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Laura Duke Condominas

A review and pictures of actress Laura Duke Condominas naked in "Lancelot du Lac".
Laura Duke Condominas

Born: 1951   Country: United States

Occasional actress on the fringes of the French avant garde.

Laura Duke Condominas (also known as Laura Duke, born in Boston April 1951) is the daughter of French artist and film-maker Niki de Saint-Phalle and American novelist Harry Mathews. As an actress she is most notable for her portrayal of Guinevere in Robert Bresson's film Lancelot du lac (1974). She grew up in France in the artistic and film-making milieu of her mother, and married Laurent Condominas, a model and photographer. A daughter, Bloum, was born to them in 1971 in Bali, Indonesia. Laurent was linked to the "Zanzibar Films" group of avant garde French film-makers, known as the "Dandies of May 1968" financed by Sylvina Boissonnas (1968-70). He appeared in Patrick Deval's film Acéphale. Apart from Bresson's film Laura Duke also appeared in her mother's film Un rêve plus long que la nuit (1976). In 2008-2009, Laura hosted several key production meetings for the full-dome film Maya Skies []. During this time, she began to develop an The Curved Blackboard, a STEAM arts immersion outreach program, intended to benefit at-risk youth in the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently works as a "cultural designer" in Oakland, California. During 2015-2017, The Curved Blackboard held its first two years of classes as part of the Berkeley Unified School District, under Laura's direction. The project was funded by the UC Berkeley Chancellor's Community Partnership Fund and the Berkeley Unified School District BALSA APEX program. The Curved Blackboard was included in the BALSA APEX showcase May 9, 2016.  snippet from Wikipedia

Oi!Mr. Skin has a page for Laura - click here for more of her pics & clips!


# Lancelot du Lac (Robert Bresson, France, 1974) (featuring Laura Duke Condominas as La Reine aged 23) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Luc Simon, Humbert Balsan, Vladimir Antolek-Oresek, Patrick Bernhard, Arthur De Montalembert, Charles Balsan, Christian Schlumberger, Joseph-Patrick Le Quidre, Jean-Paul Leperlier, Marie-Louise Buffet, Marie-Gabrielle Cartron and Antoine Rabaud

Laura Duke Condominas in Lancelot du Lac

Robert Bresson interprets the Arthurian legend in characteristically minimalist style. These pretentious Frenchman can thrash out their filmic theories in Cahiers du cinéma as much as they like, but if it means Queen Guinevere having minimalist bath nights all I can say is I'm not a fan.

Tags: bath, tin-tub


Lancelot du Lac Lancelot du Lac Lancelot du Lac Lancelot du Lac Lancelot du Lac

Non si scrive sui muri a Milano (Raffaele Maiello, 1975) (as Luciana aged 24)

Un rêve plus long que la nuit (Niki De Saint Phalle, 1976) (as Camélia aged 25)

Video 50 (Robert Wilson, 1978) (aged 27)

Histoires étranges S01E03: La morte amoureuse (Peter Kassovitz, 1980) (as Diane aged 29)

Credo (Jacques Deray, 1983) (as La secrétaire aged 32)

La nuit porte jarretelles (Virginie Thévenet, 1985) (aged 34)

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Un film (autoportrait (Marcel Hanoun, 1985) (as Herself aged 34)

Zanzibar à Saint-Sulpice (Gérard Courant, 1999) (as Herself aged 48)

Oi!Want more? Mr. Skin has a page for Laura - click here for more of her pics & clips!

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