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Ángeles Lamuño

A review and pictures of actress Ángeles Lamuño naked in "Esposa y amante".
Ángeles Lamuño

Country: Spain

Slim brunette with a charming buck-toothed smile.


¡Susana quiere perder... eso! (Carlos Aured, Spain, 1977)

# Esposa y amante (Angelino Fons, Spain, 1977) (featuring Ángeles Lamuño as Raquel) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Concha Velasco, Victoria Abril, Ramiro Oliveros, Ricardo Merino, Erika Wallner, Daniel Martín, Antonio Gamero, Coral Pellicer, Sarita Gil, María Vico, María Elena Flores and Luis Ciges

Ángeles Lamuño in Esposa y amante

A rugged sports reporter's wife Concha Velasco is putting it about like nobody's business in this Spanish marital drama. Still, a self-respecting middle-aged man needs a better excuse than that to start an affair with a teenager. How about if the girl was practically pimped on him by his increasingly wayward daughter for instance? Or if she was pretty, and fun, and liked to steal his car keys to make him run after her down beaches?

Finally our man brings Ángeles back to his place, presumably after a particularly uncompromising rugby tackle (this is where the sporting knowledge comes in handy) has left her with sand needing washing out of the places sand gets into. Then the little flirt goes and clothes herself with the very shirt from his back and wiggles her toes in his face when he's trying to type an urgent report! The absolute limit for any man, so up he scoops her and carries her to the bedroom. Where if her sudden classic attentive knee-hugging pose is anything to go by he promises to read her a bedtime story...

Tags: carried, petting, shirt


Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante Esposa y amante

Niñas... al salón (Vicente Escrivá, Spain, 1977)

Gusanos de seda (Francisco Rodriguez Fernandez, Spain, 1977) (as Criada)

El francotirador (Carlos Puerto, Spain, 1978) (as Prostituta)

Mi adúltero esposo ('In Situ') (Joaquín Coll Espona, Spain, 1979)

Les chevaux du soleil (François Villiers, France, 1980) (as Hortense)

Memorias de Leticia Valle (Miguel Ángel Rivas, Spain, 1980)

El vivo retrato (Mario Menéndez, Spain, 1986)

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