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Lúcia Legrand

Reviews and pictures of actress Lúcia Legrand naked in "Bonitas e Gostosas" and "As Taradas Atacam".
Lúcia Legrand

Country: Brazil

Slim and dusky Latin starlet.


As 1001 Posições do Amor (Carlo Mossy, Brazil, 1978)

# As Taradas Atacam (Carlo Mossy, Brazil, 1978) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elena Andrea, Maria Aparecida, Cláudio Barreto, Jotta Barroso, Ney Costa, Pedro de Lara, Anísia de Souza, J. Diniz, Martim Francisco, Sérgio Guterres, Fernando José and Lícia Magna

Lúcia Legrand in As Taradas Atacam

Segment of a coarse pornochanchada compilation in which Lúcia plays a naughty housemaid. No scratch that, a thoroughly wicked housemaid who totally exceeds her authority. The very instant the householder is out of the door she's phoning around to her mates to organise a party. No ordinary party either; one of those where everyone gets down to their pants and jumps in the pool.

Inevitably there's the dread knock at the door, and inevitably it's the lady of the house demanding to know what the blazes is going on. Is Lúcia fazed? Not for a moment. She lets her mistress know who's in charge by telling her she can't come in here with her clothes on. And furthermore (and she's very firm on this) she can't even use the phone unless she at least takes her bra off. Which goes down better than you'd expect; the lady obliges with a nice little strip.

But alas here comes the son of the house in a state of outraged dismay and waving a gun! About which Lúcia no doubt will have something to say. Something along the lines of 'If there's any shooting going to be done around here it's going to be done by me!'

Tags: answering-door, chambermaid, group, interrupted


As Taradas Atacam As Taradas Atacam As Taradas Atacam As Taradas Atacam As Taradas Atacam

Sexo E Sangue (Élio Vieira de Araújo, Brazil, 1979)

# Bonitas e Gostosas (Carlo Mossy, Brazil, 1979) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Elena Andrea, Meiry Vieira, Iara Stein, Pedro de Lara, Ângelo Antônio, Martim Francisco, Ney Costa, Carlos Kurt, Sônia del Mar, J. Diniz, Martinha and Rafael Ponzi

Lúcia Legrand in Bonitas e Gostosas

Another pornochanchada segment for Lúcia; this one is more intellectual, being in the nature of an allegory. Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve and all that. The moral seems to be that you can chase a girl down a beach as much as you like, but you'd better think twice about catching her and dragging her behind a rock. Because that entails certain responsibilities. So that's you told then.

Tags: beach, horseplay, outdoor, running


Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas Bonitas e Gostosas

Sofia e Anita - Deliciosamente Impuras (Carlos Alberto Almeida, Brazil, 1980)

Depravação (Élio Vieira de Araújo, Brazil, 1980)

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