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Natalya Velichko

A review and pictures of actress Natalya Velichko naked in "Almaznaya tropa".
Natalya Velichko

Born: 1941   Country: Soviet Union

Stolid and elegant actress from the classic Soviet era. She could make a convincing army officer while scrubbing up nicely too.


Tishina (Vladimir Basov, Soviet Union, 1964) (aged 23)

Tretya molodost (France, 1965) (aged 24)

Pervyy sneg (Soviet Union, 1965) (as Natasha aged 24)

Druzya i gody (Viktor Sokolov, Soviet Union, 1966) (as Lyuda aged 25)

Chetyre stranitsy odnoy molodoy zhizni (Rezo Esadze, Soviet Union, 1967) (as Liza aged 26)

Shchit i mech (Soviet Union, 1968) (aged 27)

Nikolay Bauman (Semyon Tumanov, Soviet Union, 1968) (as Nina aged 27)

Eto bylo v razvedke (Lev Mirsky, Soviet Union, 1968) (as Olya aged 27)

Po Rusi (Fyodor Filippov, Soviet Union, 1968) (as Natasha aged 27)

Ya ego nevesta (Naum Trakhtenberg, Soviet Union, 1969) (aged 28)

Krazha (Aleksandr Gordon, Soviet Union, 1970) (aged 29)

Allo, Varshava! (Olgerd Vorontsov, Soviet Union, 1971) (as Masha from Ukraine aged 30)

Konkurs prodolzhayetsya. Iogann Sebastyan Bakh (Nikolay Khrobko, Soviet Union, 1971) (as Maria Barbara aged 30)

Pyatdesyat na pyatdesyat (Aleksandr Faintsimmer, Soviet Union, 1973) (aged 32)

Zdravstvuy, dobryy chelovek (Khabib Faiziyev, Soviet Union, 1973) (as Olga aged 32)

Potomu chto lyublyu (Igor Dobrolyubov, Soviet Union, 1974) (as Katya Shelest aged 33)

Georgiy Sedov (Boris Grigorev, Soviet Union, 1974) (aged 33)

Chto cheloveku nado (Mikhail Izrailev, Soviet Union, 1975) (as Anna Dorma aged 34)

Tak nachinalas legenda (Boris Grigorev, Soviet Union, 1976) (aged 35)

# Almaznaya tropa (Vladimir Khmelnitsky, Soviet Union, 1980) (featuring Natalya Velichko as Nadjeshda aged 39) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Pauls Butkevics, Sergey Polezhaev, Nina Ilyina, Stasis Petronaitis, Sergei Ivanov, Buda Vampilov and Paul Dahlke

Natalya Velichko in Almaznaya tropa

Strange and haunting Soviet 'Eastern' about an unlikely band of diamond hunters penetrating the chilly taiga of deepest Siberia. I reckon this is where Ruggero Deodato got most of his ideas for Cannibal Holocaust.

Skinny-dipping is definitely on the cards despite the sub-arctic temperatures, Russians being a hardy folk. But Natalya surely revised her ideas after sharing the river with one-woman splash apocalypse Nina Ilyina. The foolish girl forgot to bring a costume and made a total exhibition of herself in just her vest and pants.

If Natalya doesn't take her swimming costume somewhere you can bet it's entirely on purpose. She's the sort of woman to think things through. Resourceful, dependable, someone to have by your side in a crisis. Forest fire, bear attack, you name it. So now we join her swimming in the nude, and more to the point without that silly girl. There's the usual creepy voyeur to cut things short of course, but at least she has the consolation she wasn't showing much anyway. But I think I saw nipples, so technically this scene is a keeper.

Tags: outdoor, skinny-dip, swimming


Almaznaya tropa Almaznaya tropa Almaznaya tropa Almaznaya tropa Almaznaya tropa

Povorot (Vadim Abdrashitov, Soviet Union, 1979) (as Sledovately aged 38)

Uragan prikhodit neozhidanno (Natalya Velichko, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 42)

Kartina (Soviet Union, 1985) (aged 44)

Prikhod luny (Yuri Shvyryov, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 46)

Novyy god otmenyaetsya! (Vadim Shmelyov, Russia, 2004) (aged 63)

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