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Zamira Segura

A review and pictures of actress Zamira Segura naked in "Retén de mujeres".
Zamira Segura

Country: Venezuela

Dusky doe-eyed tropical lovely who looked like she'd stepped out of a Bounty bar commercial, Zamira showed a sensitive aptitude for acting in a handful of gritty dramas.


La oveja negra (Román Chalbaud, Venezuela, 1987)

# Retén de mujeres (Carlos Lopez, Venezuela, 1988) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Aura Rivas, Lula Bertucci, Nacky Guttman, Francis Rueda, Zoe Ducos, Romelia Agüero, María Escalona, Vilma Otazo, Barbara Mosquera and Luis Colmenares

Zamira Segura in Retén de mujeres

Zamira is beginning to find her feet after a short spell in the women's prison (and before you ask, no of course she didn't do anything wrong, some shopkeeper just happened to die while she was out nicking that's all, and it was mostly an accident). She no longer grips her breasts quite so tightly while showering with the other girls for example. Remember the induction scene with Lula Bertucci acting up so appallingly? Zamira certainly looked like she was wishing herself somewhere - anywhere - else that time, especially when she was flipped on her belly on the examination table.

This isn't a group shower room; it has individual units giving some privacy. I've always wondered about how two women end up in the same one together: privilege or punishment? The socialising that goes on in these circumstances is certainly unedifying. 'What's a big baby like you doing shaving her armpits' taunts a pretty dark girl with curvaceous up-tilted breasts. 'Baby yourself pllllllllllhhh' counters her plainer friend with a raspberry. On the whole I think bunking up is for the bad girls only. Neatly explaining why Zamira is on her own. But hey what's this?! Menaced with a knife? In the showers of a women's prison?? I felt in my bones this scene was lacking a certain something...

Tags: bashful, group, prisoner, shower, washing


Retén de mujeres Retén de mujeres Retén de mujeres Retén de mujeres Retén de mujeres

Caso Bruzual (Henry Ramos, Venezuela, 1989)

Las dos Dianas (Venezuela, 1992)

La mujer de mi vida S01E01: Episode #1.1 (1998)

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