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Isabelle Pasco

A review and pictures of actress Isabelle Pasco naked in "Céline".
Isabelle Pasco

Born: 1966   Country: France

Radiant, golden-haired French beauty with serious brooding looks suggesting hidden depths.

Isabelle Pasco (born on April 25, 1966 in Perpignan, Pyrénées-Orientales, France) is a French actress and model. She was married to the actor Tchéky Karyo on 21 December 1995 but they were later divorced.  snippet from Wikipedia

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Ave Maria (Jacques Richard, France, 1984) (as Ursula aged 18)

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Hors-la-loi (Robin Davis, France, 1985) (as Sissi aged 19)

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La coda del diavolo (Giorgio Treves, Italy, 1986) (as Marte-Blanche aged 20)

Sauve-toi, Lola (Michel Drach, France, 1986) (as Marielle aged 20)

Qualcuno in ascolto (Faliero Rosati, Italy, 1988) (as Anna Sweder aged 22)

Gli indifferenti (Mauro Bolognini, Italy, 1988) (aged 22)

Roselyne and the Lions (Jean-Jacques Beineix, France, 1989) (as Roselyne aged 23)

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Prospero's Books (Peter Greenaway, Netherlands, 1991) (as Miranda aged 25)

Le droit à l'oubli (Gérard Vergez, France, 1992) (aged 26)

À quoi tu penses-tu? (Didier Kaminka, France, 1992) (as Karine aged 26)

Undine (Eckhart Schmidt, Germany, 1992) (as Undine aged 26)

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Sabato italiano (Luciano Manuzzi, Italy, 1992) (as Danielle - episode No 1 aged 26)

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# Céline (Jean-Claude Brisseau, France, 1992) (featuring Isabelle Pasco as Céline aged 26) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with María Luisa García, Danièle Lebrun, Daniel Tarrare, Damien Dutrait, Lucien Plazanet, Sébastien Lenfant, François Eychart, Marie-Thérèse Eychard, Pascale Simeon, Pascal Eychart, Jacques Gelat and Elodie Plaquet

Isabelle Pasco in Céline

Céline (Isabelle) has had a lot of ill luck recently, which has left her at a low ebb. If it wasn't for this I'm sure she wouldn't be still lounging around in bed having an erotic dream at this time in the morning (never mind allowing it to be filmed).

Tags: petting, undressed


Céline Céline Céline Céline

Urgence d'aimer (Philippe Le Guay, France, 1992) (as Joëlle aged 26)

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Les audacieux (Armand Mastroianni, France, 1993) (as Alice Villion aged 27)

Rhésus Roméo (Philippe Le Guay, France, 1993) (as Joëlle aged 27)

Charlemagne, le prince à cheval S01E02: Le roi (1994) (as Hidegarde aged 28)

Colpo di luna (Alberto Simone, Italy, 1995) (as Luisa aged 29)

La famiglia Ricordi S01E01: Episode #1.1 (Mauro Bolognini, 1995) (aged 29)

La famiglia Ricordi S01E04: Episode #1.4 (Mauro Bolognini, 1995) (aged 29)

La famiglia Ricordi S01E03: Episode #1.3 (Mauro Bolognini, 1995) (aged 29)

La famiglia Ricordi S01E02: Episode #1.2 (Mauro Bolognini, 1995) (aged 29)

Sous-sol (Pierre Gang, Canada, 1996) (as Françoise aged 30)

Dentro il cuore (Memè Perlini, Italy, 1996) (aged 30)

Festival (Pupi Avati, Italy, 1996) (as Alexandra aged 30)

Les couleurs du diable (Alain Jessua, France, 1997) (as Valerie aged 31)

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La course de l'escargot (Jérôme Boivin, France, 1998) (as Margot aged 32)

In punta di cuore (Francesco Massaro, Italy, 1999) (as Charlotte aged 33)

Dancing at the Blue Iguana (Michael Radford, USA, 2000) (aged 34)

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Una lunga lunga lunga notte d'amore (Luciano Emmer, Italy, 2001) (as Elena Rosa Guidotti aged 35)

The Invisible Circus (Adam Brooks, USA, 2001) (as Claire aged 35)

Ali G Indahouse (Mark Mylod, France, 2002) (aged 36)

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Drôle de genre (Jean-Michel Carré, France, 2003) (as Axelle Bazin aged 37)

Clandestino (Paule Muxel, France, 2003) (as Marie aged 37)

Intimità (Matteo Minetto, France, 2006) (as Alice aged 40)

7:05 (Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour, Iran, 2009) (aged 43)

Illegal Love (Julie Gali, France, 2011) (aged 45)

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