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Patricia Cauzard

Reviews and pictures of actress Patricia Cauzard naked in "Depravación" and "No me toques el pito que me irrito".
Patricia Cauzard

Country: Spain

A curvy blonde with a warm inviting smile.


Una virgen para Calígula (Jaime J. Puig, Spain, 1982) (as Pareja de semental egipcio)

# Depravación (Isabel Mulá, Spain, 1982) (featuring Patricia Cauzard as Eleonora) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Concha Valero, Françoise Perrot, José Gras, Jaime Bascu, Jordi Batalla and Jean Paul Perrier

Patricia Cauzard in Depravación

Grubby little set-up whereby Patricia, an uncomplicated sort, has her knickers skilfully removed by some absolute cad of a dinner party host. Her startled husband is dressed like one of those poncey cabaret magician types, which is ironic given the turn of events.

Fears this chap may be an unsatisfactory sort are quickly dispelled. By the time Patricia is stark naked and he has himself been pounced upon by the host's wife (the robust Françoise Perrot) you'd forgive him for making his excuses and leaving, without his wife if necessary. Granted he looks scared (worse than Alan Partridge at Dan's house) but only for a moment, and Patricia crawling between the pair helps lighten his load. The music goes against type, some nice flutey renaissance stuff.

Tags: fireside, full-frontal, humiliation, sex, stripped, threesome


Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación Depravación

Bacanales romanas (Jaime J. Puig, Spain, 1982) (as Amante del egipcio)

En busca del polvo perdido (Enrique Guevara, Spain, 1982) (as Mujer de Rafael)

Las calientes orgías de una virgen (Antoni Verdaguer, Spain, 1983) (as Chica de la orgía)

# No me toques el pito que me irrito (Ricard Reguant, 1983) (featuring Patricia Cauzard as Actriz porno) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Andrea Albani, Emma Quer, Diana Conca, Carmen Serret, Carles Velat, Bárbara Ben, Sianna Gori, Jordi Vila, Conrado Tortosa 'Pipper', Enric Arredondo, Miguel Avilés and Enric Casamitjana

Patricia Cauzard in No me toques el pito que me irrito

Another (abridged) extract from this Spanish head doctor flick. Today's sexual problem comes courtesy of a scrawny and ineffectual porn film director. Apparently his leading men are all homosexuals incapable of getting erections on set. While chummy himself cannot get it up anywhere else. It all ends happily thanks to the doctor's advice.

Patricia steals the scene from the two other girls. You'd think the cat lady bondage get-up wouldn't suit her bubbly personality, but she comes across well with the mask on or off.

Tags: bondage, filmed, full-frontal, sex, threesome


No me toques el pito que me irrito No me toques el pito que me irrito No me toques el pito que me irrito No me toques el pito que me irrito No me toques el pito que me irrito

El hombre del pito mágico (Carlos Aured, Spain, 1983) (as Prostituta acompañante de Diana)

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