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Vanessa Hidalgo

Reviews and pictures of actress Vanessa Hidalgo naked in "Caray con el divorcio" and "Eros Hotel".
Vanessa Hidalgo

Country: Spain

Tall, slim and handsome, Vanessa had the mature presence to play the older woman before her time, a mixed blessing. She soon gave up her career rather than spend the rest of it typecast as a dirty housewife.

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La familia, bien, gracias (Pedro Masó, Spain, 1979)

Bal petegi (Engin Temizer, Turkey, 1979) (as Belma)

# Eros Hotel (Sergio Bergonzelli, Spain, 1980) (featuring Vanessa Hidalgo as Berta) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with Violeta Cela, Daniela Duque, Guia Lauri Filzi, Denis Klein, Ismet Ionouglu, Kara Dunsal, Ugur Mural, Meral Barkina, Alfonso Gaita and Herbert Hofer

Vanessa Hidalgo in Eros Hotel

Drab Spanish comedy about a group of women on a hedonistic hotel stay in Istanbul. Today Vanessa is sampling the Turkish baths; she and her two 'mates' soak up the atmosphere while talking over-loudly and not respecting traditions. Par for the course really.

A voyeuristic waiter has disguised himself as a woman to sneak in; not strictly necessary as there's plainly a man in there already. Never mind, perhaps we can pick up a few tips on getting away with this sort of chicanery ourselves. Such as acting more scared than the ladies when they inevitably find you out. They will find this endearing and forgive you.

In another scene Vanessa is with a hunky but shy young man. She persuades him to put down his porn mag for a moment to inspect the trappings of a real woman. Then she crawls around the room naked with a collar around her neck barking. Never a bad idea, but something makes me hope it was his rather than hers.

Then Vanessa dresses up as a bride; she cuts a fine figure, though I do wonder where she found the costume. Perhaps the inadequate young fellow is on a 'virgin honeymoon' experience and it was part of the package. Whatever, the opportunity for hanky-panky is thrown away by all concerned. The young lady at the controls of the 'spying machine' is Violeta Cela, and it's fiascoes like this that make me resent every moment she's not on screen.

Tags: bondage, bride, full-frontal, group, pant-sniffing, sauna, sex, voyeur

Clip 1

Eros Hotel Eros Hotel Eros Hotel Eros Hotel Eros Hotel

Clip 2

Eros Hotel Eros Hotel Eros Hotel Eros Hotel Eros Hotel

El divorcio que viene (Pedro Masó, Spain, 1980)

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Despido improcedente (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, Spain, 1980) (as Secretaria de José)

Los locos vecinos del 2º (Juan Bosch, Spain, 1980)

C'è un fantasma nel mio letto (Claudio Giorgi, Italy, 1981) not nude  (as The Countess)

Pasión prohibida (Amando de Ossorio, Spain, 1982) (as Criada)

# Caray con el divorcio (Juan Bosch, Spain, 1982) (featuring Vanessa Hidalgo as Laly) ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭

with María Salerno, Fernando Esteso, Rafael Alonso, Ricardo Merino, Nadine Rochex, Manuel Alexandre, María Luisa Ponte, Agustín González, Mabel Escaño, Alexia Loreto, Sergio Mendizábal and Alberto Rincón

Vanessa Hidalgo in Caray con el divorcio

Spanish marital comedy in which our chubby hero has to keep a wife and two mistresses on the go at the same time in the same house. Leading such complicated lives makes you wonder how these people don't have nervous breakdowns. The answer to which is that they often do, which is sort of the point.

Vanessa is a handsome enough young woman, tall, slim, and sensibly turned out. The trouble for we the viewers at home is that she comes across as just a little too efficient. It's like being invited to fancy a bossy auntie.

Eventually we see Vanessa naked, in as no-nonsense a style as you would expect. Chappy has just been kicked out of wife María Salerno's room and is trying his luck elsewhere. He steals his way into the Vanessa's bed while she's in the bathroom, and the lady doesn't notice him till she puts on her nightie and slips into bed beside him (not so efficient now are we Mrs, I hope you don't go about the housekeeping as unobservantly as that!).

Vanessa does look rather elegant two minutes later draped naked in the bed and properly shagged out. The other woman is Nadine Rochex, who I mostly prefer with her clothes on (she's a housemaid with a smart uniform, and also gets to wear a wedding dress).

Tags: full-frontal, interrupted


Caray con el divorcio Caray con el divorcio Caray con el divorcio Caray con el divorcio Caray con el divorcio

Los ritos sexuales del diablo (José Ramón Larraz, Spain, 1982) (as Carol)

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