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Aya Medel

A review and pictures of actress Aya Medel naked in "Molata".
Aya Medel

Country: Philippines

Petite and busty Philippine starlet with a fiery and resentful demeanour.

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Aya - click here for more of her pics & clips!


Sa puso ko, iingatan ka (Gilbert Perez, Philippines) (as Dante s Mistress)

No Read, No Write (Leo Valdez, Philippines, 1997)

Totoy Mola (Abbo De La Cruz, Philippines, 1997) (as Auring)

Esperanza (Don Cuaresma, Philippines, 1997)

Siya'y nagdadalaga (Neal 'Buboy' Tan, Philippines, 1997) (as Elisa)

Akin ka lamang (Tata Esteban, Philippines, 1997)

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Nakalimot sa pag-ibig (Artemio Marquez, Philippines, 1997) (as Anita)

Masarap, masakit ang magmahal (Joey Gosiengfiao, Philippines, 1997)

Padre Kalibre (Val Iglesias, Philippines, 1997)

Kapag nasukol ang asong ulol (Humilde 'Meek' Roxas, Philippines, 1997)

Squala (Jose 'Kaka' Balagtas, Philippines, 1998) (as Katrina)

Notoryus (Toto Natividad, Philippines, 1998)

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Yin yeung lo 4: Yu gwai tung hang (Herman Yau, Hong Kong, 1998) (as Woman on Chair)

Kaya ko pero masakit (Dante Pangilinan, Philippines, 1998)

Babae sa bubungang lata (Mario O'Hara, Philippines, 1998) (as Toying)

Laruang buhay (Leonardo L. Garcia, Philippines, 1998)

Shirley (Vic Belaro, Philippines, 1998)

Bawal (Ces Evangelista, Philippines, 1998) (as Milagros)

Alipin ng aliw (Deo Fajardo Jr., Philippines, 1998)

Kargado (Pong Mercado, Philippines, 1998) (as Sisa)

Gatilyo (Philippines, 1999)

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Largado, ibabalik kita sa pinanggalingan mo! (Lito Lapid, Philippines, 1999)

Maalaala mo kaya: S01E348 Tulay (Gilbert Perez, 1999)

Nikilado (Leonardo L. Garcia, Philippines, 1999) (as Muriel)

Tatlong makasalanan (Johnny Cruz, Philippines, 1999)

Dalagang dagat (Tata Esteban, Philippines, 1999) (as Isay)

Wala ka nang lupang tatapakan (Jose 'Kaka' Balagtas, Philippines, 1999)

Hilig ng katawan (Ces Evangelista, Philippines, 1999)

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Pamasak butas (Portiah Alviz, Philippines, 1999)

# Molata (Francis Posadas, Philippines, 1999) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Nick Alladin, Jessie Delgado, Allen Dizon, Maria Isabel Lopez, Aira Luna, Pia Paula and Johnny Vicar

Aya Medel in Molata

Aya stars in this Philippine revenge shocker as a young woman who witnessed her family being raped and murdered by illegal logging gangs as a child. Plenty of deals and issues to work through then, which is perhaps why we rejoin her being transported in a prison van, which she escapes at the last minute when it crashes and explodes because the driver was distracted by the guard having it off with a hitcher he picked up.

All of which marks Aya out as a bold and resourceful woman, though seeing as the situation has only left her to wander a vast quarry populated by hardly a soul except rape gangs and their screaming victims she's no doubt still feeling a little hung out to dry. At last she lets rip at one of the rape gangs with a big stick. A nice stick by the way; it looks like the thigh bone of an ox. She chose that thing with care.

The grateful maiden rescued by Aya takes her back to her native village and demurely presents her with an outfit of traditional clothing which I can only conclude must be a 'rape avenger' costume. Big mistake. The gear comes complete with a machete, a shield, and even a spear. And Aya knows how to use the stuff too; when she chucks that spear at people it goes right through! Which wouldn't be such a problem if the girl didn't take her role a little too seriously and begin to exceed her authority.

Back at the quarry (a place you'd think she'd seen enough of by now to want to avoid) Aya approaches an honest workman. All he sees is a pretty girl in traditional dress of a modest cut, with a friendly manner and a shy smile. But one romantic tryst up against the wheel of his bulldozer later she's hacking him to death with a machete! And then it's back to the jungle to give thanks beneath the sacred waterfall to the goddess of sexual vengeance she's dedicated her life to serving. And so the mountains echo once again to her naked and bloodthirsty shrieks.

Tags: full-frontal, jungle, outdoor, ritual, seductress, sex, violator, waterfall, weapon


Molata Molata Molata Molata Molata

Sindak (Mario O'Hara, Philippines, 1999)

Sisa (Mario O'Hara, Philippines, 1999) (as Sisa)

Droga, pagtatapat ng mga babaeng addict (Celso Ad. Castillo, Philippines, 1999) (as Bar Dancer)

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Gawin sa dilim 2 (Francis Posadas, Philippines, 2000)

Basta Tricycle Driver... Sweet Lover (J.R. Ledesma, Philippines, 2000)

Naked Nights (Joven Tan, Philippines, 2001) (as Jenny)

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Total Aikido (Jerry O. Tirazona, Philippines, 2001) (as Christy)

Venus: Diosa ng kagandahan (Esmeraldo Santos, Philippines, 2001) (as Venus)

Dudurugin ko pati buto mo (Jerry O. Tirazona, Philippines, 2001) (as Christy)

Duwag lang ang sumusuko (Baldo Marro, Philippines, 2001)

Bukang bibig (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2002)

Sugat, walang paghilom (Tony San Agustin, Philippines, 2002) (as Elena)

Eva, lason kay Adan (Tony Bernal, Philippines, 2002)

Gising na si Adan (Felix E. Dalay, Philippines, 2002)

Pagsaluhan (Cesar S.B. Abella, Philippines, 2002)

SiS Eh, kasi sikat (2005) (as Herself)

Sex in Philippines Cinema Volume 2 (Philippines, 2005)

Seasons of Love: S01E13 BF for Hire, GF for Life: Part 1 (Jun Lana, 2014) (as Rowena)

Seasons of Love: S01E14 BF for Hire, GF for Life: Part 2 (Jun Lana, 2014) (as Rowena)

Seasons of Love: S01E16 BF for Hire, GF for Life: Part 4 (Jun Lana, 2014) (as Rowena)

Seasons of Love: S01E15 BF for Hire, GF for Life: Part 3 (Jun Lana, 2014) (as Rowena)

Magpakailanman: S01E102 Ang ina sa gitna ng tsunami: The Lovely Pineda-Ishi Story (Joyce Bernal, 2014) (as Joan)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Aya - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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