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Heather Deeley

A review and pictures of actress Heather Deeley naked in "Intimate Games".
Heather Deeley

Born: 1956   Country: United Kingdom

Short-lived 'seventies British soft and hard porn starlet whose strength was a warm girl-next-door appeal.

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Girls Come First (Joseph McGrath, UK, 1975) (aged 19)

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Erotic Inferno (Trevor Wrenn, UK, 1975) (as Gayle aged 19)

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Secrets of a Superstud (UK, 1976) (aged 20)

# Intimate Games (Tudor Gates, UK, 1978) (featuring Heather Deeley as Marian aged 22) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Felicity Devonshire, Claire Davenport, Anna Bergman, George Baker, Monika Ringwald, John Benson, Dudley Stevens, Jonathan David, Peter Blake, Chet Townsend, Maria St. Clare and Edward Kalinski

Heather Deeley in Intimate Games

Episodic British comedy in which an Oxford professor assigns his students the task of exploring their sexual fantasies - and he doesn't just want them to write them down either. Sadly it makes for an unwitting indictment of the imaginative poverty of a nation as there is not a single vignette which is not boneheaded or just plain dull.

This scene with Heather and roommate Suzy Mandel is the best bit. Those who lived through the 'seventies - that era of drab clothes, ghastly decor and wretched haircuts - will remember that two out of three birds looked like either Heather or Suzy back then. Pretty in a homely way they might be, but judging by their conversation intellectuals they certainly are not; how they got into Oxford I'll never know.

After a few reminiscential false starts about school days and gym mistresses the vaguest of ideas passes fleetingly through the fogs of Heather's mind: that she, Heather might find she, Suzy, physically attractive. A second hint isn't needed: Suzy unwraps her towel - brown take note, the signature colour of a decade - and begins the gentlest of soft-focus lesbian seductions. While naturally insisting she's doing no such thing.

Tags: full-frontal, lesbian, petting, sex, undressed


Intimate Games Intimate Games Intimate Games Intimate Games Intimate Games

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (Joseph McGrath, UK, 1976) (aged 20)

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Over Exposed (David Grant, UK, 1977) (as Girl with oil aged 21)

Hardcore (James Kenelm Clarke, UK, 1977) (aged 21)

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Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Heather - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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