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Angela Perez

A review and pictures of actress Angela Perez naked in "Hayop sa sarap".
Angela Perez

Country: Philippines

A lesser Philippine starlet with a homely appeal, she was better suited to playing secretaries than seductresses.


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Take Home Girls (Boots Plata, Philippines, 1984)

Huwag kang papatay! (Pepe Marcos, Philippines, 1984)

Makakating hayop (Artemio Marquez, Philippines, 1984)

Nang maghalo ang balat sa tinalupan (Ben Feleo, Philippines, 1984)

# Hayop sa sarap (Artemio Marquez, Philippines, 1984) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Irma Alegre, Alona Alegre, Al Tantay, Edgar Mande and Johnny Wilson

Angela Perez in Hayop sa sarap

A wonderfully lurid Philippine melodrama offering two ruined daughters for the price of one.

Angela and big sister Irma Alegre have just arrived home from school. Or more likely they were turned away at the school gates with facetious remarks about 'not offering post-graduate courses', as is so often the case with 'girls' of this age. Anyway, they both tuck into a hearty meal. You can see straight away which one is still Daddy's girl. The one in pig-tails struggling to reach her plate from a chair far too low for her. In fact I think this hulking young woman is actually seated on nothing but a cushion on the floor. No matter, it's always a pleasure to see a girl with a hearty appetite, and this is one of those scenes you wish could go on forever.

So why is Father looking so glum? He should be proud to have raised two daughters to the cusp of adulthood with neither of them showing the slightest sign of an eating disorder (half the battle with girls). The problem lies with the notable absence from the family table of Mother. She's still at work. And not necessarily working either. Probably a man is involved. I'll spare you the gruesome details of the showdown, what calibre of ammunition was used etc. and get to the essential point: the girls now have to shift for themselves.

I'm not sure whose idea it was to work as exotic dancing girls. The obvious suspect is Irma, whose night attire at home looks like she bought it from a boutique run by street prostitutes. But Angela, certainly the plain one (there's something not right about her chin), is an intelligent, resourceful, forward-thinking, and above all self-sacrificing girl. And observe the expression on Irma's face right at the end: there's a definite it-was-my-little-sister's-idea about it.

Not yet having been degraded nearly far enough, the girls now prostitute themselves, the virginal pair offering themselves for sale at the hotel room of the local 'Mr. Big'. Irma is first to be picked, and by the time it's Angela's turn to be deflowered she's already had to listen tearfully to her sister's screams. Needless to say this man plays the greasy pig to the most phenomenal degree; the casual way he throws his underpants at the camera is a new nadir in beastliness.

With all the stripping and prostitution the girls have managed to put away a little money, enough to pay for a holiday. Remember that excitable young man at the club so anxious to show his companion he was man-of-the-world enough to know the correct hand gestures to use in the circumstances? He has finally 'pulled' with Angela, and the couple are enjoying a romantic stay at a beach resort of incredible tackiness. The things they let you get up to in the water would get you put straight back on the plane even in Ibiza. Blimey. Perhaps it was meant as a sarcastic commentary on life-saving badges and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Young people do that sort of thing when they know their friends are watching.

Tags: beach, dancing, first-time, lingerie, molested, oral, outdoor, prostitute, sex, stage, striptease

Clip 1

Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap

Clip 2

Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap

Clip 3

Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap Hayop sa sarap

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