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Neila Tavares

A review and pictures of actress Neila Tavares naked in "Um Marido Contagiante".
Neila Tavares

Born: 1948   Country: Brazil

A journeywoman Brazilian actress, she was most at home playing the sluttier roles.


Enquanto Houver Estrelas (Mário Brasini, Brazil, 1969) (as Mirella aged 21)

A Penúltima Donzela (Fernando Amaral, Brazil, 1969) (aged 21)

Marcelo Zona Sul (Xavier de Oliveira, Brazil, 1970) (as Psychologist aged 22)

Um Uísque Antes, Um Cigarro Depois (Flávio Tambellini, Brazil, 1970) (as Maria aged 22)

Bonga, O Vagabundo (Victor Lima, Brazil, 1971) (as Maria Clara aged 23)

Tempo de Viver (Marlos Andreucci, Brazil, 1972) (aged 24)

Ali Babá e os Quarenta Ladrões (Victor Lima, Brazil, 1972) (aged 24)

Vai Trabalhar Vagabundo (Hugo Carvana, Brazil, 1973) (aged 25)

Memória de Helena (David Neves, Brazil, 1974) (aged 26)

A Estrela Sobe (Bruno Barreto, Brazil, 1974) (aged 26)

As Deliciosas Traições do Amor (Phydias Barbosa, Brazil, 1975) (aged 27)

Gabriela (Walter Avancini, Brazil, 1975) (as Anabela aged 27)

O Casarão (Daniel Filho, Brazil, 1976) (as Célia aged 28)

As Desquitadas em Lua-de-Mel (Victor di Mello, Brazil, 1976) (aged 28)

Evil Angel Episode dated 2 February 1976 (Régis Cardoso, 1976) (as Teresa aged 28)

Bandalheira Infernal (José Sette, Brazil, 1976) (aged 28)

# Um Marido Contagiante (Carlos Alberto de Souza Barros, Brazil, 1977) (featuring Neila Tavares aged 29) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Maria Cláudia, Milton Moraes, Cláudio Cavalcanti, Amândio, Kátia Castro, Carlos Alberto de Souza Barros, Fabíola Fracaroli, Fregolente, Nara Krakidakis and Luiz Magnelli

Neila Tavares in Um Marido Contagiante

A brief appearance for Neila as the other other woman in this Brazilian marital comedy. Put simply, she is caught lounging stark naked in the sitting room of a once neatly-appointed flat that is neither her own nor the property of the man she considers she is still in the middle of having sex with, who naturally enough is other than her husband. So continuing the bonking session is more urgent to her than clearing up the mess and getting out of there. All good fun, and Neila manages to flash every important bit of herself as she staggers about the place.

Tags: full-frontal, horseplay, interrupted, sex


Um Marido Contagiante Um Marido Contagiante Um Marido Contagiante Um Marido Contagiante Um Marido Contagiante

Assim Era a Pornochanchada (Victor di Mello, Brazil, 1978) (aged 30)

O Namorador (Lenine Otoni, Brazil, 1978) (aged 30)

Os Sensuais - Crônica de Uma Família Pequeno-Burguesa (Gilvan Pereira, Brazil, 1978) (aged 30)

Sinal de Alerta (Walter Avancini, Brazil, 1978) (as Roberta aged 30)

As Borboletas Também Amam (J.B. Tanko, Brazil, 1979) (as Matilde aged 31)

Os Noivos (Afrânio Vital, Brazil, 1979) (aged 31)

O Coronel e o Lobisomem (Alcino Diniz, Brazil, 1979) (aged 31)

Amante Muito Louca (Denoy de Oliveira, Brazil, 1979) (as Angélica aged 31)

Você Decide: S07E02 Indecisão (1998) (aged 50)

The Brazilians: The Women: S01E21 A Doméstica de Vitória (Tizuka Yamasaki, 2012) (aged 64)

Cada Vez Mais Longe (Eveline Costa, Brazil, 2014) (as Isaura aged 66)

The Dionti Family (Alan Minas, Brazil, 2017) (aged 69)

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