glino (Jacek Bromski, Poland, 1988) (as Dr Dorota lekarka pomagajaca Malikowi aged 38)

Sztuka kochania (Jacek Bromski, Poland, 1989) (as Teresa aged 39)

Havet stiger (Oddvar Einarson, Norway, 1990) (as Agnes aged 40)

Koniec gry (Feliks Falk, Poland, 1992) (as Monika Malecka aged 42)

La petite apocalypse (Costa-Gavras, France, 1993) (as Barbara aged 43)

Halál sekély vízben (Hungary, 1994) (as Mária aged 44)

Matki, zony i kochanki S01E01: Episode #1.1 (Juliusz Machulski, 1996) (as Wiktoria Zarychta aged 46)

Matki, zony i kochanki S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Juliusz Machulski, 1996) (as Wiktoria Zarychta aged 46)

Przybysz z Narbony (Laco Adamik, Poland, 1996) (as Marianna aged 46)

Panna Nikt (Andrzej Wajda, Poland, 1996) (as Form Tutor aged 46)

Dzieci i ryby (Jacek Bromski, Poland, 1997) (as Anna Sobolewska aged 47)

Matki, zony i kochanki II S01E01: Episode #1.1 (1998) (aged 48)

Matki, zony i kochanki II S01E02: Episode #1.2 (1998) (aged 48)

Magneto (Jan Jakub Kolski, Poland, 1998) (aged 48)

To ja, zlodziej (Jacek Bromski, Poland, 2000) (as Maria Seweryn aged 50)

Warushawa no aki (Hiroki Hayashi, Japan, 2003) (aged 53)

Solidarnosc, Solidarnosc (Poland, 2005) (aged 55)

Statysci (Michal Kwiecinski, Poland, 2006) (as Maria Narozna aged 56)

Notturno bus (Davide Marengo, Italy, 2007) (as Sonia aged 57)

Futro (Tomasz Drozdowicz, Poland, 2007) (as Teresa Frankowska aged 57)

Czas honoru S01E12: Aryjska strona (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E04: Serwus, panowie (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E04: Przysiega (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E07: Wielkanoc '41 (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E01: Kolega z Rochester (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E03: Przydzial (2008) (as Sabina Sajkowska aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E10: Spotkania (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E07: Slad na fotografii (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E06: Pawiak (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E11: Szanowny Pan Gestapo (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E02: Plan Abwerhy (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E13: Wieczór w Edenie (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E07: Bracia (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E03: Oficer z Berlina (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E02: Na serbii (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E06: Inga (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E11: Przerwana depesza (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E10: Ostatnia runda (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E05: Mocne papiery (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E12: Przed sadem (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E09: Teoria wzglednosci (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E10: Niemiecka ruletka (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E05: Transport do Auschwitz (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E08: Zamach (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E05: Pieczec trzeciej rzeszy (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E04: Zdrajcy (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E11: Pocztówka z Hajfy (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S03E03: Oddzial do zadan specjalnych (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S02E08: Grupa Rainera (2008) (aged 58)

Czas honoru S01E08: Odwet (2008) (aged 58)

Mniejsze zlo (Janusz Morgenstern, Poland, 2009) (as Kamil s mother aged 59)

Nigdy nie mów nigdy (Wojciech Pacyna, Poland, 2009) (as Nina - Ama s mother aged 59)

Skrzydlate swinie (Anna Kazejak, Poland, 2010) (as Janicka aged 60)

Hotel 52 S03E11: Episode #3.11 (2010) (as Hanna Kolasa-Johnson aged 60)

Ambassada (Juliusz Machulski, Poland, 2013) (as Redactor-in-chief aged 63)

Sierpniowe niebo. 63 dni chwaly (Ireneusz Dobrowolski, Poland, 2013) (as Robaczewska aged 63)

Wszystkie kobiety Mateusza (Artur Wiecek, Poland, 2013) (as Krystyna Mieciel aged 63)

Wyspa Szczesliwa (Martyna Iwanska, Poland, 2014) (as Old lady aged 64)

Az po sufit! S01E12: Zacznijmy od nowa (2015) (as Alina aged 65)

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