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Dominique Laffin

A review and pictures of actress Dominique Laffin naked in "La femme qui pleure".
Dominique Laffin

Born: 1952   Country: France

A relatively plain but well-rounded actress who was much admired by critics if nobody else.

Dominique Laffin (June 3, 1952 in Saint-Mandé, Val-de-Marne, France – June 12, 1985 in Paris) was a French actress, who has appeared in 19 films between 1975 and 1985. Dominique Laffin made her major film debut in 1977, gaining critical acclaim for her role in director Jacques Doillon's 1979 film, La Femme qui pleure. For her performance, Laffin was nominated for the César Award for Best Actress. That same year, she co-starred with a young Roberto Benigni in the film Chiedo asilo. Her career was cut short at the age of 33 by a massive heart attack. Her daughter later said that she had committed suicide. During her short career, Laffin appeared with many of France's rising young stars, including Gérard Depardieu, Juliette Binoche and Miou-Miou as well as established stars such as Yves Montand. Dominique Laffin is buried near renowned director François Truffaut in the Cimetière de Montmartre in the Montmartre Quarter of Paris. Her daughter, French politician Clémentine Autain was born in 1973.  snippet from Wikipedia

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Le pied!.. (Pierre Unia, France, 1975) (aged 23)

La nuit, tous les chats sont gris (Gérard Zingg, France, 1977) (as La vendeuse aged 25)

Dites-lui que je l'aime (Claude Miller, France, 1977) (as Lise aged 25)

Les seize ans de Jérémy Millet (Dominique Maillet, France, 1978) (aged 26)

Les petits câlins (Jean-Marie Poiré, France, 1978) (as Sophie aged 26)

Chiedo asilo (Marco Ferreri, Italy, 1979) (as Isabella aged 27)

# La femme qui pleure (Jacques Doillon, France, 1979) (featuring Dominique Laffin as Dominique aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Haydée Politoff, Jacques Doillon, Lola Doillon, Jean-Denis Robert and Michel Vivian

Dominique Laffin in La femme qui pleure

One of those pretentious things where the cast all use their real names. Dominique is suitably annoying as the title character. It's a shame that projects such as The Woman Who Pulled Herself Together and Got on with It never get off the ground. The nice thing for us viewers is that Dominique really likes her frottage. In the first clip this leads to a tender love scene, but in the second her lover has clearly lost patience with her. Her snatch is visible in this one.

Tags: masturbation, petting, sex

Gallery 1

La femme qui pleure La femme qui pleure La femme qui pleure La femme qui pleure

Gallery 2

La femme qui pleure La femme qui pleure La femme qui pleure La femme qui pleure

Tapage nocturne (Catherine Breillat, France, 1979) (as Solange aged 27)

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Félicité (Christine Pascal, France, 1979) (as Dominique aged 27)

La nuit des Césars S01E04: 4ème nuit des Césars (Georges Folgoas, 1979) (aged 27)

L'oeil du maître (Stéphane Kurc, France, 1980) (as Hélène aged 28)

Les rendez-vous du dimanche S00E00: Episode dated 2 March 1980 (Rémy Grumbach, 1980) (as Herself aged 28)

L'empreinte des géants (Robert Enrico, France, 1980) (as Lucie Dromner aged 28)

Vive la mariée (Patrice Noïa, France, 1980) (aged 28)

La meute (Yvan Butler, Switzerland, 1981) (as Rose aged 29)

L'arbre aux mensonges (Denis Chegaray, France, 1981) (as Agnès aged 29)

La tribu des vieux enfants (Michel Favart, France, 1982) (as Flore aged 30)

Room service (Boris Bergman, France, 1982) (aged 30)

Le cri du printemps (Dominique Dalmasso, France, 1983) (aged 31)

Garçon! (Claude Sautet, France, 1983) (as Coline aged 31)

Liberty belle (Pascal Kané, France, 1983) (as Elise aged 31)

Akropolis Now (Hans Liechti, Switzerland, 1983) (as Camille aged 31)

System ohne Schatten (Rudolf Thome, West Germany, 1983) (as Juliet aged 31)

Hughie (Frédéric Compain, France, 1983) (as Récitante aged 31)

Il faut marier Julie (Marc Marino, France, 1983) (as Julie aged 31)

Passage secret (Laurent Perrin, France, 1985) (as Anita aged 33)

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