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Mara Carmem

A review and pictures of actress Mara Carmem naked in "Deu Veado na Cabeça".
Mara Carmem

Country: Brazil

Cherubic Brazilian starlet sometimes seen in the lower reaches of the pornochanchada genre.


# Deu Veado na Cabeça (Bentinho, Brazil, 1982) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maristela Moreno, Carmem Angélica, Juca de Oliveira, Lígia de Paula, Emerson Fittipaldi, Heitor Gaiotti, John Herbert, Sérgio Hingst, Felipe Levy, José Lucas, Rosa Maria Pestana and Nardo Sabatini

Mara Carmem in Deu Veado na Cabeça

The plot of this minor pornochanchada has something to do with claiming an inheritance, and Mara seems to be one of the potential recipients. She's in a marching band and goes everywhere in full uniform and great big bass drum - even important business meetings.

This little escapade happens right under the avuncular eye of fellow band member Sérgio Hingst, and is no doubt precisely the sort of thing he's employed to ensure absolutely does not happen (I despair of this man sometimes). Some tarty bit has unilaterally decided Mara would benefit from losing some inhibitions and has arranged to give her striptease lessons. The poor girl reluctantly squeezes out of her uniform and old-fashioned drawers, shyly struggling to keep her (not insubstantial for such a petite creature) bottom covered with her hands. The two ladies have the last laugh (and a nice big hug) at the expense of Hingst and an even bigger creep who somehow contrived to put his foot right through Mara's precious bass drum.

Tags: bashful, full-frontal, humiliation, striptease, uniform, voyeur


Deu Veado na Cabeça Deu Veado na Cabeça Deu Veado na Cabeça Deu Veado na Cabeça Deu Veado na Cabeça

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