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Lyudmila Efimenko

A review and pictures of actress Lyudmila Efimenko naked in "Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka".
Lyudmila Efimenko

Born: 1951   Country: Soviet Union

Handsomely put-together slavic actress with a few roles in Soviet arthouse cinema.


Kak zakalyalas stal (Nikolay Mashchenko, Soviet Union, 1975) (as Taya aged 24)

# Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka (Yuri Ilyenko, Soviet Union, 1983) (featuring Lyudmila Efimenko aged 32) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Lyudmila Yefimenko, Viktor Kremlyov, Mayya Bulgakova, Ivan Mykolaichuk, Lyudmila Lobza, Boris Khmelnitskiy, Viktor Demertash, Nina Shatskaya, Svetlana Sergeyeva, Filipp Ilyenko, Ivan Khodulin and V. Basistyy

Lyudmila Efimenko in Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka

Lyudmila stars as a dryad, or tree spirit, released by peasants during a fine spring morning's stump pulling in this magically photographed piece of folklore typical of late Soviet arthouse cinema.

So what do we know about dryads then? Well, they wear more clothes than naiads, or water spirits, but still not enough to make their mothers proud. On the whole, good news. Lyudmila spends much of the film gliding through the woods in a variety of gauzy outfits and no underwear trying to find an angle where the backlighting really works. Such a shallow analysis must be doing the story an injustice, but it's the best I can come up with for now. There are two scenes in this clip, one taken from near the beginning, and one from near the end.

Tags: nature-spirit, outdoor, see-thru


Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka Lesnaya pesnya. Mavka

Legenda o knyagine Olge (Yuri Ilyenko, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 32)

Mirgorod i ego obitateli (Mykhailo Illienko, Soviet Union, 1983) (aged 32)

Solomennye kolokola (Yuri Ilyenko, Soviet Union, 1987) (aged 36)

Lebedyne ozero-zona (Yuri Ilyenko, Soviet Union, 1990) (as Woman aged 39)

Balagan (Andrei Benkendorf, Soviet Union, 1990) (aged 39)

Ave Maria (Lyudmila Efimenko, Ukraine, 1999) (aged 48)

Molitva za getmana Mazepu (Yuri Ilyenko, Ukraine, 2002) (as Lyubov Kochubei aged 51)

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