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Eliane Narducci

A review and pictures of actress Eliane Narducci naked in "Cabaret Mineiro".
Eliane Narducci

Country: Brazil

Dusky and curvaceous occasional starlet of Brazilian film and TV.


Parabéns pra Você (Dennis Carvalho, Brazil) (as Marlene)

Se Segura, Malandro! (Hugo Carvana, Brazil, 1978) (as Agripina)

# Cabaret Mineiro (Carlos Alberto Prates Correia, Brazil, 1982) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Tânia Alves, Dora Pellegrino, Zaira Zambelli, Louise Cardoso, Nelson Dantas, Tamara Taxman, Helber Rangel, Maria Sílvia, Luiza Clotilde, Carlos Wilson, Thelma Reston and Nildo Parente

Eliane Narducci in Cabaret Mineiro

From a dull pretentious Brazilian musical head-trip. Our ageing hero is mooching around a tropical country club in a depressed and self-pitying state of mind. As usual.

The main attraction is songstress Tânia Alves, but here we find him lowering his standards and leching after his housekeeper Eliane. Wait, forget the bit about lowering standards, for what more becoming occupation could there be for a young woman than as a cook, cleaner and all-round skivvy? Except perhaps as a trained nurse. Anyway, Eliane gets to show off her full - if perhaps a little stocky - figure while messing about in the back yard as seen from the viewpoint of a predatory uncle with a camcorder.

Tags: barn, full-frontal, hairy, horseplay, outdoor


Cabaret Mineiro Cabaret Mineiro Cabaret Mineiro Cabaret Mineiro Cabaret Mineiro

A Gata Comeu (José Carlos Pieri, Brazil, 1985) (as Iara)

Índia, a Filha do Sol (Fábio Barreto, Brazil, 1985)

Corpo Santo (Walter Campos, Brazil, 1987) (as Marina)

Você Decide: S03E07 Flor de Outono (1994)

Tocaia Grande (João Alcântara, Brazil, 1995) (as Caetana)

Você Decide: S06E22 Striptease (1997)

Pages of Life Episode dated 2 March 2007 (Teresa Lampréia, Brazil, 2007) (as Desembargadora)

Por Toda Minha Vida: S01E02 Leandro (Rogério Gomes, 2007) (as Carmem da Costa)

Pure Beauty: S01E55 (Brazil, 2008) (as Corina)

Ciranda de Pedra: S01E29 (Carlos Araújo, Brazil, 2008) (as Irmã Celeste)

Faça Sua História: S01E20 Em Nome dos Filhos (Mauro Farias, 2008) (as Carmem) (José Alvarenga Jr., Brazil, 2011) (as D Risoleta)

Casa da Mãe Joana 2 (Hugo Carvana, Brazil, 2013) (as Mulher Mórbida 1)

Rock Story: S01E123 (Dennis Carvalho, 2017) (as Mulher)

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