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Katarzyna Chrzanowska

A review and pictures of actress Katarzyna Chrzanowska naked in "Opowiesc Harleya".
Katarzyna Chrzanowska

Born: 1963   Country: Poland

Pretty and popular Polish blonde.


Cudzoziemka (Ryszard Ber, Poland, 1986) (as Young Róza aged 23)

Zuraw i czapla (Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka, Poland, 1988) (aged 25)

# Opowiesc Harleya (Wieslaw Helak, Poland, 1988) (featuring Katarzyna Chrzanowska as Irena aged 25) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Bozena Adamek, Sylwia Gaj-Kawecka, Jan Jankowski, Andrzej Pieczynski, Leszek Teleszynski, Edward Zentara, Alicja Jachiewicz, Jacek Wójcicki, Malgorzata Bogdanska, Jerzy Turek, Sylwester Maciejewski and Halina Wyrodek

Katarzyna Chrzanowska in Opowiesc Harleya

Romantic comedy centred around a Harley Davidson motorcycle. We in the West are familiar with this as an ostentatious two-wheeled alternative to the Thundersley Invacar favoured by cerebrally impaired Americans, but in the Poland of the 'eighties it was a symbol of hope and freedom.

The first thing that strikes you about the young blonde bimbo of a heroine Katarzyna is that you prefer her friend (Bozena Adamek), older and plainer but at least more authentically mental. The pair are enjoying a bowl of muesli (?) when in walks a man bearing gifts. Hands up who took an immediate dislike to this smoothy? He reminds me of 'drippy' Derek, Mavis Riley's young man in Coronation Street. The gift is a dress, I don't know for whom it was intended, but it's claimed by Kata (Derek was notorious for his switcheroo habits with presents). So she tries on the dress, 'Derek' wandering by for a gaze as she stands in her room down to her pants wondering which way round it goes. Viewers without a synopsis to hand (and unhappy with the age gap) may be hoping Derek is the girl's father, but those hopes are dashed in a later scene. It emerges that Derek is Kata's fiancé, and a 'gobbler' too, sure sign of mental instability and an incipient vengeful streak.

Meanwhile romance is blossoming between Katarzyna and a more down-to-earth chap closer to her own age. Consummation comes in the second clip, more tentative and shy than ragingly passionate. In fact the lovers undress like teenage cousins whose senile auntie insists they're not too big to share a tin tub in front of the fire on bath night.

Tags: dressing, petting, undressed, undressing

Clip 1

Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya

Clip 2

Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya Opowiesc Harleya

Pogranicze w ogniu (Poland, 1988) (aged 25)

Crimen (Poland, 1990) (aged 27)

Jest jak jest (Poland, 1994) (aged 31)

Skutki noszenia kapelusza w maju (Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka, Poland, 1995) (as Ania Zarzycka-Michalska aged 32)

La Promesse (Belgium, 1996) (aged 33)

Adam i Ewa (Poland, 2000) (as Ewa Kamienska-Werner aged 37)

Na dobre i na zle S01E23: Meska decyzja (Monika Figura, 2000) (as Malgorzata Sawicka aged 37)

Die Sonnenlanze (Poland, 2001) (aged 38)

Pensjonat Pod Róza S02E13: Obcy i swoi (2004) (as Monika aged 41)

Pensjonat Pod Róza S01E15: Powrót (2004) (as Monika aged 41)

Pensjonat Pod Róza S03E05: Narzeczona: Czesc 1 (2005) (as Monika Lacka aged 42)

Pensjonat Pod Róza S03E13: Wielka ucieczka: Czesc 1 (2005) (as Monika Lacka aged 42)

Kryminalni S07E03: Biale tango (Grzegorz Lewandowski, 2007) (as Ela Spychowska aged 44)

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