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Dorota Kwiatkowska

Reviews and pictures of actress Dorota Kwiatkowska naked in "Widziadlo" and "Thais".
Dorota Kwiatkowska

Born: 1957   Country: Poland

Sultry Slavic temptress Dorota is known for her appearances in Crossroads and Doctor Who. She also did some artsy Polish soft porn along the way. Her exotic looks remind one of contemporary trash cinema beauty Nadiuska.


Akwarele (Ryszard Rydzewski, Poland, 1978) (as Anka Taborska aged 21)

Terrarium (Andrzej Titkow, Poland, 1981) (aged 24)

# Thais (Ryszard Ber, Poland, 1984) (featuring Dorota Kwiatkowska as Thais aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Ewa Harasimowicz, Tomasz Dedek, Piotr Garlicki, Andrzej Halinski, Kazimierz Jaworski, Jerzy Kryszak, Malgorzata Paruzel, Bronislaw Pawlik, Mieczyslaw Voit and Andrzej Wykretowicz

Dorota Kwiatkowska in Thais

Thais (Dorota) was an Egyptian courtesan, and like her fellow countrywoman Cleopatra she liked to bathe in asses' milk. So here she is, bathing in asses' milk, courtesy of a rather risqué Polish drama. She evidently enjoyed it, and if anyone disturbed her was liable to get catty about it.

The second clip sees Thais leading a Dionysian orgy. It's hair-raising stuff; a sheep is sacrificed (I think it really should have been a goat) and the women tear at their clothes and get blood everywhere.

The third clip is a brief montage of visions of Thais disporting herself Odalisque style on a couch.

In the final clip Thais is the floor show at a traditional Roman orgy. She dances frenziedly while getting thoroughly groped by the male guests. You can also see some female guests (or slaves more likely) getting naked.

Tags: bath, blood, carried, dancing, ritual, Roman, sex, undressing

Clip 1

Thais Thais Thais Thais

Clip 2

Thais Thais Thais Thais

Clip 3

Thais Thais Thais Thais

Clip 4

Thais Thais Thais Thais

Soból i panna (Hubert Drapella, Poland, 1984) (as Baroness aged 27)

# Widziadlo (Marek Nowicki, 1984) (featuring Dorota Kwiatkowska as Angelika aged 27) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Monika Braun, Marzena Trybala, Hanna Mikuc, Anna Chodakowska, Roman Wilhelmi, Mariusz Benoit, Mariusz Dmochowski, Maciej Mazurkiewicz, Jacek Kalucki, Olgierd Lukaszewicz, Witold Skaruch and Ryszard Pracz

Dorota Kwiatkowska in Widziadlo

The opening dream sequence of this period mystery, one of those Polish things that is exquisitely photographed but somewhat lacking in dramatic punch. Our hero is a middle aged widower given to morbid emotional hallucinations about his first wife. His favourite fantasy is evidently the "Sleeping Beauty" one.


Widziadlo Widziadlo Widziadlo Widziadlo

Przeznaczenie (Jacek Koprowicz, Poland, 1985) (as Zofia Smolarska aged 28)

Sunday Premiere S00E00: Blat (Edward Bennett, 1987) (aged 30)

Love After Lunch (Edward Bennett, UK, 1987) (as Joanna aged 30)

Pay Off (George Tirl, Sweden, 1987) (as Sophia aged 30)

Crossroads S01E04: Episode #1.4510 (1988) (aged 31)

Testimony (Tony Palmer, Denmark, 1988) (aged 31)

Voice of the Heart (Tony Wharmby, UK, 1989) (aged 32)

Doctor Who S26E02: Battlefield: Part 2 (Michael Kerrigan, UK, 1989) (as Flight Lieutenant Lavel aged 32)

Doctor Who S26E03: Battlefield: Part 3 (Michael Kerrigan, UK, 1989) (as Flight Lieutenant Lavel aged 32)

Gunblast Vodka (Jean-Louis Daniel, Poland, 2000) (as Pathologist Sabina aged 43)

Prymas - trzy lata z tysiaca (Teresa Kotlarczyk, Poland, 2000) (aged 43)

Kameleon (Janusz Kijowski, Poland, 2001) (as Anna Duracz aged 44)

Na dobre i na zle S04E20: Biala niedziela (2003) (as Marzena Pawlowska aged 46)

Pensjonat Pod Róza S02E14: Córeczka (2004) (as Lidia Krasny aged 47)

Na dobre i na zle S10E07: Jak ojciec z synem (Grzegorz Pacek, 2008) (as Patient aged 51)

Trzy minuty. 21:37 (Maciej Slesicki, Poland, 2010) (aged 53)

Hotel 52 S04E08: Episode #4.8 (2011) (as Izabela Hajdar aged 54)

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