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Lone Fleming

Reviews and pictures of actress Lone Fleming naked in "Juventud drogada" and "La noche del terror ciego".
Lone Fleming

Born: 1945   Country: Denmark

Steely-eyed starlet of 'seventies Spanish genre flicks, not the prettiest, but with her head screwed on; the 'go to' actress for when a character is required to choose a sensible course of action rather than jumping naked into the piranha pool for instance.

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Pierna creciente, falda menguante (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1970) (aged 25)

El hombre de Río Malo (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1971) (as Conchita aged 26)

Blanca por fuera y Rosa por dentro (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1971) (as Anita aged 26)

La última señora Anderson (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1971) (as Mrs Wood aged 26)

Once Upon a Time (Zenaida Amador, Philippines, 1971) (aged 26)

Pancho Villa (Eugenio Martín, UK, 1972) (as Nurse aged 27)

Nada menos que todo un hombre (Rafael Gil, Spain, 1972) (as Invitada de la fiesta aged 27)

# La noche del terror ciego (Amando de Ossorio, Spain, 1972) (featuring Lone Fleming as Betty Turner aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Carmen Yazalde, César Burner, María Elena Arpón, José Thelman, Rufino Inglés, Verónica Llimerá, Simón Arriaga, Francisco Sanz, Juan Cortés, Andrés Isbert, Antonio Orengo and José Camoiras

Lone Fleming in La noche del terror ciego

Squalid and unnecessary rape scene in the cemetery of a ruined priory. But don't worry, that piece of lowlife gets his comeuppance. As you'd imagine, there's quite a story behind how this pair came to be here, in the Spanish horror classic Tombs of the Blind Dead...

One summer Lone bumps into old school pal Virginia (María Elena Arpón) at the pool, and for the next day they arrange a scenic steam train ride past the aeons-cursed monastery of Berzano. Lone tries to wriggle out of the trip at first, afraid of being 'outed' as not having a boyfriend (too busy she says), but the chance of flirting with Virginia's beau Roger sways her. Her thoughtless antics soon have her shy friend literally wanting to jump off the train.

Attentive viewers may have noticed that whenever Lone mentions their old boarding school days together Virginia has been turning away and pulling a long face. As the couple have a heart-to-heart on the steps of the carriage we watch a flashback that tells us why. For one night Lone introduced her pretty young roommate to the principles of bisexuality, via the dumb show of making a false moustache out of her pigtails and pointing at a man in a photograph. And then snogging her. Needless to say Virginia would rather not be reminded of this. I'm tempted to say neither would the average viewer, but this masterpiece of cinematic ineptitude has such a naïve charm it is well worth including as a lengthy prelude.

Did you notice how the steam from the present day was mingled into the flashback? Who can say that Ossorio was not a director of vision? And the look on poor Roger's face when he catches the girls in the throes of sapphism at the end could not capture simple male bewilderment more perfectly.

Tags: lesbian, molested, petting, rape, stripped


La noche del terror ciego La noche del terror ciego La noche del terror ciego La noche del terror ciego La noche del terror ciego

El vikingo (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1972) (as Maestra aged 27)

Lo verde empieza en los Pirineos (Vicente Escrivá, Spain, 1973) (aged 28)

Una vela para el diablo (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1973) not nude  (as Helen aged 28)

Sexy Cat (Julio Pérez Tabernero, Spain, 1973) (as Liz aged 28)

El ataque de los muertos sin ojos (Amando de Ossorio, Spain, 1973) (as Amalia aged 28)

El amor empieza a medianoche (Pedro Lazaga, Spain, 1974) (as Enfermera aged 29)

Vida íntima de un seductor cínico (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1975) (as Esther aged 30)

Una abuelita de antes de la guerra (Vicente Escrivá, Spain, 1975) (aged 30)

El paranoico (Francisco Ariza, Spain, 1975) (as Esther aged 30)

La endemoniada (Amando de Ossorio, Spain, 1975) not nude  (as Anne Crawford aged 30)

No quiero perder la honra (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1975) (as Sarita aged 30)

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Das Tal der tanzenden Witwen (Volker Vogeler, West Germany, 1975) (as Lily Dykler aged 30)

Malocchio (Mario Siciliano, Mexico, 1975) (as Yvonne Chevrel aged 30)

La ragazza dalla pelle di corallo (Osvaldo Civirani, Italy, 1976) (as Dolly aged 31)

Ligeramente viudas (Javier Aguirre, Spain, 1976) (as Amiga de Leonor aged 31)

Call Girl (La vida privada de una señorita bien) (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1976) (as Sofía aged 31)

Tengamos la guerra en paz (Eugenio Martín, Spain, 1977) (as Viuda aged 32)

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# Juventud drogada (José Truchado, Spain, 1977) (featuring Lone Fleming aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ivonne Sentis, Tony Isbert, Gloria Hayworth, Eduardo Bea, Celia Torres, Antonio Mayans, Inés Morales, Heinrich Starhemberg, María Vico, Ursula Grim, Alfredo Calles and Antonio Ramis

Lone Fleming in Juventud drogada

A very brief appearance for Lone in this Spanish druggie melodrama. It was not immediately clear who she was supposed to be but looking back, our sad bungler of a protagonist had just met with his father who specifically forbade him to do what he is, with all the contrariness of youth, about to do now: go to visit his mother.

Decisive as if for the first time in his life our man parks his Merc where it is ill-advised to do so even if not strictly forbidden, strides purposefully across the lawns (now that probably is forbidden), and bursts in on his mother's flat without even knocking to find her in bed with a younger man. He needed money to buy drugs as well. Drat the woman. Oddly enough, exactly the same thing happened to this actor as Bill in Tragic Ceremony (Irina Demick that time). Typecast a little I think.

Tags: interrupted, mother


Juventud drogada Juventud drogada Juventud drogada Juventud drogada Juventud drogada

Viaje al centro de la Tierra (Juan Piquer Simón, Spain, 1977) (as Martha aged 32)

El último guateque (Juan José Porto, Spain, 1978) (as Julia - madre de Maribel aged 33)

La ciudad maldita (Juan Bosch, Spain, 1978) (aged 33)

Los nuevos españoles (Roberto Bodegas, Spain, 1980) (as Secretaria aged 35)

Black Venus (Claude Mulot, Bahamas, 1983) (as Charles Wife aged 38)

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Guerra sucia (Juan Piquer Simón, Spain, 1984) (as Mr Fox s Secretary aged 39)

El último kamikaze (Paul Naschy, Spain, 1984) (as Vera aged 39)

Amando de Ossorio: el último templario (Xosé Zapata, Spain, 2001) (as Herself aged 56)

Contra el tiempo (José Manuel Serrano Cueto, Spain, 2012) (as Herself aged 67)

¡Zarpazos! Un viaje por el Spanish Horror (Víctor Matellano, Spain, 2013) (as Herself aged 68)

La mujer que hablaba con los muertos (César del Álamo, Spain, 2014) (as Blanca aged 69)

Pelucas (José Manuel Serrano Cueto, Spain, 2014) (as Herself aged 69)

Wax (Víctor Matellano, Spain, 2014) (as Forensic aged 69)

The Ravine of the British (Víctor Matellano, Spain, 2014) (as Oil lamp woman aged 69)

Radial (Jose Antonio Muela, Spain, 2015) (as Grandmother s Salva aged 70)

Vampyres (Víctor Matellano, Spain, 2015) (as Receptionist aged 70)

Los límites del cielo (Israel González, Spain, 2015) (aged 70)

Nasciturus: El que va a nacer (Miguel Barreto, Spain, 2015) (as Espíritu aged 70)

Behind (Angel Gómez Hernández, Spain, 2016) (as Leonor aged 71)

Devil (Martin Sonntag, Denmark, 2016) (aged 71)

Høsten (Martin Sonntag, Denmark, 2016) (as Woman on dating site aged 71)

El último guión (David García Sariñena, Spain, 2016) (as Lone Fleming aged 71)

Escaping the Dead (Martin Sonntag, Denmark, 2017) (as Davids mother aged 72)

Los resucitados (Arturo De Bobadilla, Spain, 2017) (as Monja Roja aged 72)

Hidden Devil (Fran Mateu, Spain, 2017) (aged 72)

Rebobinando (Jose Fernández Riveiro, Spain, 2017) (as Herself aged 72)

Nada Grave (Nüll García, Spain, 2018) (aged 73)

Todo es para bien (Elena López Plaza, Spain, 2018) (as Carmen aged 73)

Sesión Salvaje (Paco Limón, Spain, 2018) (as Herself aged 73)

Aurora Bonreal (Marc Zaragoza, Spain, 2019) (as Amiga de Aurora aged 74)

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